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  1. almitov

    Monarch is utter trash!

    It's been awhile since I played Monarch, but I will not forget this ship. And not in a good way too... It's a lot more tanky and stealthy than the KGV but for me it was a pain to play this ship. HE shells are not the typical RN nukes, but it has AP as well - no worries, I thought. WRONG! The AP shells tend to either overpen or shatter vs most targets. Overall the ship is like a ninja - really hard to spot for a BB, good armor, average speed and good maneuverability. The issue I had with it was that I can easily surprise a broadside cruiser with my AP, only to see a few overpens and the eventual shatter/bounce. There were times I was very close to breaking my keyboard. I don't know about the raised citadel and the heal improvements - I was never one to show too much broadside and I suspect for me the gameplay would still be the same. Lion and the Conqueror are more similar to KGV - fragile but deadly. Also they have the uber-heal/ship printer. They are the reasons to grind through the Monarch, nothing else (at least for me).
  2. almitov

    3-point Izumo commander skills?

    Depends on your gameplay style and... decisions in life :) I tend to play aggressively but near cover, so that I don't overextend. Of course the latter still happens sometimes and no heals can save me then, but if I play my cards correctly I make use of all my heals. It actually happens surprisingly often. Only on Conqueror I can't really use the last heal. It takes longer to reload the repair party consumable and at some point you can barely heal anything (usually after the 3rd heal). The only few times a 4th heal has helped me in this ship, I was being spammed by HE spammers (and most of the HE and fire damage is easily healed). As for the Izumo, I played it with a standard tanky build and it was all good. I actually liked the ship as it was quite accurate (though at that time it was still taking tons of HE damage from anything if meets).
  3. almitov

    Which Tier X? (Montana vs Kremlin)

    I agree with the common opinion. USN line is overall easier for newer players, while the Russian BBs are for more aggressive gameplay that requires more map knowledge and situational awareness. USN BBs up to T6 are pretty much the same as far as gameplay goes - you push and you keep pushing as you're slow af. Maneuverability is good, turret rotation is slow, torpedo protection is good, AA starts being reasonable at T6. You can bow-tank if needed, but beware of 380mm guns (Warspite, Giulio Cesare, Queen Elisabeth etc.) as they can overmatch you and citadel you straight through the nose. At T7 we get to the oddball which is the Colorado. It is like the NM (T6) but with lower count of higher caliber guns. It is quite tanky and hits hard but it can often get into matches with fast battleships that can dictate the battle. More defensive gameplay is needed in such situations - stick close to cover, near the capture points your team holds. Of course when the team pushes follow them. From T8 and above we get to the fast battleships. AA is great, speed is great, turret firing angles are great, guns are accurate, shells are slow but heavy and hit hard (especially on the NC for its tier). Iowa and Montana have a bit faster shells with more penetration than the NC though. Maneuverability is decreased for each tier up (Montana is quite sluggish due to slow rudder shift) but speed also goes up. With NC and Iowa you can fire at a target with all guns while still being angled well enough to bounce their shells. With Montana one of the turrets has a more awkward firing angle but it is compensated by the thicker belt armor. Good luck and have fun :)
  4. almitov


    If we check here we can see the stats. Even with this quite low amount of battles, we still see the following trend: > Smolensk has the highest average damage of all T10 cruisers (even including the quite broken battlecruiser Stalingrad); > Colbert has the third place for avg. damage (after Smolensk and Stalingrad); > Smolensk, Stalingrad and Colbert (and only them) have over 2K base exp. on average. We already know what Stalingrad can do. The other two however seem to do on par with it or better. Sadly if we look at the history, such ships do not get any noticeable nerfs. We'll probably just have to learn to deal with them and hope not to encounter them that often in future.
  5. almitov


    I haven't had time to play for the past week, but I am really not encouraged to return to the game. I tend to play BBs as my main in randoms and I also tend to push aggressively. With such ships (especially in divisions) I may become one of the useless noobs staying at 15-20km from the battle, j**king off at the map border... I hope they release the Slava soon then...
  6. almitov

