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  1. Everyone keeps saying that, but in Nagato and Amagi I had great problems with their accuracy... The shells were just flying all over the place, so I often had to brawl (something these ships are the worst for). Izumo and Yamato however more than compensated for that - with them the shells fly like one most of the time and if my aim is right, a lot of pain is delivered with each salvo.
  2. I currently do not have this skill on any of my captains and refer to WASD hacks map awareness for dodging torps. Most of the time I do fine, occasionally I eat a torp. There are the very rare occurrences of slapping sideways in a torp wall and getting annihilated, but those are extremely rare and usually due to me out-thinking myself and counting on the enemy playing smarter than they actually do. These are so rare, that wasting 3 points is in fact pointless. On the other hand eating even 1 torp in my GK or my Conqueror is nasty business. Taking it on the nose will slap a huge chunk of HP off me, but taking it on the side is likely to result in citadel damage that can't be healed for the most part. On GK it is not that good of an idea to put Vigilance - it has KM hydro. For the MegaZao however, it is a decent skill to have. Torps on the side will hamper your zombie heal if they do hit your citadel (which happens most of the time). For Yamato and Montana I would never take this skill - the occasional torpedo will not do enough damage to make having this perk useful as these two BBs have very good torpedo belts.
  3. Oh, it is definitely retarded OP and brainless to play. What AP can do, HE can do with more consistence AND set the enemies on fire. I scored 24K with HE (plus 3 fires) on a slightly angled Yamato. The very same game I shot at another Yamato's broadside with AP and did only 6K damage... I think they should seriously nerf either the HE pen or the fire chance AND maybe make the AP a bit more consistent, so that there would be a good reason to swap ammo. The reason I mentioned this ship (and the RN line overall) is that these are the only serious HE spammers that I currently have. I have Des Moines and the situation there is the same - I can set a BB on fire once, they will repair it in 90% of the cases and then I'll just pop 3-4 new fires and drain their HP fast. The problem with the DM is that it lacks shell speed and range and most of my encounters (not that many at all) with BBs are up close, near islands where AP at their broadside does a hell of a lot more damage. Most of the time I don't shoot BBs though as they tend to stay at 18-20km range (because, you see they have no tanking ability plus "great" accuracy and can use this range well... ). The same happens with the mid-tier cruisers I play, but it is expected there - players may not be that experienced at this level (I mostly play BBs, so setting the enemies on fire is not my thing in general).
  4. Yesterday I bought the Conqueror. 3rd game with it and I managed to top my highest damage record by making 330K damage. This all happened due to people putting out 1 fire, just so that I could then set them on fire again on 3-4 places... Good job, red team! Keep up the good work ;)
  5. When the Flint was released, I also thought that it will be too OP to handle - USN smoke means that with premium consumables it will only be visible for 30s every 2 and a half minutes and as I already have Atlanta, I know what it is capable of. Also the 9.2km torps are a lot more usable than the LOLanta's... Add to that the fact that this ship will be played by skilled players and here you go - OP. However, once I started meeting them in combat I changed my mind. It is really nasty if it catches you off guard, but is hardly a game changer. If you are in a DD - avoid it at all costs. Torp the smoke and hope for the best (most Flint players stay with AA, not Hydro and could be vulnerable to good placed torps). If you are in a CA/CL - use mostly AP. If the Flint is bow/stern on to you, fire 1-2 AP salvos to disable some turrets and commence HE spam. If you see any broadside - go back to AP. In a BB, try to fire AP when it is angled. The Atlanta/Flint has too thin armor and slim profile, so firing at a broadside will almost always result in overpens, even at the citadel locations. I have tested this and even New Orleans overpens the Atlanta citadel at range lower than 6km. Now everyone will discard the advice above as this is not relevant when you can't actually see the enemy (USN smoke, remember?). Well, that unfortunately is countered by at least a bit of teamplay. Most cruisers at this tier will have hydro available (and even radar for a few), but they usually are too afraid to go anywhere near it as an enemy BB may delete them. And people who push are usually killed fast due to focus fire and lack of support. This is where communication comes in - If you are going to push and spot the Flint, make your intentions known to your team first and ask for confirmation. If everyone is shooting at something else or running away - you will die for nothing. If you need someone to go spot, allign the team members at this flank and ask for spot once everyone knows what needs to be done. A lot of players are actually good at angling armor, firing accurately and predicting enemy maneuvers but are not that good at reading a strategic situation on the minimap - if you push and they do not get what your intentions are in time, you will just give the enemy a nice gift of XP and credits, while cursing at your team. You will be the one to blame here though. Before anyone comments on my stats or anything - I have made and am making the same mistakes a lot of times. I know what needs to be done, but in the heat of battle I don't always think straight and do make mistakes. However, most games where I have communicated with my teams were victories, so that definitely does have an impact. Now if you face a cancer division (3 Flints/3 Belfasts or any combination of them), you will need a really good coordination and aggressive gameplay that is hard to achieve in random battles. Talk to your team and organize an assault on those ships or they will win. If you face 2 divisions from the same clan... well you're boned then. But that is usually the case, no matter what ships they picked anyway.
