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  1. almitov

    Was Des Moines reverse speed nerfed?

    Cool, but where does it say that? The 0.9.5 patch notes state: WG Wiki It says that it takes 3x times more time to reach the full backwards speed, but nothing mentions changes to the top speed going backwards. Also as you can see on the snapshot, the indicator shows I have not reached my top speed in reverse, while the ship no longer accelerates past 13.8kts (with flag). When I hit 13.8, I kept going for about one square on the map and I gained no speed. I just re-checked the patch notes in the wiki and I see no note mentioning the top speed in reverse being reduced on the DM. The only other changes for DM mentioned are some textures and geometry fixes in 0.9.8
  2. Hi, Was the Des Moines top speed in reverse nerfed recently? I found out the hard way (in competitive gameplay) that the DM now not only accelerates slower, but now has a much lower reverse top speed. It used to be 18kts (with flag) and now it is 13.8 (with flag). The speed indicator shows that you have not reached your max speed, but the ship does not accelerate above 13.8 w. flag. (see attached snapshot). Another thing I also noticed is that the acceleration is reasonably fast (I still run legendary + acceleration upgrades + speed flag, as before) but only until 12kts. Above that it takes a few seconds for each 0.1kt to build up, becoming increasingly slower as the reverse speed rises. I could not find any patch notes for this nerf. Is it a bug or a hidden change? Thanks, Alex
  3. Well, in Thunderer I use both AP and HE depending on the situation. I have Expert Loader on my commander and I find it helpful. Early game I usually use more HE at long ranges until I have enough positioning information to decide what action to take. If the enemy team has too many ships pushing my way, I would use my concealment to turn in a kiting position and will pick my targets based on their HP (to reduce the number of guns firing back). This means if I see a very low HP BB bow-on and a full HP CA/CL showing some side, I would likely shoot HE at the BB to ensure it sinks. Yes, I could devastate the CA/CL, but also may get unlucky and miss/overpen it while the BB is an easy kill. If the position of the enemy allows us to push, I would indicate to my team that we should go and will move forward. This does not mean rush and die though - RN BBs can be focused and killed very easily and should not be the only BB tanking the damage if it could be avoided. In this case the engagements are more medium to close range and unless facing a well-angled BB or a DD, AP is the ammo to use. In Conqueror 80% of the gameplay is the same, except for the following differences: - The super-heal allows tanking loads of damage from HE spammers. Just avoid citadel damage (BB AP at your side and torpedoes). I use that a lot in the current meta (with low-caliber HE flamethrowers). - With the legendary upgrade, the concealment is not as good as Thunderer's, so more caution is needed when at mid range. - The guns are 50% more, but with trollish dispersion and quite unreliable AP. I tend to stick with HE unless facing a broadsiding CA/CL at mid/close range or BB at close range (if not too angled). I refer to distances between 10-15KM as mid-range and anything under 10km as close range. For ranges over 15KM I usually stick with HE as the enemy will have enough time to angle against my shells. One more thing to note is that RN BBs have weak turret armor. I tend to lose guns when getting too close to enemy BBs. Nearly 30% of the games where I pushed BBs up close, I have lost one or more turrets permanently. Maybe it's just my luck but I would suggest to keep that in mind when going for a brawl against a BB.
  4. almitov

    Jean Bart Vs Thunderer

    JB or Georgia for money making, Thunderer for getting a great T10 ship. The T10 premiums have the "Special Ship" flag for them. This means they behave like premiums for assigning a commander (no retraining needed) but do not earn extra $$$. T9 premium ships however do have credit earning bonuses.
  5. almitov

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    What is specific to GK is that it is a brawler. If I am going to play at range, I can pick virtually any other BB and it will perform better. GK is made to tank and push, to bully enemies out of objectives and be a general pain in the bum for the enemy team. However, it is huge and sluggish, which means it is hard to disengage with it. I would usually go behind an island when I see I've taken too much damage, but lately more often than not I find my teammates running away in such scenarios (even if they confirmed they are covering me a minute before). In such cases the enemy team will typically seize the opportunity and push while my team is running from them. I can't do that though - hence I get killed with little effect on the battle. Yes, I would typically do a lot of damage in such cases, but tanking the hits has no value if my team is too far away and even some of them are afraid to fire as it would reveal their position to the spammers. Anyway, I've said that many times now. No reason to keep stating the obvious... If WG wants to impose a long-range shooting & camping meta, I don't have to complain. I can just stop playing (as I did when WoT became a camp-fest). Sadly I've already invested a lot of time and money in this game... it may be wasted in the end.
  6. almitov

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    GK is great. The current meta is cr@p. HE spammers with 19km+ range, high fire chance and chaingun-like fire rate... Add to that the CVs that can keep everything on the map perma spotted for the aforementioned flamethrowers and you have a campfest that is worse even than T10 WoT battles on Malinovka/Prokhorovka... You just can't push without half the enemy team starting to pee napalm on you. Even if you take one for the team and pull attention to yourself, your team will not help as they will be too scared of the same happening to them (hence camping at 10-15km behind you or simply running away).
  7. almitov

    Thunderer or Georgia advıce ???

