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  1. I don't find the USN CL/CAs lacking in any particular way. They have their playstyles and if you adhere to them, you'll do more than well. On the other hand I do not like the high-tier "monkey behind an island" camping, though it is the most successful strategy early (and possibliy mid) game. Here is how I would put them tier-by-tier: 1. Erie - Okay, but doesn't matter - everyone either skips T1 or plays only 1-2 games in it. 2. Chester - Upgraded version of the Erie. Alright for its tier - still no players spend too much time at this tier. 3. St. Louis - Beast and a keeper. Slow but well armored and with gun barrels sticking out of every side. Pop into its (rather limited) firing range and you will melt. Fast. 4. Phoenix - Nimble little CL. Lacks armor but has the ability to use nearly all its guns while weaving to dodge shells. Has self-defense torps with very short range. 5. Omaha - Similar to the Phoenix, but can fire 6 of its guns while being bow-on to the enemy. Nasty to BBs in this tier, as they still are quite lacking in terms of accuracy. 6. Cleveland - Simply put - a legend. Huge firepower, great AA, good speed and maneuverability... Light armor, but great firing angles. Tends to get focused a lot as it is quite dangerous as a foe. 7. Pensacola - Floating citadel. Light armor, average speed, but has great guns. USN 203mm AP is no joke even to BBs. As it is quite easy to kill, people will often take potshots at it. Hard to play but very rewarding if played right. 8. New Orleans - The first radar cruiser in the line. From this tier on all USN CAs have similar layout and playstyle - keep behind cover or in smoke, help your team with AA and fire support while radaring nearby threats. Relatively tanky for its tier. 9. Baltimore - Like NO, but with better reload, AA and more HP. It is more clumsy - accelerates slower and is easier to spot. Overall it is harder to play than the NO as it will see a lot more T10 ships and will play more often on the larger maps designed for T9-T10. 10. Des Moines - Again, like the Balti but with (a lot) better reload and AA. Acceleration is not good, the same goes for stopping distance. It has one thing going on for it and it is the ridiculous DPM this ship is able to output. If you fire at a DD at range, the high arcs and slow shells typically mean you'll miss. In the DM you just don't care - you will be able to output such a huge volume of fire at the target, that it will be impossible for it to evade all shots. And 203mm HE shells do break modules on DDs with nearly each hit. After the target's engine and/or rudder are damaged, you will land even more shells. That and the fact this thing has the longest duration radar in the game (40s stock, 56s with radar upgrade) will mean that DDs sh!t their pants when they see you. Not to mention that it eats T10 CV planes for breakfast. It is quite easy to kill when a BB spots it in the open, so good positioning is extremely important. For me tiers 3, 6 and 10 are the keepers from the USN cruiser line. The grind through it is not bad and tends to get harder at T9 as WG has introduced several very large and open maps. At this point divisioning with a DD is highly recommended - one offers cover, the other one offers radar and firepower.
  2. I did not like the Gneis either - poor accuracy and only 6 guns wasn't my cup of tea. Also I did not have a secondary spec at the time, so I usually missed a lot and then made a YOLO run with torps at enemy BBs. With secondary spec I imagine it would play more or less like the Scharnhorst, which I find pretty good at bullying other ships at close range. As for your comment about FdG and GK - yes, GK is a major upgrade to an already very good ship (FdG). You will like it :)
  3. My experience so far begs to differ - it doesn't matter if I drive Yama, Monty or GK, citadels on Conquerors always seem to elude me. I mostly shoot at them from close to mid range, and since their citadel is sitting low in the water, I suppose it is normal. They do however take loads of damage anyway and I don't really find them that dangerous most of the time. If they shoot AP, all other BBs will make them cry bloody tears in a 1 vs 1 fight. If they shoot HE, they need to keep at range to reduce the damage they take in return. That also means they will hit less shells, so... The RN BBs also (as mentioned) have quite weak turrets, so one can always break the front ones and force the enemy to disengage or show broadside in order to shoot. @deadly_if_swallowed - I really don't see any use for Monty. It is okay, but GK is better in most cases (hydro, secondaries, penetration at range with 420mm, RoF with 406mm, turtleback armor, fast rudder shift). Both are huge, but though Monty has better turn radius, its lack of rudder shift time makes it harder to dodge torps. The Montana was supposed to be a great CA/CL killer and a brawler, but GK can do all that and it does it better. I can agree that Monty tends to bounce more shells, has a lot better armored turrets and has beastly AA, but this is not what would deal with the HE spam or the torpedo soup that is tier 10. Also if a strike-spec tier 10 CV wants to kill you, the AA will not save you anyway.