  6. DM can be tanky when bow on to a CA/CL/DD. This however is valid for most cruisers. If a BB shoots your bow, you will likely take a citadel hit or at least lose a huge chunk of HP. This is valid for other cruisers as well. DM is in fact the second most fragile cruiser at the moment, but it has far too dangerous guns and DPM, so people avoid picking close fights with it. If a BB comes around an island to kill you and finds you bow-on, it will either kill you in one salvo, or do a huge hit on you and then melt away due to your ridiculous AP. Also it has quite low effective range - shooting at a fast target at anything over 12-13km is a challenge due to the really floaty arcs of the DM. It is great for shooting over cover and scaring away or killing enemy DDs that go near the caps. It is a very strong CA, but does not really fit the OP's requirements. Otherwise I completely agree that the Hindenburg is the tankiest cruiser overall. Semi-turtleback armor scheme protects well vs other cruisers and okay-ish vs BB shells. It can spam HE at range or utilize its very deadly AP and loads of torps up close. If a Hinden decides to suicide rush a BB, it will manage to kill the BB first in 90% of the cases. I don't have a Hinden but have fought them in almost every T10 game and can confirm that I feel threatened by them in whatever I play. As for the Moskva - it does have a reputation for being tanky, but it is really sluggish and takes far too many hits. It is only good at long ranges and a skilled player will not really have issues with dealing with a Moskva when in a cruiser or BB. Finally, I would like to say - if OP wants to play a tanky ship, they should not go for a cruser at the first place. Maybe something like a Scharnhorst would be better - it is fast, reasonably agile, has torps, has fast firing guns and great turret rotation AND has ridiculously thick belt armor + turtleback scheme.
  7. I almost completely agree and support your statement. The only thing I would say differently is that the heal on RN BBs is questionable. If you get HE spammed, you will be next to immortal for the enemy team. If enemy BBs poke you with AP or if you take torp hits, the heal will not help you much. Being damaged by large caliber AP shells (and most BBs will do sizable chunks of damage on RN BBs) will make your heal similar to the normal one as far as the total heal-able amount is concerned. You will however get less charges and longer cool-down. And the torp damage... it will almost always count as citadel damage and you will not heal much of it. If you can't avoid a torp, take the hit on the bow/stern instead of the sides - you will take more damage, but you will be able to heal a lot more then.