    Yamato is SPECIAL

    In my experience Georgia's guns are really accurate. The speed, secondaries, alpha per shell and accuracy make this ship my favorite T9 by far. My stats with it may not reflect it fully, as I either have a great game with 200K+ damage, cap assists and generally being a pain in the @ss for the enemies OR I die in the first few minutes like a total n00b. I am working on the latter of course. Overall with Yamato I feel more effective in defending a zone while with Georgia I prefer to lead the offense. Both are BBs, both can troll with dispersion and overpenetrations, but it feels like that happens a lot less often with Georgia. As I mentioned before, Yamato tends to troll me almost every time I am in a life-or-death situation. For overall experience it is good though.
  7. almitov

    Des Moines or worcester

    In Co-Op pretty much any build works. In Random Battles you cannot really be useful to your team with a Des Memes build. Long range + slow shells means you will mostly be shooting at slow or stationary targets (i.e. BBs). Your damage will come from fires and HE dmg, which is easily healed by them = less reward for you. Also, you will be wasting your time doing this instead of supporting your DDs and cruisers with radar. DM has great DPM, but the ship's main gimmick is playing close support. I already went through this in a topic that I linked before: click. I hope you find it helpful. Wichita is the premium one, right? I would never get rid of a premium ship. Even if money income is not relevant, it can still be used to train your DM captain (and other USN commanders for that matter). Premiums do not require retraining.
  8. almitov

    Sovetsky Soyuz

    I don't remember this being that big of an issue when I played it recently. However, I just re-bought my Vladivostok for use in Clan Battles (damn these T8 CBs!) and I had 3-4 games where broadsiding Atagos and Baltimores just laughed at me while I kept overpenning them...
  9. almitov

    Des Moines or worcester

    First, congratulations on unlocking this ship. It is tough at first but is one of the most influential ships on the battlefield if played correctly. For the build, I use these: In combination with this commander skill preset, commander is W. Halsey. For consumables I use DCP, Heal, Hydro and Radar (all premium versions). This build I use for Clan Battles, but I also play from time to time in randoms (with high success rate for both). Before you get the legendary upgrade, I would recommend using the reload module in this slot: I find the range mod to be mostly useless due to the slow shell speed. If you are not going to play competitive, you can also go for defensive fire consumable instead of hydro, manual AA on the commander (instead of RPF) and potentially put AA upgrade instead of the accuracy one: Personally I don't have that much trouble with CVs in a DM, so I always use my CB build. I hope this helps :) EDIT: I don't seem to be able to delete the duplicate screenshot below :(
  10. almitov

    Yamato is SPECIAL

    While what you say is correct, I don't think Monty is OP in any way. If you are in a BB and you angle against Montana's guns, only superstructure hits will yield damage. Monty with accuracy upgrade feels on par with non-legendary Yamato (also with accuracy). The USN BBs get 11% dispersion improvement instead of the standard 7% from this upgrade. The drawback is that for Monty is that it uses the last slot and you have to choose between reload and accuracy. However, Montana throws more sh!t at the wall - 12 guns vs 9. So far it looks like it is winning, but you should take into account the overmatch mechanics and raw penetration. At mid to long ranges Yamato does a lot more consistent damage where Monty gets mostly overpens, shatters and bounces. Overall Montana is the better cruiser and DD killer, better tank and better AA platform (the latter is not that meaningful after the CV rework - you will still take lots of hits from planes). Against BBs (with captains who know what they're doing) Montana struggles compared to Yamato. Personally I love both ships, but Yamato feels more consistent in being able to damage anything on the battlefield.
  11. almitov

    Tankiest.. Meatiest.. Most BB-like... Cruiser?

