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  1. Ascender

    How do you attack?

    If you're afraid of the BB's fighter, don't be. Send in 2 groups, one of them gets attacked by the fighter then peel it off, set fires with the other, pull back and wait for him to repair. If you're quick enough you can ninja in before his fighter even reaches you, best case scenario is that your bombers shoot it down. I'm all into the IJN CVs again (Shokaku specifically), 2-2-2. I typically cycle the divebombers for fires and use the torpedo bombers for straight up damage, but I will never shy away from an opportunity to cause flooding and then put them on fire. When I go for flooding into fires and enemy CV fighters are a threat I typically use one DB group immediately to cause fires to force the issue and have him repair, the other divebombers are throwaway at that point, mostly there to present the threat of refire but not quite too relevant whether or not they actually cause it. If enemy fighters are REALLY close you either just cut your losses and bomb the BB right away or run away till you get some fighters of your own around (which in your case you won't). Typically... if he does not repair the flooding/fires because you keep a divebomber group near to him, great! that's damage. If he does, wait for the IJN/KM 10 or USN 20 seconds and then put him on fire again. Do not fear enemy fighters unless you know them to be near. If they genuinly are near you probably wouldn't want to suicide all your planes in anyway, especially in a tight group where they can get strafed.
  2. Ascender

    Arkansas Beta +no CV

    Bragging about Arkansas eh?
  3. Ascender

    concealment v target aquisition

    Pretty much my stance on the whole thing too. You buff DDs acquisition, and you need to skip on 10% concealment to just be back to where you were? Currently I already dodge most torpedoes in three ways, either by prediction, because they are spotted by my aircraft or because they are spotted by someone else. Spotting torpedoes that are within my own ship's spotting range is usually just fine-tuning as far as the dodge is concerned. Either way, to come back to OP. No, of course you're not going to get your money back. You have a module now, which will function exactly the same afterwards, there will be no direct loss for you by NOT getting a refund, it is not like they are nerfing the concealment system modification, they are merely buffing the target acquisition modification.
  4. Ascender

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Mostly plays high-tier destroyers and is excellent in them Often finishes damaged enemies Extremely often uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Benson "excellent" is not quite how I would describe a 193-game, 353-kills, 7.35 k/d, 73% WR mostly-solo Fletcher. Seems like quite an understatement to me Also if the earlier statement about the Key Vehicle being the highest performance compared to average is true then... I played the Benson pre-buff, 13.3 RoF, useless torpedoes and mostly as a gunboat. If that STILL makes it my "key" vehicle then there is something serioiusly wrong with the people playing Benson nowadays. Unless ofcourse it includes ranked battle stats.
  5. Ascender

    Collection of ship statistics and some computations

    Version 1.15! Added sub-chapter 4.4 with advanced high-tier destroyer stats. Adjusted/fine-tuned DD torpedo DPM values to be a lot closer to their actual base values. After a little inspiration from a Reddit post I decided to add some advanced stats for Destroyers as well. I, for one, have been enthusiastically playing american destroyers and so these values come as second nature to me and it only makes sense to add them! To this end I added a new sub-chapter 4.4 with "uprated" speed, torpedo DPM, stealth, range and rudder shift values. In doing so I discovered that (quite obvious in hindsight) the torpedo RoF values in the modules are rather inaccurate (and in one case flat-out wrong), for example: Mutsuki ingame says 0.8, but torpedoes list reload time as 76 seconds which works out to ~0.7895 RoF instead. In only about 3 cases was the RoF as listed identical to the RoF as per torpedo reload time. I re-adjusted all the torpedo DPM values in the DD tables with these more accurate values, I don't think it is quite worth the effort to do the same for cruisers and the rate of fire on guns should be accurate enough already ;)
  6. I was just going over some torpedo stats for the Russians and I noticed very inconsistent data regarding the torpedoes of the Udaloi. The modules for both torpedoes read 0.9 RoF, yet the reload times are 46 seconds apart (70 to 116) which would give the upgraded torpedoes a RoF listing of 0.5. This value is displayed correctly on the Khabarovsk. Short version: Incorrect RoF display on module 53-39 Mod.2 Torpedoes on Udaloi. Reads 0.9 RoF, should read 0.5.
  7. Ascender

