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  1. Idahou

    Event Calendar for October

    Well, i would say that bundles in wot changed not because players, but because money. Quallity of services provided by WG EU fell down many times and ppl are not willing spend money as they used to be. Thats why there is now "special" offers in smaller bundles but much more often. And thats probably why "appeal to RU" cant work - If will EU keep generating money (which is, because clearly they lowered budget for portal, articles, translation, support and pretty much everything ), Ru dont care... For new players is probably better to play at others servers...
  2. Idahou

    Event Calendar for October

    12 days late and on forum... It would be epic fail in any other company but in WG Eu its just normal. And what we was waiting for? For poor generic special, but i guess they put much more effort in some article about premium ship or special package...
  3. Idahou

    Říjnový kalendář událostí

    Fakticky sem doufal, že takovéhle ubohé faili jsou jen výsadou tanků, ale těch pár posledních týdnů dokazuje opak. Něco se rozbilo, budíž, to se stává, ale to jako fakticky trvá 12 dní než to někomu v Paříži dojde a než vymyslí "tak to dáme aspoň na fórum"? A už i ty speciály jsou ekvivalentem WoTkovského evergreenu "Víkendový speciál"
  4. Idahou

    World Of Infantry

    64x64 players? With wows/wot/wowp format? Too much datas to load and it would need too many ppl to run even one battle (because need of ballancing vehicles, soldiers, ships and planes... ) Thats already a big stress for servers... And 1vs1 fights would be immposible because too big scale of "weapon inpact" - ships guns can kill dozens of soldiers and few tanks. Soldiers guns can barely kill a tank. You would have to force soldiers fight in some sort of sandbox (undeground, bunkers, buildings... ) and with that, all idea loosing sence. Also tanks would be pain to play because ships, planes and AT infantry (because soldiers coul not harm ships and planes... ) If you want feel how bad it can be and would be, try Heroes and Generals. There isnt ships, but you can easily see how devastating can be if your opponent have skiller player in superior vehicle...
  5. Idahou

    World Of Infantry

    Its look like good idea but its not. Battlefield have a lot of experience with something like that and yet it struggle to provide decent fun for all sometimes... And in Battlefield is just few pieces of vehicles and all are just "mirror" of opposite ones. It would be immposible to ballance higher ammount of vehicles and keep fun for infantry. And thats just one "level". in your suggested game it would be not just vehicle vs infantry ballance, but also ships vs planes vs vehicles vs infantry and so... Which means that if you would play soldier you would be under fire of tanks, planes, ships and another soldiers, thats hell of mess... Only possibility in this is Warships and warplanes seperate battle to secure landing, infantry vs infantry to land and tanks against tanks in inland... You just cant have fun with all on one map in one battle....
  6. Idahou

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    Yes it can. The biggest "Long-term" issue are players, theirs poor morale on battlefield, catapulted newbies, noobs (lack of skill ) and whinners same as "lost trust" of customers. But impact of that can be lowered and game can live and work with that. I would say that some new mode for tiers like 5,7,9, together with something like deatmatch (pure one, not that bs like last time ) can revavive game quite easily. And if WG Eu stop milking so hard and start doing its job, im quite sure that WoT can be top again...
  7. Idahou

    October 2016 events?

    Thats just WG EU... so far its still better than infoservice in WoT
  8. Idahou

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    I dont... First i cant say that i feel like driving warship. One man crew, no visible progres (like lechtractor => Maus, there is big ship => bigger ship ), somehow odd dmg (bzillion of shots or two who will take half of your HP - that can be just because my low graphic settings ) In WoT i really dont mind closing range, i even like it. Same as here in WoWs really cant see point in sniping/bombarding across all map and getting damage from nowhere (specially now with that camping BBs plague... ). Corridors are in all games, cant say that i super like maps in WoT but in my opinion its more like "trendy" problem, it exist, but it look bigger than it is... And lets not face like WoWs is that much diffrent from WoT because it isnt. For some reasson developers trying to make WoWs looks diffrent (cant say why there cant be more compatible UI and so ). For now its WoWs more fun for me than WoT, and i like it, but honestly i must say that WoWs balance and game mechanics are much more fragile than in WoT and the game itself isnt that far as it should be one year after release - speaking about game content, tweaks and success as project... WoT is drowing, but after six year of great success and im affraid that wows will have much less time with much lower success...
  9. Idahou

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    Im sure you and others will see cheats and hacks here too...
  10. Idahou

    Nová ekonomika WG

    - 112k za kamufláž a premiové doplňky, tier 8... Mě to příjde vcelku fér. Ve WoTku taky progoldovaná osmička moc nevydělá + BB by podle mě fakt neměli být farmy na kredity...
  11. Idahou

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    WoT is drowning... it used have a big income of new players but it looks like it stops and WG failed to keep players ingame. New content was meh and if not, players overgrind it too faster because a load of xp bonuses. All modes are just for tiers 6,8 and 10 and in all of them there is few top tanks and its get boring to play with or against same tanks over and over. Plus for example Strongholds attacks are more than year bugged. No mods for tiers 5,7,9, no reasson to play low tiers. No motivation to exp another tanks Next thing is players - WG in EU just doing nothing for newbies and noobs, except pushing tham on higher tiers to milk them harder. After years there is still no proper tutorial, just that akward "use-wasd-to-move-thing". Thanks to that (and some others factors ofc ) are battle over in 3 minutes, yeah team loose/win in 8 minutes, but ussually is over much sooner and rest of time is just hunting of few last campers/survivors. Everybody just crying about cheats and hacks because dont know basics and need something to excuse that they sucks in PC game... And finally - WG EU. Portal website is just fish market, everything is stinky and all the time is somebody shouting at you to buy something. Sometimes there is some interesting info or event, but its always full of mistakes, false information or just stupidity. EU support sucks too, they are probably overloaded and dont even bother to read your ticket - they advice me to remove mods what i dont have and defrag my SSD disk (which is nonsence, defragmentation killing SSD HDD). WG EU just dont care and not bother to do their work... And i must said that i somehow forced myself to like WoWs and still feel that even here is a lot of things what will drag this game down and since there is much less players it will took shorter time to get down...
  12. Idahou

    Verze 0.5.12 - Cyklón

    Co se změnilo na cyklónu?
  13. Idahou

    How do you survive in a cruiser?

    Sometimes you just have to sail straight. Because short fire range, you sometimes need just to rush to land some shots and risk that some BB will reaim at you. Its that or miss 50% of chances to fire at enemy... I would say that cruiser should have repair party instead BBs. BB already have a lot of adventages and that armor, hp, fire power, fire range, secondary batteries and healing is hard to ballance. *Not sure if i used correct name - by repair party i mean that BBs healing. It would make more sence to have "hit-run-heal" cruisers...
  14. Idahou

    How do you survive in a cruiser?

    Its indeed pain to play in current BB flood - its not a problem that BB have bigger fire rangle, problem is that there is at least 3 of them camping and waiting for a target. So im quite a noob, but i would advice you to not get spotted like first. I ussually turn my cruiser left or right on start, sails behind some ships and join fight when there is already some allies ships engaded in sector - the point is not to be only possible target. Dont sail into waters from where you cant quickly escape and keep moving. You can evade a lot of shots
  15. Idahou

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Thats not defending WG, he just presented fact. WG decided to introduce light cruisers first probably because we already heave a [edited] of heavy ships (BB). In other words, they let marketing department to decide and thats also why they struggle with stats of RN CL. So chill a little bit and dont rage, its not in their interest to "humiliate RN" because they need "sell" that ships to players. WG can be unqualified and thicheaded but they are not suicide squad for purpose