  8. Lion leaves me with a bag of mixed feelings, similar to many other RN BBs before it. It seems they just don't fit my playstyle and I am not able to adapt that well to them. Here are my observations on this ship so far (but I have very average stats in it, so take it with a grain of salt): - It is a vast upgrade over the Monarch. Maybe a bit less tanky as it sees Yamatos more often, but then - nothing is really tanky against Yama anyway. - The ridiculous fire chance that we all loved in KGV is back and is even better than before. The gun upgrade even improves on that. - OP HE damage. - 11.5 KM concealment (with CE, camo and upgrade) is great. - AP is somewhat questionable. Sometimes it does brutal amounts of damage (I managed to score 22K salvo on a slightly angled Moskva without any citadel hits), but sometimes it just shatters/bounces at angles, where you wouldn't expect it to do so. - Very fast and agile once upgraded. - Dispersion is bad (both vertical and horizontal). - Torpedo protection is very bad. Use WASD hack to avoid torps as they will citadel you for nearly full damage and you won't be able to heal it. - Zombie heal. It is not as great as people make it sound. When you get HE spammed - yes, it will heal you for nearly 100% of the lost HP but taking AP damage and/or God forbid - torps... The heal will lose its potential. Also its cooldown is quite long, so JoAT (especially on Jack Dunkirk) and a premium heal is a must. - Great mid-range AA. AA build is really viable on this ship. - Poor turret armor. It is fun to play, but is not a ship that can carry games with ease. Best performing at mid range (12-15km), as you can make use of its stealth then. Due to its accuracy staying at extreme range is a very bad idea, but due to its armor profile being too close is not that good either. Typically HE is more reliable on this ship - it does fairly similar damage between salvos and also sets the enemy ships on fire. Also hitting DDs with HE at the start of the round will likely ruin their game. You will almost always break turrets/torp tubes along with other modules. One good salvo can make them look like miniature aircraft carriers, so to speak . On broadside targets at closer ranges AP will make more sense. One important thing to keep in mind when using RN BB AP is the short fuse - do NOT fire at the waterline! All shells that touch the water, even right next to the enemy ship will not count as hits. This also makes it harder to hit citadels on most ships. The back turret has bad firing angles, but bow tanking other BBs can result in your front turrets getting blown up. Do that only as a last resort option only.
  9. Tbh I would trade the torps on my Tirpitz for hydro any day of the week. The game is currently at a HE-spam-fest that always results in my torp launchers being blown up as soon as I am spotted. The moments when I could have torped the enemy are lots and lots. So then why didn't I? There was nothing left to torp them with! I have the same issue in my Scharnhorst, had the same in the Gneis (an back then there were no RN BBs, mind you). I seriously doubt that such change would make a difference on Kii as well...
  10. Both FP and CE are good choices, but I would go with FP. With CE you will easily get close enough to make your secondaries work hard on the enemy and with FP you will endure more while you push the enemy CA/CL/RN BBs. If you play well around islands, you can spec FP and use cover+hydro to get close enough to the enemy without any wild DD drifting around you and torping you to death. With CE you will do better on more open maps, but keep in mind that the BB detection by air is still quite high and fighter/spotter planes will see you from afar. It is very annoying when you have an enemy ship just outside your detection range, they are about to turn broadside to you and then suddenly they pop a plane in the air and stop turning - you've been waiting for the perfect shot and it never arrives...
  11. A matter of personal choice I must say... I swapped secondaries on my Yama for a tanky and stealthy build (CE, FP, BoS), as I rarely go into secondary range (typically engage at 13-15km, so that I could make use of my concealment if needed). On my GK however, I don't use the tanky build - fire damage is easily healed, so instead I kept the good old secondary build: For Bismarck I would use the same build, except for IFHE - I would swap that either for fire prevention or concealment expert (I'm a fan of CE myself). To be honest I haven't really felt the RN BBs being too dangerous for German battleships. They still take huge hits from AP and often lose turrets when a BB hits them. Smart use of concealment and/or cover can draw them in closer, and in brawls KM BBs are still a lot better.