    I would choose Thunderer every time. Here's my reasoning: 1. A lot more accurate guns. Conqueror has more of them, but Thunderer lands more shells on target, which is what counts in the end. 2. Great AP. Conqueror's AP is somewhat unreliable, while Thunderer hits like a truck and very rarely gets shatters. 457mm guns also are really punishing for nearly all cruisers due to overmatching 30mm armor. 3. The Conqueror's legendary module gives great mobility at the cost of concealment. Thunderer has it built-in with no drawbacks (12.3km concealment with the proper build). 4. Thunderer's heal is still above average and reloads a lot faster, though it is not printing you a whole new ship. Anyway, the superheal which the Conqueror has is overrated - it does not heal citadel damage (correction: heals 10% of it) and you tend to take a lot of citadel hits not just from shells - torpedoes almost always count as citadel hits due to the crappy belt. 5. HE still has over 60% fire chance and having better accuracy means you can still HE spam, should you want to do so. BBs camping bow-in - beware! 6. Reload. Thunderer reloads faster, increasing the chances of an enemy to be caught off-guard. Also combines well with expert loader. For me those are enough. As soon as I got the Thunderer, I never looked back to the Conqueror (and I do have premium camo on it). If you need premiums for earning credits - definitely. If you need good T10 ship that can be used to train a RN commander though... Or even if you are a collector - Thunderer does not disappoint. PS: Tbh I don't see the necessity for choosing between Georgia and Thunderer. I would get both (as I did), starting with Georgia for making $$. JB could be an alternative - depends on personal preference and playstyle.
  8. almitov

    Thunderer or Georgia advıce ???

    Thunderer and other non-standard line ships are not premiums but special ships. They behave like premiums, except they have no special modifiers for earning $$ (except the premium camo that comes with them). That being said, Thunderer is a ship that can still make decent earnings as it is just a very good ship. If you consider Georgia weak, you are probably not used to playing it yet. For JB, I can't comment yet (sadly, I am progressing with the coal collection too slow as I have next to no time to play lately ). My feeling when fighting these ships is that I am less afraid of facing a JB, no matter what ship I am in. I find JB's turrets quite easy to break (even with some CAs) and the smaller caliber guns makes it less dangerous to most ships when angled. The only significant threats from JB for me are if I get caught off-guard as it can pump lots of shots in my broadside before I could maneuver, and the HE. The latter is questionable at range since the ship does not seem to hit me too often at longer distances.
  9. almitov

    puerto rico

    I got it his weekend and after a few games I must say - I am not impressed. The ship is okay, but nothing too special. HE is good (not great), AP feels less powerful than the DMs (is it me or does the PR not have the improved pen angles?). The belt armor is excellent, but only in the lower belt section. The upper belt and the deck armor are really vulnerable to HE and the ship is too sluggish to dodge any shots. A good point is that the citadel sits so low that only torpedoes and extreme plunging fire can hit it. This however removes some of the skill needed to play well in general. I had two consequent games where I faced 3xBB HE spamming divisions and in both cases I got obliterated by them. The first one there were Conqueror, Thunderer and Bourgogne. They missed me a lot but the singe hit they managed to land took 46K off my HP pool and set triple fire on me. The next one there were 3xGK pushing and somehow no one saw them until they got in the cap near me and I radared them. Needless to say it was too late for me to escape - I took almost 30K from HE in the first salvo, a sh!tstorm of secondaries and merciful death by their second salvo (this time - AP). The ship can be played well at range but then the radar is not that useful for your team (if at all). Played up close it acts like a T10 BB with the armor of a T5/T6 BB due to it being so sluggish. You can use your radar and support your teammates but you can get killed really fast this way. I will play it more and will try to get better at it. Then I could evaluate it properly.
  10. almitov

    Nerf Smolensk

    Maximum damage for Smolensk HE on a DD is exactly 13728 per salvo. This is if all shells hit and the DD is not damage saturated. In 95% of cases the damage will be less than that. This means that while Smolensk can't 1-shot a DD (except for ammo detonation), it can easily 2-shot it up close. If the DD is not already aiming its torps at the Smolensk, there's a good chance it will not launch any metal fishes at all. Now on the main topic - Smolensk is game breaking and I will be really happy if it is removed from the game. It serves as the ultimate deterrent - no ship wants to get within its range and the game easily becomes a campfest. Another problem with this ship is the overpen exploit - the only way for a BB to delete a broadside Smolensk up close is to load HE. AP just overpenetrates and gives it enough time to hide behind cover. The ship is just too forgiving for mistakes while punishing enemies hard for theirs. Also, someone mentioned its lack of range as a drawback - it can be boosted by AFT and the range upgrade, reaching over 19km! Of course the shells become quite floaty at such distance but you can still hit BBs somewhat reliably. The ship just has too many strengths and only a few weaknesses that can be mitigated easily.
  11. almitov

    Colbert, worth it?

