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  1. eatthisvr6

    games knackered unhandled exception error

    that worked, thanks alot
  2. eatthisvr6

    games knackered unhandled exception error

    doing that now
  3. eatthisvr6

    games knackered unhandled exception error

    thanks for the quick reply, when i go intot options in the launcher i just get the normal audio graphics etc, nopthing about file integrity. nbo i havnt updated drivers or anything else either already put a tiocket in this morning but not heard anythng back yet
  4. gamer worked last night and wouldnt launch this morning, i havnt changed or updated anything. this is the error it throws at me, anybody had this before?
  5. eatthisvr6

    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    my accuracy isnt wonderful but it isnt horrible either, firing 1 gun of a bb at a side on cruiser from 6km (i try not to let them that close but it does happen) only to see the rounds go literally nowhere near each other is laughable, try the same thing from twice the range with a cruiser and at they at least land in the same postcode
  6. eatthisvr6

    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    accuracy and dpm at ANY range is a complete [edited]joke!! i miss 80% of my rounds even if i end up 5-7km away from a cruiser
  7. japanese battlewagons are no different lol
  8. eatthisvr6

    What if ..

    elevation almost entirely dictates the range you fire at. more elevation and you fling your car sized bundles of explosives further because because muzzle velocity is fixed (certainly not manually adjustable anyway) i believe irl HE and AP had different weights and muzzle velocities (so different max ranges and elevation) but i doubt thats modelled in game
  9. eatthisvr6

    Nagato- Useless.

    its not great (largely due to its innaccuracy) but its not horribad either imo. its not as mobile as kongo and its broadside isnt as devastating as fuso but can take a bit of a pounding. i find its best at med range 10-15km. any closer and you take EVERYTHING thrown at you, any further out and your innaccuracy hurts
  10. eatthisvr6

    battleship secondaries rebalance sugggestion

    1st sensible post in the entire thread apart from mine!
  11. imo the secondaries on battleships arnt fit for purpose and need a rebalance/buff. i can understand the appalling range as a balance issue to give dds and cruisers a safe(ish) zone where the main guns dont track and the secondaries are out of range. where the issue arises is in suicide run dds who get to 1km and then drop all their torps which is pretty much garaunteed to ruin your day! i do agree they SHOULD have that option but it should also be just that, suicide. i had 1 last night where the dd ran straight at me to within 1km and dropped 6 torps with no chance of avoidence he killed me from 90% health, i have no problem with that but i do have a problem with the secondaries doing almost no damage at all to him, i actually killed him with a lucky/desperate shot from the main guns. heres what i think would balance secondaires 1 dds within range for more than 2 volleys should have 80%+ of being killed (50/50 chance of getting their torp load off 1st) and most cruisers should have 40-50% chance of the same in short i think they should increase the (horrific) accuracy but keep the terribad range of secondaries) cruisers and even dds getting VERY close should be absolutely annihalated instead of being able to do it with near impunity
  12. eatthisvr6

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    a gift trojan horse by any chance?
  13. eatthisvr6

    HMS BELFAST anticipation for Royal navy and ship progression

    we shouldve saved warspite damnit!!!!
  14. eatthisvr6

    dual screen mouse issue

    found a possible solution using that thanks. although i cant get the lock curser to 1 screen working properly i can turn on sticky mouse which kinda works
  15. eatthisvr6

    dual screen mouse issue

    i run 2 monitors i use 1 for the game and the other just has internet up. the problem is i cant stop the mouse from going out of the game when i scroll right, this minimizes the game and i also end up randomly clicking something on my 2nd screen. is there a fix for this? i run the game full screen at 1920 x 1200, if i try to run the game windowed the res only lets me go to 1200 x 800