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  1. soramirez

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    I need a clarification on how the compensation works for regular CVs: what happens if the highest tier you have is an odd one? For example, I have a Hiryu but I haven't unlocked the Shokaku yet. What would happen?
  2. soramirez

    December’s Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    I totally agree. It's a bit bizarre that, last year, the tier VII premium Duke of York was easier to get. As someone who enjoys warship history I was hyped for the possibility of getting the Dreadnought for free but, since I have limited free time, this basically makes it impossible for me.
  3. soramirez

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    That was my suspicion, but because I didn't see anyone acting surprised I though it was some known proposal that I missed. Guess we'll have to wait for WG to share with us the "sekrit documents" where they found this.
  4. soramirez

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    Anyone knows why the Normandie in WG's images has the mid turret pointing forward? All the images I've seen so far for the proposed Normadie-class BBs show it facing backward (not to mention the number of smoke stacks).
  5. soramirez

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Bug Reports

    ​Had the same problem. Happened at around 22:20 WEST. Also, not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but the last wave spawned immediately after the Lexington had spawned.
  6. soramirez

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionIf a bomber group is under attack by fighters and the player gives it a new order, the bombers will freeze in place until they are destroyed. If no new order is given, they will continue the run, as it happens in the current version. 2. Reproduction steps On a carrier, give your bombers an automatic drop order (I don't know if it also happens with manual) wait for the enemy fighters to engage them (not strafe) while under attack, give them a new target 3. ResultThe planes will freeze on the spot and ignore any further orders you give them, until they are destroyed. 4. Expected resultThe planes should respond to the new command, like it happens on the live version. Or at least complete the original command, in case I missed something on the patch notes. 5. Technical details Happened on March 21, at around 20:00 WET.
  7. soramirez

    Carrier Controls Improvement

    As someone who played his fair share of RTSs, I'm liking the new controls and finding them more intuitive, although I'm having some issues due to muscle memory but I think I'll overcome them quickly. At least now I won't be screwing bombing runs because the game thinks I want to drag the squadrons way point . One thing that is annoying me, is that the auto-drops seem to be very sensitive: it won't let me set up an auto-drop unless I'm pointing at an exact place in the ship (maybe it's a bug, since sometimes it feel like it wants me to point outside of the ship). I only used the new strafe mechanic once, but it seems to have some interesting potential. One thing that I'm curious about is if it's possible to strafe enemy planes when your fighters are being locked and how that changes the dynamic of the game. I understand that WG wants to kick out the CV seal-clubbers from lower tiers because, let's face it, it's really easy for an experienced CV player to bully everyone, due to lack of AA and experience on how to deal with CVs, but I think removing manual attacks completely is a step in the wrong direction, as it makes the game really boring. It's just click-and-drag and you don't even have that many squadrons to manage, so there's nothing more to do than target selection. If the early CV gameplay is boring, why should new players continue down the line?
  8. soramirez

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    It was nerfed, but it's still enough to even out the chances, which was my point. The thing is, you don't need to rely on fires anymore but spamming HE mindlessly is still a viable tactic. But don't mind me. I just wanted WG to be aware that RPF isn't the only problem and that in 1 or 2 patches, when people start complaining, I can say "I told you". Also, I think that RPF is very situational compared with other tier 4 skills and it may even be detrimental on IJN DDs. Please don't shoot me...
  9. soramirez

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Flags and DE compensate it (and base fire chance in soviet CLs is pretty good), so you get consistent damage on top of fires.
  10. soramirez

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Has anyone noticed, in the middle of all this RPF s***storm, that the current HEAP/IFHE makes angling BBs basically useless against cruisers with gun calibers below 200 mm? They replace "spam HE and pray for fires" to "spam HE and get good consistent damage".
  11. soramirez

    Battleship armor layout vs IFHE breakpoints

    Could IFHE be useful for the Yorck? I was thinking, since her AP is useless at long ranges and you're forced to shoot HE, maybe you could get more consistent damage this way. Not to mention that the bump from 35 mm to 45.5 mm of pen (if made the calculations correctly) would be enough to pen the upper belt of a Gneisenau (unlike the 203 guns).
  12. soramirez

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    There’s something about RPF that people are forgetting/ignoring (and why WG thinks it isn’t such big of a deal): it’s an expensive skill and picking it will force you to give up on other important skills. Take that AA spec’d Iowa video for example; see what skills (including RPF) he had to give up in order to get that ridiculous amount of AA power. In fact, shipcomrade has an updated skill calculator, so you can try yourself different builds and see. However, there is something that I think WG is forgetting. RPF looked to me like it was too situational in random battles; not giving much more info than your eyes or “last known position” on the minimap would, except on specific situations. But in ranked, with less enemies, it’s a different story and I would say it becomes a “must have” skill. This throws WG’s idea of more specialized builds out of the window as you WILL need this skill in order to be competitive and this will limit your choices a lot, not to mention how it will affect gameplay (probably more of each team focusing on one cap and sitting there in smoke).
  13. soramirez

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I was entertaining the theory that this line was designed for the best players to brag about. Apparently I was right... Jokes aside, this kinda reminds me what happened when the T-54 was launched in WOT, but in reverse: players complained that the T-54 was OP; WG made a guide on how to defeat it; problem persisted; ended up realizing it was really OP.
  14. soramirez

    British cruisers sneak peek

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does the tier 10 have a gun layout similar to the Mogami, on the picture in OP?
  15. soramirez


    After todays update, the bug described in #5 is still present. One thing I noticed is that, if I'm looking elsewhere and move to where the squadron is supposed to be, it reapears in the right place. Also (don't know if related top this bug) but my squadrons' movement appears all janky while passing beneath the game chat.