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  1. Karaya1

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    Personally i noticed after a couple more games that i just seem to overpen citadel hits, especially on low tier cruisers. Havent had perfect Citadel hits on BBs that didnt do damage, but i will continue to look out for weird behaviour.
  2. Karaya1

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    I can see why you would overpen a Pepsi, but a Yamato ? o.O That is weird.
  3. Karaya1

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    Dont forget that Atagos received quite a buff in maneuverability. Have had y couple citadels on one just a couple games ago with NC. Not problem detected yet. Edit to post before mine : Yes it does. If you know how the damage mechanics work, you probably did around 10% of max damage with a round. So yes, that is an overpen. You did damage. You didnt do a Citadel because the shell exploded AFTER leaving the ship. Just not enough armor on some ships to activate the fuse.
  4. Karaya1

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    Overpen dude. You overpen'd the citadel. It can happen, especially with yamatos huge guns. AP works fine, its just that Atagos are much quicker now with their changed rudder shift time.
  5. Karaya1

    Free Skill reset ?

    Are we gonna get Skill resets for changed skills in the new patch ? After all something like Dogfighting expert might not be all that useful, especially for high tier CVs.
  6. Karaya1

    Captain Skill Tree - Useless skill

    They will change it in the next patch, so that it will be even more useless ! before, since it worked with speed difference, one side always somewhat profited from it (either IJN or USN), but now no one does since its mirror MM and its rare for you to face higher tier CVs.
  7. Karaya1

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    The spawn thing will apparently be fixed with the next patch. Lets keep our fingers crossed. But then again, most T3 ships arent all that bad really. Only the BBs will probably struggle a lot because of range limitations. Also, T3 can meet T5 in normal MM as well IIRC. Its usually +- 2 Tiers.
  8. Karaya1

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    Well if you did that everyone would cry and report all day that "MM lost the match" when they simply cant accept that they failed either as a player or as a team. I mean, there are so many matches where people complain about MM, that are in fact perfectly balanced. They just dont like it. Just today had a Karlsruhe player in a T6 match. He complained the whole game. He just wouldnt realize that its actually balanced, its just the Karlsruhe that sucks. Also, many of the screenshots i see that people complain about have divisions of different tiers in them. Of course if you do that (or others obviously) you will screw with the MM. Its a knows fact. Just dont do it. Period. Its not always perfect, but it works well with the CV mirror MM.
  9. Karaya1

    North Carolina beginner tips

    It probably would be, if its HP pool wasnt so ridiculously low. Being as it is I would say New mexico probably. Havent played Iowa and Montana though.
  10. Karaya1

    How to fight Destroyers as Battleship.

    If nearly all your shells hit as a Kongo i would guess around 6 hits. That should be at least 5k damage if one of them is a bounce or someting. Also, how can a DD rush you, when you are in a Kongo ? He is not all that much faster than you are o.O . Up to T5 the maximum torpedo reaload time is something like 40 seconds stock i think ? not sure. Lets just say its not a lot. Dont expect your secondaries to do a lot. They arent supposed to, they are more a fear factor. If you are broadside the the enemy in a kongo (since you had that much space/time to turn like that) you probably should have had enough time to turn away instead of towards him. Why didnt you do that ?
  11. Karaya1

    Aerroon Playing WoWS Highlights

    Im quite sure you could have penetrated that kongo. He seems to have been stock hull as well. nice game, never seen a Myoko with that many plane kills .
  12. I often hear/see the excuse that people need to continue to buy, and then complain about it, because WG needs to maintain their servers and everything. Are you mad ? That is not how it works. You dont go into the supermarket, buy a product you know is ridiculously overpriced, and after eating it you complain to their customer service. If they dont ever fall on their nose because people just stop buying the stuff, then HOW are they going to learn ? As long as there are enough people stil throwing money at them for the same stuff over and over again and just complain more or less in the forums it is never going to change. They probably found the very thin line on which the customers are mumbling about, but still keep spending their money like crazy. As long as money is still coming in, there is no need to change it. Personally, I too was hyped about the Tirpitz. Then i saw the Price Tag for even the (potential haha) single ship and i went : No thank you. Just discipline yourself, and DONT buy half the things they are offering. If even a quarter or half the players would do that, they would change it rather quickly i presume. I am sure that if they reduced their prices by about half or even more, they would probably have the same income, but usually their customers wouldnt be quite so disappointed.
  13. Karaya1

    Fighter Bug still happening

    Good (or not), its not just me then. Will it be fixed in the next patch ? Or in the near Future ? I remember reading about it being fixed in one of the patch notes, but apparently thats not the case.
  14. Karaya1

    Fighter Bug still happening

    Couldnt find the Bug Department in the forums anymore o.O . So please feel free to move it please. I have noticed on my Independance that while using their ability, my fighters were attacked, and still stuck without actually fighting back . Wasnt that supposed to be fixed ? I mean, i faced a 5 plane squad from another independence or Bogue with a full 6 fighter squad while they performed their ability. Didnt kill a single plane. Not one in like 25 seconds of air battle (slaughter). I remember to have read that it is supposed to be impossible to attack them while doing their ability thing, so as to not lock them inside it, unable to defend themselfes forever. Apparently that is not the case. Or am i doing something wrong ? Karaya
  15. Karaya1

    Aerroon Playing WoWS Highlights

    Holy Moly where did you get that much Gold ?