    I can neither agree nor disagree with this as I do not have JB. I can see you don't have the Georgia and Ohio either, so I don't see the basis for concluding they are worse (in your opinion, as you said). I've played the Richelieu and was not too impressed with it. I liked the speed and agility but the weak turret armor and lackluster accuracy were a big turn-off for me. If JB is more accurate, it would definitely be worthwhile for me. The reload booster is nice but I prefer accuracy and overmatch overall for more consistent damage. Also, all JBs that I've faced in my Georgia have died at my hands (no exceptions). Some of these battles were virtually 1 vs 1 as well. Anyway, don't get me wrong - I am not bashing on the JB. In fact the next steel ship I am aiming for is Bourgogne, which is like an extension of JB. I like fast and agile BBs more than slow and tanky ones.
  12. almitov

    Colbert, worth it?

    Not sure I got that. You mean that it replaces the Smolensk & Georgia from the choice list or is it that much better than them? I don't have it, but I don't fancy 380mm guns overall - bow-in CAs can be very annoying if you can't overmatch them and have to fire HE... Also the french BB turrets (except for Republique) are quite fragile.
  13. almitov

    Colbert, worth it?

    While Colbert is not yet in my port, it will definitely be the next ship I will grind. I can't say I love Smolensk as I need a bath after each time I play it (and usually I get reported at least 3-4 times, no matter the result). That being said however, Colbert is not such troll when played against - if a BB hits it, it's usually a pen/citadel. This also means the ship requires more skill to be played well (positioning and dodging incoming fire). On the other topics that were raised (Georgia, Ohio, Thunderer, Smolensk), my opinion is as follows: > Smolensk: Ebola/Cancer for each game. Low skill requirements to get good damage results in. At the same time it is useless without spotting & support. > Georgia: Probably the most fun ship for me. Quite decent gun accuracy, extremely fast (39.7kts with flag) and relatively nimble. It is somewhat fragile for a BB, but it is easy to get into good positions or bail out if necessary. Torpedo belt is lacking but it can dodge torps with relative ease. The speed tends to confuse enemies and throw their aim off. Great secondaries with 11.3km range (secondary build + flag), though the main guns turn a bit too slowly. Definitely recommended overall. > Ohio: Guns & secondaries like Georgia but a very different ship overall. Armor is almost identical to Montana (good), it has one more turret compared to Georgia but contrary to the latter, Ohio feels like the most sluggish BB. It has the top speed of Yamato with the slow rudder of Montana. It is harder to play at close range as it can't really dodge torpedoes well. The main guns still hit extremely hard though and are very fast to turn (the latter - contrary to Georgia). In fact to me it seems like the Ohio has used most of its engine power to turn the guns instead of moving the ship. Still good to play, though not as fun as Georgia. > Thunderer: Fragile but nimble and deadly. It is like a Conqueror with less effective heal but more effective guns and concealment. It has the Conqueror's legendary upgrade built-in, so it turns like a heavy cruiser while it does not sacrifice its concealment (12.3km with concealment build). Extremely good accuracy and fast reload means it is quite deadly to cruisers overall. When facing a bow-in BB it can still utilize the RN nuke-like HE shells. The same goes for hitting DDs and the great accuracy means they will fear you for it. The cons are similar to Conqueror - weak armor, torpedo belt and high citadel. HE spam, torpedoes and even AP if caught broadside can melt the ship very fast. The heal is better than average but not as good as the Lion/Conqueror/Nelson zombie heal. Definitely recommended.
  14. almitov

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    GK is a great ship. Even with the current HE spam meta, it can still be a force to be reckoned with. That being said - the ship for me is unplayable at the moment, unless in a triple division. Ever since the Puerto Rico missions started, the random teams have become even more fearful of the potential to get fired upon. Pushing in a brawler ship like GK works only if there is someone to fire on the enemies while you take the main hits. Currently I keep getting into games where my team stops and starts reversing as soon as more than 2 enemies show up in front. Initially I thought the problem was communication but it does not seem to be the case. I ask for support and state in the chat that I'll be pushing a specific cap point and my teammates around me confirm they will help... just for a few moments later to stop and start reversing once streams of shells start hitting me. This effectively means I am giving my ship away as my teammates hide so well, they can't really shoot at the enemies. I also tried Flamu/Yuro's approach - tanky build, reload, no secondary upgrades. The ship is just not build for staying at range and becomes useless - enemies focus and kill my team and I can't hit sh!t from 15km and on (unless the target is a potato sailing in a straight line). I find a good way to mitigate this to be 2xGK + 1 radar cruiser or DD. The double GK combo can crush a whole flank and the CA/CL/DD can help with the underaged ships while both hydros are on cd.
  15. almitov

    Salem buff

    I was referring to my preference of one CA over the other but not for this specific situation. In such 1 vs 1 I don't see how Salem would come on top. If I am in the DM, I would first go for his turrets with AP. If I break them, I'll go for HE spam. And if I break his turrets and he tries to ram me, I can dodge with the legendary module. If he breaks mine, I'll go for a draw and ram him. Of course most cases are not 1 vs 1 and it matters more who can bait the enemy to get into a vulnerable position against a teammate or two (DM class in a crossfire is a shortcut to becoming a submarine). For this however it matters more who is the better player, not the ship. Still, the great acceleration of DM with LU can increase its chance of survival or at the very least - prolong its life even in a crossfire.