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  1. Nutboy

    Logging in issues

    Can you explain how? I have tried pretty much everything. I can log in and play World of Tanks but Warships (Which I prefer) wont log in! Unlike other applications Warships doesn't seem to have a repair option.
  2. Nutboy

    Logging in issues

    Hi, anyone else having a lot of difficulty Loading the game/logging in? The game just stays at Logging in for hours. Wont actually let me in. Yeah I have Internet connection and correct Username and password! Thanks in advance.
  3. Nutboy

    Authorisation not logging in

    Anyone else having great difficulty logging in since the Update? I often have to try 3-4 times and regularly give up. I get as far as the Authorisation screen then nothing, just wait there forever.
  4. Nutboy

    Grosser Kurfurst

    Cheers will try. Appreciate that
  5. Nutboy

    Grosser Kurfurst

    Any BB I suppose, last game was Montana and i did just short of 50K damage to him but i had full broadside to hit and couldnt get citidel
  6. Nutboy

    Grosser Kurfurst

    Hi Guys, simple question and I know I should probably know this already but its really biugging me. Where are the weak spots of the Grosser Kurfurst? I cant seem to find anything, nothing seems tpo work and I find self always having to just batter it into submission (when I can) rather than taking it out via a weak spot? Thanks in advance.
  7. Nutboy

    European DD's

    3-4 Terrible games then a pretty good game. Swings and roundabouts I suppose!
  8. Nutboy

    European DD's

    Thanks, not just me then!
  9. Nutboy

    European DD's

    I know im probably very late to the party here but I am finding that European DD's absolutely suck. Poor range on torps, crap detection range and no smoke. Am I missing something? I mean they have better guns but so what? YOu get out-spotted by DD's and then killed by Cruisers so your gun advantage over other DD's rarely comes into it. Annoyed.
  10. Nutboy

    Mighty Jingles

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to see how much XP I have already gained in order to obtain The Noob Games Extraordinaire? Cheers
  11. Nutboy

    Consecutive losses

    I actually finally won one! only 16 straight losses I think.
  12. Nutboy

    Commander The Mighty Jingles

    And mis identifies ships. I can do that myself, thank you very much
  13. Nutboy

    Consecutive losses

    Jeez I would love a 40% WR at the moment for a CV! I do accept I probably just suck but thats not to discount the likelyhood that in all those games the other CV player wasnt crap also!
  14. Nutboy

    Consecutive losses

    Thanks for that. I personally dont like to simply blame luck but I really do struggle to see how I can lose so many, I simply refuse to accept that the CV is that important. In quite a few of those losses I had far better stats than the CV on the opposition team for example!
  15. Nutboy

    Consecutive losses

    My point was, whats your worst sequence of consecutive losses?