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  1. Game need to be playable, and making it "realistic" about torpedoes would make everyone want to play DDs, because they would rule the seas. And imagine being in a agme where there are 10 destroyers on each team, launching torpedoes like mad. I doubt anyone would find that very fun. As it is now, the visual warnings are okay, but I do have a small issue with the verbal ones. The voice keeps yelling at me that there are torpedoes here and there and sometimes adds to the confusion. That might need some work, but as things are now, I do not have issues with warnings about incoming torpedoes.
  2. GreyKer

    Sore losers or just noob players?

    Oh, I have been sarcastic as well.
  3. GreyKer

    Izumo and Yamato 9.8km Secondary fire range

    Yup, it works like a charm now. Secondaries did around 30k damage in Izumo, but then again I was constantly pushing into the enemy ships.
  4. GreyKer

    Advanced AA skill is totally redundant

    The skill should do one thing at least and that is make the bombers panic and increase the spread of torpedoes and the area of bomb drops. Now whether this works or not is kinda hard to test since you cannot see if the enemy has the AA skill on. On the other hand I find Des Moines more than decent AA, but it is Tier 10 ship.
  5. GreyKer

    Special: Naval Expansion Act - tokens discount

    Reserves are the slots for your spare captains. You have only 4 slots for them at the start and you can expand it for gold (much like Barracks in World of Tanks). Now the cost for extra slot is 60 gold, and not 100 as it usually is.
  6. GreyKer

    Sore losers or just noob players?

    I see a problem with that reasoning. That will mean that action is actually occuring at map edges, so people will gather in the middle to snipe at people capping from long distances.
  7. Weeeeell, let us just say that how things actually work and how they are supposed to work may not be one and the same. But, if you do pick Fire Prevention and you still burn to a crisp every other game, then that is a cause for complaint. Not picking them and burning means you have not done everything in your power to prevent something that annoys you from happening.
  8. GreyKer

    Game seems to be biased in US favor

    Here take a +1 for that post. And I was being mildly sarcastic. Mainly because I do not quite agree with the sentiment of this thread. I enjoy my Japs. Is the game perfectly balanced right now? No. Will it ever be perfectly balanced? Probably not. But at the same time it is not that bad as some posts here on the forum would make it seem.
  9. There is a thread in Newcomers forum here that explains how spotting mechanics work. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/14258-basics-spotting-mechanics/ Now, that Farragut might have had the reduced spotting range from skill, which gave him a bit of an advantage. Killing DDs in a BB is always a problem. Especially if they are in smoke. And it should be. You are driving a behemoth that can kill the poor DD with one shell. He has to fire slow traveling torpedoes at you and hope you do not dodge. And all he has to work for him is his stealth. Bear in mind that once you fire (as seen in the Spotting Mechanics thread), you are visible from VERY, VERY far away. He is not so crippled, but still when a DD starts firing his guns, things have gone wrong for him. HOWEVER, being set on fire by the enemy is something that should not be problem for a BB, and it should happen rarely if you pick right equipment and skills for your captain. Gearing has only 5% of setting you on fire, and if you get Fire Prevention Perk, you reduce chance to be set on fire by 7%. Add to that Damage Control System Modification 1 and you have reduced said chance by 12%. And he can only get his chance up to 8% with Pyromania. Now RNG means you will still be set on fire now and then, but if fire is such a big problem, then you need to do what you can do mitigate it.
  10. GreyKer

    Game seems to be biased in US favor

    Do not get me wrong. I love playing IJN ships. Mogami was my favorite so far. Aoba was also very nice. Izumo has its shining moments. Fubuki is weird. But weird in a good way. Spamming torpedoes from 15km away has its merits. I personally preferred Mogami to New Orleans, and am on my way to Ibuki (just need the credits to buy it). At higher tiers the difference is not very skewed in USN favor. You just need to adopt a different playstyle for IJN than the USN.
  11. GreyKer

    Sore losers or just noob players?

    Now, we get into battle, and it is either Domination or Encounter. And there are caps. Quite well displayed. What I can do is avoid those circles and go shoot at people from a distance, and let the time pass and then at one point, IF I am alive I go for cap, and hope I can get there in time and cap before time runs out and the dreaded DRAW, in which case both teams lose. Or I can use my DD or CA to get into cap circle and start making the enemy team panic a bit. Put pressure on them. Give them reason to actually approach said cap circle and expose themselves to fire from me and my team mates. I always have the option to leave the same cap circle and enemy has a chance to hit me and reset my cap. And if it happens that they are for some reason not doing that I can finish the cap and get into next battle. Yes, I do get less XP and credits, and my team also gets less XP and credits, but a battle that could have ended in a draw is over and I can get into a new one. And my expenses are not too bad, since I did not get damaged much and did not fire too many shells. Same goes for standard battle. If I cap, the enemy teams needs to dedicate attention to me. They need to split their forces and send someone to break my cap. That leave them numerically inferior at the spot where shells are flying like there is no tomorrow and ships are exploding like firecrackers. And I can always turn around and get the heck out of Dodge and leave them to either chase me (if they can find me) or to turn back around and rejoin the battle. Hopefuly by that time my team used the numerical advantage and killed the good part of the enemy team, so they have numbers on their side again. And I can hit the enemy from the rear. Now, which option would you choose here?
  12. GreyKer

    Game seems to be biased in US favor

    Let us be fair. The USN did beat the IJN in WW2. There had been a number of reasons, but one of them might have been that they had better ship design.
  13. GreyKer

    Game no longer fun to play.

    You can get those number simply by pressing ALT without a mod, but it could be a mod that keeps them on screen at all times.
  14. GreyKer

    When a zone is capped - idea..

    That would require you to stay in battle, and be patient. And be chosen. And for your team-mates to actually grab the cap point. And for nobody to start griefing cause they did not get the shore battery. ANd a lot of other things. Plus it would require you to be able to spot ships, and that would give the team a bit of advantage.
  15. GreyKer

    Your Favorite Cruiser

    Mogami was amazing. Torpedoes were a nice addition, but guns were really nice. Can't wait to start with Ibuki once I grind enough credits for it. Des Moines is simply silly. Rate of fire is great, but you are often prime target for EVERYONE. But I do enjoy wrecking enemy planes when they go over me or for me. Had a game where I sent 47 of them to the bottom of the sea.