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  1. You know why that is? It's because nobody cares about DDs as they are more of an annoyance than a real threat. Most of the time, the worst they will do is cap, and keep you spotted. It's not worth the risk or time to really "chase" you. Sure, if you happen to pop up close enough, we'll shoot at you. CVs on the other hand, best not to get spotted...
  2. Kind of silly to ask for replays when the game's settings doesn't even have that option. However, now I did google how to manually enable them. Maybe I'll post some sad AA moments.
  3. I've seen and been part of an experiment of 4x Baltimores covering for our T9 CV once we noticed enemy had T10 CV. The enemy CV just came with 3 TB squadrons right at the start, straight to our CV and killed it. AA in this game is not very encouraging. Yep, that's kind of my point. It really doesn't feel like an upgrade after t9 no matter what the ingame numbers say.
  4. Shuko

    Cleveland Shot range?

    With the tier 4 perk and the Mk 6 mod 2 upgrade the range is 17.5k. However, the trajectory of the shell with them is kinda funny. Sure, you can shoot far and behind islands, but hitting something even at medium distances can be tricky.
  5. A lot of words for and against CVs. I think they are pretty fine overall. What really is not nice is the MM. From the last dozen battles today/last night, 7 were battles where my team didn't have any CV and enemy had one. I won't post all the shots as it would be huge image, here's a couple for example how the battles went.
  6. Shuko

    Your best game? Post result screen here

    Tier 4 in tier 5 battle.
  7. Shuko

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Not a huge bug, but if you press 3 twice to switch torpedo spread during battle start countdown, the icon will change, but the actual spread will stay wide.
  8. IDN DDs at lower tier were fun, but from Mutsuki onwards they feel more and more pointless. I get that they don't really have guns. However, the ships get bigger and get spotted from longer distances.
  9. Shuko

    Your best game? Post result screen here

    Mutsuki > 3 about full HP BBs.
  10. Shuko

    Destroyers and their amazing gameplay

    Well, I can't speak for Lance, but "klik" is commonly used in US military and navy as they use metric system as part of NATO. So, I don't see anything weird, even for someone from imperial measurement background, to use the term on a forum about a navy game.