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  1. Was there at least one point where something looked like "balanced"? For nearly a year (11 months to be exact) I kind of expected balance changes, but definetly not what I saw. When I stopped it was month or so since the big CV nerf after which ther low tiers were rather better then they should be and tier 9-10 worse then they should be (speaking about their own tier battles only). Kind of expected this smoothed out, so that all look like the mid tiers, but now 11 months later guess what I see - tier 4s are actually better then they were (even better then before the big CV nerf if I might add, because they had terribly slow planes back then at least as "balance") and tier Xs are joke compared to that with all the AA the ships pack (even defensive fire on the CV itself, was really lulwut when I saw that). Great advancment towards more balanced game I guess, don't even want to know how the middle steps along that road looked like or what happened to DDs, CAs or BBs... Yeah definetly. 8K posts and 1,5 years WoWs seems to not be enough for you Guess what recent dev answer was showed to me few days ago - there was a suggestion to remove bombers from CVs and make them completely support class where they spot for the team. The answer was that the community proved to be totally unable to exercise teamplay - after all the CVs were nerfed, because players couldn't sail together and protect themself from CVs, so why is the improving teamplay argument used to make them spotters only who spot for the team. So gl with the teamwork
  2. Sharana

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    If the NDA is lifted - is the tier X like predicted 1 year ago Tirplitz on steroids (with the citadel armor design making it's broadside immunte to citadel hits in close combat) or it's just bigger Yamato with worse stats?
  3. Sharana

    Clans anyone? (7 months after release)

    Thanks for the info, but reading it suggest they absolutely don't care about such thing atm at least and even if clans as mechanic make it to the game this summer or later their competitive mode is definetly not for 2016... Absolutely, if there were no clans and CWs in WoT I would be out of there back in 2011 when I got 2 top tiers and got bored of randoms. Instead because of CWs and the community I was part of I played (and paid for it because you needed lots of tier Xs for CWs) till early 2015 when I switched to WoWs with some of them (WG game again). But for some reason Lesta doesn't think this way, so none of the guys I came here with plays WoWs anymore or wants to play it. The peak online is even lower then 7 months ago instead of improving, but it seems they are fine with it as long as there are enough paying players kept for the grind...
  4. I took almost 6 months break from WoWs as I "completed" it back then with getting the tier X ships I needed, because random is simply not my way of having longterm fun in a game (just grinding that has to be done in order to enjoy the endgame). I was too fast I guessed, WoT didn't have engame for the first few months after release too. So I didn't really follow the development news hoping to be surprised once the nostalgia hits and I will be tempted to play again and yes I was surprised ... it just wasn't the good surprises I was hoping for. So 7 months after the release there are even no clans as mechanic?! My expectations of first implementations of Clan Wars stuff seems had no touch with reality even when based on the WoT's history. So the new stuff I saw is soviet crusers line, weather (nice), better Port UI ... and camouflages for doublons (4 000 for my Iowa - move along nothing to see here...). Ah yes and of course doublons are still doublons, but I better spare myself that part, because I might say something I don't want to after hearing and reading promises about it since the time when even the first alpha testers weren't invited yet... Did I miss something, because I honestly hope I did as 1 ships line + weather (that had prototypes at the times of release) + probably 2-3 new maps in 6 months doesn't sound right, because they did far more stuff during the CBT/OBT part which was about 6-7 months too I think and the patchnotes for 0.5.6 are not promising either. Or they have new project on their hands now? Also having weakness for CVs (I knew I want to play CVs from the moment I saw such class is planned for WoWs even without knowing what gameplay will they offer) I didn't fail to notice that there are still no AP bombs even if they spoke about them since CBT... EDIT: Ah yes there are "team battles", what am I complaining about? Well this is not endgame as it's about tier 8s and the fact that it does have some kind of ratings doesn't make it endgame substitute, because from mechanics and gaming experience point of view this is simply the old company battle mode from WoT that is even locked at tier 8. World of Tanks had both clans and such mode during the CBT phase and Clan Wars 2 months after the release. And unlike WoWs the "team battles" there were in 3 categories (tiers 6, 8 and 10) which actually allowed you to taste the endgame even during CBT as placeholder for CWs. So was it really wrong to assume that WoWs will follow the very successful steps of the WG's flagman WoT instead of not having even bacics clans functionality 7 months after the official release?? I don't want this post to sound like whining or flaming, because I'm not such type of person, but it is as it is. Have they at least planned some form of endgame (for this year, not for Soon™) or it will stay like this for the foreseeable future? Hope at least some of the old colleagues STs can say there is something worth waiting for in the near future
  5. Sharana

    Some interesting info around the world

    There were 5 different aim assist "cheats" - 1 free and 4 paid ones. Their hackers forums says that as of 0.5.5 the free one is history, but 3 of the paid ones are working. Now after the russian "brown" and ban wave they say that 1 is detected and players using it were banned (for a week), another (the warpack one) is detected only on the players who had the lead point for CVs enabled (yes they actually made such cheat to allow potato CVs to use the manual drop and actually land good hits), while another one was used after the warnings, but so far no one got caught. Even if 2 paid ones are not detected as of yet there can't be many players using them and Lesta unlike the Minsk studio (well WG...) showed they will fight this stuff, so if they really want it they will add them to the detection system as they surely bought them too and took them apart so to say
  6. Sharana

    Please re-enable the Lead indicator

    Yes. They removed it and there was a period without it. Then someone made new one near the release that has nothing to do with the old built in function and it was working till the 0.5.3 patch that "killed it" (for now at least). The other 3 confirmed working atm (out of 4 on the market) also don't use the removed built in function, but they are not free, so not mass used and as usual not interesting enough for the devs.