    Accuracy mode in Iowa

    It is standard practice for all ships. Even if you don't care about your main guns it reduces the amount of detonations you get which is a big gain. To re-iterate once more, the accuracy mod reduces your dispersion by about 7%. Enough to be unnoticeable on individual salvos, but noticeable over several.
  8. Ascender

    ridicolous torpedo plane drop range

    You have reached your quota of negative votes for the day "You get 1-2 seconds to turn your ship" -> You have already failed to dodge them. Come back when you learn the BASICS of playing battleships and dodging torpedo planes (PLANES, not aerial torpedoes but their AIRCRAFT HINT HINT).
  9. Ascender

    Torpedo Damage

    Ha, a couple of days ago I managed to hit a Fletcher with FOUR (yes, 4) torpedoes and he died TO THE FLOODING CAUSED BY THOSE TORPEDOES. And to top it off it was a stock Fletcher so it's hitpoints was only 13k and change. My torpedoes were the upgraded Fletcher's torpedoes with just over 19k damage potential each. I get it that he didn't die instantly to one torpedo or maybe even two... but FOUR!? This has got to be a world first. Oh and before anyone says I probably hit another target, I checked the post-battle stats and I got 4 recorded hits on the enemy Fletcher and I know for sure I did not hit him with anything else at any point.
  10. Ascender

    Max target Acquisition range on the Iowa?

    Right now what this module does is increase the draw distance you have. So unless you can currently fire further than enemy ships can be physically rendered at, it is useless to you.
  11. Ascender

    HE dmg is a joke now

    HE wasn't nerfed. IF ANYTHING was changed at all I suspect it would be that BB armor was fixed so now you can't just fire a 203 HE shell into the belt armor of a BB and do 1k damage regardless, you have to actually land your shots somewhat effectively, and since A LOT OF PEOPLE CANNOT DO THAT *cough cough* they whine instead. I still get plenty of 6k+ damage HE volleys when playing Ibuki when I land a good volley, just like I did in the past with Myokos on things like Colorados and Clevelands the Ibuki does on Iowas, Mogamis and Baltimores.
  12. And despite this massive carry, I still REALLY dislike the Colorado. But I guess the map did play into it and when you can get up close it does kick serious... things. Also shout out to the token contribution from secondaries! They do their best
  13. There is only one reason: RNG. Honestly, I have the same problem as OP. In randoms I managed just over 65% now, in ranked I sunk way down to 58% before reaching rank 1. I was on-track to get to rank 1 in less than 100 ranked games with a winrate of ~70% and got all the way up to rank 4, then I got bogged down, slugged to rank 3, fell down to 6.5, and then had a straight shot to 1, it ended up taking me 183 games. It's not my personal performance, I've done 40k AVERAGE damage in my Benson, with at least half of that going to enemy DDs each game for 1.34 kills/game on average. I have over half of all my victories and defeats in the Benson CONFIRMED through screenshots to have me be 1st in exp, even if it is a little bias towards DDs (the exp) it still shows that I've been doing my part. Opposed to this I have seen several people who had a similar winrate to you in randoms (55-56%) breeze through ranked straight to rank 1 on a 75% winrate! And that is with significantly worse stats than my Benson as well, one guy was averaging like 30k on an Atago and things like that. It's just all RNG, skill does not matter. Ranked is purely quantity over quality, hell there's a guy rank 1 with a winrate below 50% and stats which are nothing short of disastrous (we're talking like 20k average dmg on cruisers). Once you get out of the carry zone of ranks 18-6 and get into rank 5-1, it's very much RNG whether or not you get the plebs on your team or not and whether or not they are capable of being SO BAD they strip you of hard earned stars.
  14. Ascender

    Ibuki problem

    It's firing the same AP as that available on the Furutaka. Not only that but even at medium ranges the trajectory is quite poor for AP use, any angle from enemy cruisers and it no longer really works out. It DOES work, but it requires exceptionally good conditions to be truly effective.
  15. Ascender

    Help with ranked (R5+)

    Stop feeling/thinking this and just accept you're in it for the long run and at the mercy of RNGezus. All you can do is do your job above-average for the rank, and EVENTUALLY you will get there, but how long it will take exactly is all up to RNG. I was on-course to get from rank 13 to rank 1 in less than 100 battles at one point, it ended up taking 183 in total, so double of what I hoped for. But I got there, because of persistence. RNG can't screw you over ALL the time, and eventually you will break through.