  4. With Montana... hm... I would try to blow his turrets up and stay close and pound him. If I am close to death, I would ram him. However, I almost never use my Monty lately, as it is... useless. The GK and now the Conqueror are better ships in general and Yamato is and always has been better than Monty. In my Yama, I would go at him at a slight angle, so that my secondaries would open up (secondary build) and stay between 8-10km range. I use reload mod, so getting in closer might make tracking him harder. Also keeping at mid-range allows the Yama to be able to make small maneuvers in order to hide his "sweet spot" (below the 1st turret) should the Conqueror try to shoot AP. Yamato has no problems dealing huge hits to UK BBs and the AP damage does not allow for too much HP to be restored by the "zombie heal". In GK I would do what I typically to against all BBs - get up close and personal. Burn him with secondaries while shotgunning him with AP. My HP pool, turtleback and damage output is very likely to make me the winner. If he uses AP, then we will both suffer huge damage and it would be anyone's guess who would win. Imho, the Conqueror is very strong vs cruiser HE and annihilates BBs that ignore it. However, it is quite easy to kill - Yama just pummels them with huge hits and breaks their guns (often permanently) and I have already killed 2 HE spamming Conquerors in my Des Moines with AP in a 1 vs 1 battle (yes, if they switched to AP, I would be in a world of hurt). These ships need to be priority targets, same as currently DM and Minotaur are. If they are focused and killed, their DPM doesn't matter.
  5. Most of my recent battles in BBs I've died due to 3-4 fires right after using DCP on... 3-4 fires! The HE spam is ridiculous but I rarely get burned by RN BBs. Usually what sets me on fire are CAs, lucky DDs and lately other BBs. For some reason even non-RN BBs have started spamming HE (maybe to test and compare it to the RN). Regarding DCP - it should be used on a single fire only when you are going behind cover OR if you are very low on HP and can't heal in time, but then that must be obvious to any captain with at least half a brain... :D
  6. I hated my Nagato and Amagi. I know these ships are good and I've seen players do consistently well in them, but I could not manage to do that. After playing the KM BBs I was used to poor main battery accuracy, but those two took me to whole new levels and to this day I do not know why. They are supposed to be more accurate, but I could not manage to hit sh!t with them... It WAS obviously a problem on my side, but then I got the Izumo... Everyone told me that it is a huge pain and sucks in every possible way. However, This was the first UJN ship that I felt was really tanky AND had very, very accurate guns. The penetration on those guns seemed a bit wonky - I managed to score 2 mid-range citadels on GK (!!!) in my second game and then I bounced a slightly angled Minotaur with most shells of 4 consecutive salvos in the very same match. After I went through it and got the Yama, I can say that it left me with somewhat mixed feelings. Here's my 2 cents on its good and bad sides: Pros: - Great secondaries (hull upgrades needed to get the best of them, along with a secondary build); - Great main gun accuracy; - Contrary to what most will say - great armor vs BB AP. Even with slight angling it is very hard to pen for all BBs, except Yama. - Okay-ish turn radius. Cons: - Poor AA performance; - Takes a lot of HE damage from CAs (and CLs with IFHE) due to the numerous places with thin external plating; - Turret armor is BAD. Main battery gets damaged or destroyed very easily by BB shells; - BAD rudder shift time. Not too painful, but you need to plan your turns and avoid brawling. - Horrible concealment. Even with concealment build, it is very easy to detect. Proper use of cover is mandatory in order to survive. It is great for mid-range sniping, killing UK CLs in smoke (very accurate guns + scout plane) and can get into brawls if needed (though this is more of a last-resort option). It used to be far worse, so I would say it is quite alright at the moment. Also don't forget that it leads to Yama - and it is just brutal ;)
  7. Why doesn't Iowa have CIWS, Tomahawks, Harpoons and satellite reconnaissance? The answer is always balance.
  8. Everything that needed to be said was already said... Buying premium ships is a good way to cut the credits grind and train a beast of a commander, but from what I see OP has started with the premiums. This is a bad move in general - you will typically face high-tier seasoned players while not really knowing the game mechanics, maps and ship behavior. This (as we can see from your stats) typically ends badly and you will get insults and hate from your team. If you want to play BBs, start from a low-tier one and grind your way up. Until you get to T10, you will usually know what to do in different situations and it will be a lot easier for you to adapt to other BBs. Tirpitz is a beast, but errors in judgement can be punished very hard in it. However, the german BB line is (imho) the easiest to play, as they are quite tanky and with good-to-great secondaries. Start from Nassau and grind up if you like this play-style and by the time you get to Bismarck, you will already have a lot better results in the Tirpitz as well.