    Lol. Reminds me of what Phly Daily (youtuber, mainly plays War Thunder) likes to say: "No armor is best armor, comrade!" In WoWs however, this is good to a point - it doesn't look good when a DD and Neptune for example start exchanging broadside AP salvos from up close. Percentage-wise they take similar values from one another. If the DD tries that with any CA for example, the result would be very different.
  12. almitov

    Yamato is SPECIAL

    To be honest I do not find it that hard to citadel a broadside Montana in any T10BB, except at extreme ranges. When the game released, Yamato would easily score citadels on broadside Monties with each shell that hits. After the latter's citadel got lowered, it is more R&G dependent and usually you would hit between 0 and 2 cits. Most often 1 + some pen damage. What I find to be very trollish for me in the Yamato are the front turrets. Every time I must absolutely hit something (life-and-death situations), the front guns shoot a salvo of fireworks that go everywhere but where I aimed them at. Yes, they still score hits but it's usually just grazing the enemy and either bouncing or overpenning. The rear turret on the other hand fires 9 out of 10 salvos with the shells flying as one. This is just my experience of course. As for the scenario you described in the beginning, if the Monty was at the same angle as on the photo, I would expect shatters at the belt. Montana's belt armor is quite thick and when angled like that the effective thickness becomes ridiculous. I would either wait for him to turn more, or shoot his stern (Yamato will overmatch it and will score citadels or at least a lot of pen damage there).
  13. almitov

    Georgia's guns

    Mikasa can't hit the side of a barn if it was put in it. I just got the Georgia (yesterday) but so far I love the ship. Speed+secondaries+great accuracy... The turrets definitely do NOT feel weak, but I am sure they can get knocked out by a lucky BB salvo. Given the amount of guns though it would hammer the damage output severely. I got one of my turrets locked (not destroyed) in one of the battles but it was because I was face-hugging a Kremlin. Overall I expect the turrets to behave at least as the Iowa ones (HP wise) and I have no problem with that. EDIT: Just to add - I am running my Massa captain (full secondary build) and my modules are also focused on secondaries (except the last slot - main battery accuracy is a must). EDIT2: Jingles just uploaded a video for this ship. I wonder what he got wrong this time
  14. almitov

    How to Play Destroyers IJN Gunboat Harugumo

    @Adm_Ballsey Thanks for the nice vids and info. When I got the Harugumo, I thought to myself "well that's one seriously broken and OP ship... at least WG does not charge you for this". However, then the CVs got reworked and it's nearly unplayable for me. It's not the ship itself, but the way CVs sh!t on DDs now. As a matter of fact I can say pretty much the same for other DDs as well (except for AA Grozovoi and to a lower extend Gearing). I hope it gets better.
  15. almitov

    Sovetsky Soyuz

    I read through the topic and I am still not sure if OP is trolling or really means this. I just got the S.S. and while I have just 5 games in it, I love it so far. The concealment is quite decent (contrary to OP's statement) with camo, CE and concealment upgrade. I believe it was 13.5 or something similar. AA is okay-ish. Good CV players will drop you with minimal losses. This is not unique to this ship. Secondaries are also meh... A secondary spec is not viable. Reload is a bit slower than average but the turrets turn really fast. Armor and citadel are of the classic layout - if you angle, you are tough. Show too much broadside and you are gone. Firing angles are great - you can fire all your guns while remaining well-angled. Moreover, you can do that both while pushing or kiting away. Maneuverability is also quite decent imo. Dodging torps is not hard at all. Close range shots are really deadly as accuracy improves significantly. Overall I think it is an upgrade in every aspect to Vladivostok and I don't see any real negatives for the ship. @mrcha84 If you complain about the camo and the ship burning, are you running a build to counteract that? A generic tanky build works well on all Soviet BBs. I use this one but EM is pretty much useless on this ship - one can swap it for JoAT, HA or a combination of T1 skills. You also mentioned that the main guns have short range. While that is true, I do not see it as an issue - accuracy at long range is horrible on these ships. I would advise you to move with the team and cover your flanks with islands when possible - then you should be able to get close and do some heavy lifting. Try playing in divisions - then you can combine coordination with different ship classes to compensate each other's weak points. Update (09/07/19): Yesterday I got trolled by RnG to an extreme degree in this ship. It was like shells were just avoiding enemy ships, no matter my aim and distance. I had a few games where I did just 20-30K through the whole match, even though I was in the center of the action and kept shooting on cooldown. This lead me to another thought - maybe OP is just on such "tough-luck" streak. We all hate it when that happens, but we must push through and keep at it. I know I will.