  12. Dude, I don't think FdG was a bad ship to go through, but the Monarch is still sh!t imho... It can be manageable but is definitely hard to play and not a strong ship. I would not advise spending free xp on it though - I would imagine once one goes through hell, then heaven (Lion, Conqueror) will look a lot brighter than before. Keep thinking about what follows and you will find the strength to grind through :)
  13. While I don't agree with most of OP's rants, I must say that the Monarch is the one ship that makes me cringe and not want to start the game at all. KGV was borderline OP, but then we go to this... cr@pper... The guns are supposed to be 381mm, but they feel worse than the KGV's 356mm ones. It tends to miss a lot (not as bad as KM BBs though), the AP works well under 8km range and does next to nothing at longer range, HE is sh!t (fire chance is average for a BB, but the HE pen feels non-existent), AA is terrible until you get the hull upgrade and becomes average after that. This ship has two things going for it - ninja concealment (10.9km with camo, upgrade and CE) and really good maneuverability. It is not tanky, but does not get citadeled easily too. Overall the ship is not too bad, but my main gripe remains the main battery - poor accuracy, bad AP, bad HE... Most of the time this is not a ship that would really change the outcome of a match. Other tier 8 BBs are a lot better overall - NC has bow-tanking, AA and high arcs, Amagi has huge damage volleys, speed and semi-turtleback, Bismarck has secondaries, turtleback and hydro while all of the good sides of the Monarch are mostly negated by the crappy guns... I will go through it whatever it takes, but will not have any fun in doing so.
  14. NC is and always has been a great ship. AA + concealment build makes it shine. The higher arcs allow for more deck penetrations and can fly over islands where other BBs cannot actually return fire. Great vs CA/CLs, great vs planes, good vs BBs and average vs DDs. Iowa is bigger, clumsier version of the NC, but the AP seems to pen more and the arcs are flatter. With its citadel lowered, I would imagine it plays really well nowdays. When I played it, it still had a citadel high above water and I really often got into bad situations - it does not turn well and has poor side armor. It is however really, really fast for a BB. A good way to proceed with it would be to bow-tank close to cover if there are no DDs nearby OR to go towards the enemy and start kiting away once you get spotted (does not require cover, but you need to manage how much damage you can allow the enemy to do to you) Montana is probably the tankiest BB in the game when angled. It can still get citadelled, but that is usually due to player error - it is easy to angle and has great armor.The AA is still great, but as it is mostly mid and low caliber all HE hits will knock out AA guns. The turrets are fast-turning (the same goes for Iowa and NC as well), the ship is quite fast but turns like a brick. Firing angles are excellent. Overall, the Monty is something like a jack-of-all-trades ship - it can brawl but is not as good as the GK in that role, it can HE spam angled BBs but is not even close to the Conqueror when damage and fire potential is concerned, it has great AA, but the Conqueror can match or exceed it as well, secondary build would partially work, but not even close to what Yama or GK can achieve in that domain... I find the Monty best at mid-range engagements - stay close to your concealment range (I believe it was 13.4km with concealment build) and use your DPM. Late game you can go hunt BBs or CA/CLs but don't rush early on - focused HE spam and/or Yama lolpen will end you fast. To be honest the Monty is just not my cup of tea. I prefer more specialized ships - Yama for huge hits and DPM, GK for brawling and (when I get it) Conqueror for harassing and keeping enemy ships at bay. Don't get me wrong - it is not bad, but I just can't find an exact role for it.
  15. I very recently got the Monarch and so far I've grown to hate it. This is the one ship that I (mainly a BB captain) can say is too RnG-dependent. I managed to kill a Zao and a Hindenburg in a single game while brawling with them and dodging their torps but the next 5 games I just could not hit anything... At range my shells straddled the enemy, up close I mostly did bounces and overpens... AP is a sh!tshow on this ship... As for the main strength on the British BBs - the HE, I can say it is a huge downgrade when compared to KGV... Low damage, low fire chance and all that combined with the low accuracy... HE is really not viable most of the time. The concealment is great - maxed out it falls down to 10.9, which could make the ship OP if its guns didn't have a mind of their own... The best play in this cr@pper is to use the concealment and hunt cruisers. Personally, I think this ship is the Colorado of the UK BB line - one needs to suffer through it in order to get to the "good stuff". The grind continues...