  9. Recently I adopted the 406mm guns with reload upgrade and adrenaline rush. Overall they do quite well, but at range, against tough BBs (or angled CAs) I do still find the 420mm guns more reliable (as far as german BB guns could be called such :D ). The difference is quite minimal and is typically compensated by the reload, so I would have to change my previous statement after extensive tests of both setups - it's all situational, but both choices perform very well.
  10. Never go for range on KM BBs. They lack the accuracy to be viable at range. Reload all the way, but be aware that the turret rotation speed is very relevant at close range (where you should be in KM BB), so you need to plan each engagement carefully.
  11. +1 I will NOT ever remove the secondary spec from my KM BBs. What happens with the enemies when you get within the 11.3km bubble is just too fun to miss. Even if you do next to no damage to someone, they will still desperately try to run away when they see the rain of fire you unleash at them. It's more psychological than physical but works great nonetheless.
  12. To be honest I am not 100% sure what was done, but I find the mid-to-lower caliber HE (155mm and below) to be quite ineffective compared to what I recall when I was grinding up the USN CL tree. I bought back the Cleveland recently (for ranked) and was brutally disappointed with its HE performance. Not even close to what I remember... After putting on the IFHE skill however, it became the legendary beast that I loved a long time ago. I've heard Jingles mention something similar about IFHE bringing back the old HE behavior, so I thought it wasn't just me imagining things. It is of course possible that we're both old buffoons with colorful imagination... :D As for AFT and BTF on mid caliber guns - those were the days... I remember my Murmansk firing at 21km with spotter plane while being undetected and outranging most low-tier BBs... Fun times (not for them of course).
  13. You're correct. When I was grinding through the NY back in the day I rarely saw T7 ships, but when I play T5 now it is quite common occurrence. Also what we now consider a captain perk - IFHE, was the default HE behavior back then (without the fire chance nerf), so CLs and gunboat DDs were a lot more powerful.
  14. You keep comparing the ships based on stats, but don't seem to account for the MM. Yes, NY is a complete upgrade over Wyoming when we consider the stats on paper (and in game). However, in T4 you will most often be top tier or have a T5 at most in the game. Seeing T6 ships is possible but unlikely. Wyoming does quite well in these games. In T5 however things change. It is the "cursed" tier as it will most often be in T7 games where a NY is pretty much useless. Even T6 ships will prove very dangerous to most T5 ships, but against T7 you will be lol-penned by BBs at almost any angle and will not be fast enough to pose a threat to any captain with half a brain. One more thing to take into account is the map size that comes with facing higher tiers on regular basis. Wyoming and NY are slow but tough brawlers. Wyoming will not go in T7 matches EVER (unless fail-divisioning), thus it will play on the low-tier maps most of the time. Those maps are smaller and will allow the captain to use more of the ship's potential. NY on the other hand will see larger maps quite often, along with a lot better ships. Overall in their own tiers both ships are very good and NY is an upgrade. In the current meta - NY is pretty much boned due to MM.
  15. I just got my DM after a very long grind. I didn't like playing NO and Balti that much (they're not bad, but just don't fit my playstyle). I didn't play the Balti that often as I expected the DM to be the same with better reload and more HP. In fact the DM is exactly that but the reload is what makes it completely different. It is something that I just can't describe... If you keep at range, the Balti just does not have the DPM to make a real difference. At close range it is very dangerous, but dies pretty easy as well. The DM however out-DPMs everything up close and at range tends to land shots a lot more consistently (as Jingles likes to say: "Throw enough sh!t at the wall and some of it's gonna stick"). Even for starting fires it is a beast - 5.5s reload (4.8 with reload upgrade) and with 18% fire chance (with demo expert) it quickly lands you straight in hell. I am a bit divided between the reload and range upgrades. The range offers more consistent functionality, but the reload makes a huge difference in some situations. Yesterday I made over 200K in a game where two DDs, another DM and Edinburgh, an Iowa and GK were pushing me and I managed to kill the DDs, citadel the Edinburgh to death, out-DPM and kill the DM (he didn't have reload upgrade) and set the GK and Iowa on fire just before I died from the 2 fires the DM set on me with his last salvo. If I did not have the reload module, I would have not been able to kill one of the DDs and most likely would have died fighting the enemy team's DM. On the other hand the range allows you to burn BBs with ease even when you are in the open without fear from being citadelled. Also it rises the shell arcs even higher due to the range and allows you to hide behind higher islands. Oh and there's one more thing - the AA is beastly on the DM, but then so it is on most other CAs at T10. Overall the grind was worth it and I really enjoy it, even though I am mostly a BB player.