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  1. I got her recently and I can't say I love the ship, but she's not bad either. Armor feels tougher than the Alsace, the fast reload tends to catch enemies off-guard during turns, accuracy is... bearable. Extreme range fire (20km+) will not work - only 8 shells with high dispersion are just not good for this. I went with secondary build and what I can say about it is - it is worth it. The secondaries are fast-firing, with ridiculous fire chance (though they don't do much damage to the enemies most of the time). So far I find her strong at 10-12km ranges - secondaries set enemies on fire and primary guns tend to hit quite often at those ranges. Regarding the main guns it worth noting that fast reload + high fire chance allows you to switch to HE when a BB is angled and still be able to output lots of damage. The armor is quite tough and from the layout I can see it has some form of turtleback profile. Torpedo belt however is almost non-existent. She works well for supporting a flank - taking shell hits and dealing damage to multiple targets for example (secondary build). Contrary to GK however, she cannot push in front line when there may be a DD nearby - torpedoes can obliterate her HP without any hope of healing the damage. GK has the advantage in such scenarios (when hydro is available).
  2. I agree with you completely, except for the secondary build - on tiers 7-10 it works quite well. With FdG and GK it is harder to utilize as they tend to play on larger maps with less cover, but with some getting used to this can be worked around. Most people view the KM BBs as large punching bags (which they are), however those "bags" can punch back really hard in the case of FdG and GK. Yes, dispersion on German battleships is very trollish, but up close they tend to work well. Typically FdG or GK can offer loads of firepower and tanking potential - when combined with a DD or radar CA pushing capture points becomes really easy. The only thing to always keep in mind is to have cover nearby, so that you could hide to heal and/or ensure you are not taking hits from multiple directions. About the secondary spec - you can use AFT and manual secondaries. IFHE does not work well on FdG and on GK you may find it more useful to go with CE or FP. I use IFHE but I've played with all three and survivability really suffers when you go with IFHE. To answer OPs question - yes, get the FdG. Some people find it very easy to play (myself included) while others struggle with it - in any case GK is worth the grind. One useful tip regarding FdG - get the hull upgraded as soon as you can. It will improve rudder shift time a lot. Also fill in all the upgrade slots and use premium consumables (no brainer).
  3. Battleship AP overpenetrations

    I know that, but lately I seem to get a hell of a lot more of the former... This can be exploited in some CLs - in my Atlanta for example, I tend to give perfect broadside to BBs with 380mm and higher caliber guns up close. Otherwise I'll just get deleted. Lately however I seem to get mostly overpens even at CAs at low to mid range. Long range is landing citadels on most hits, but then again hitting at long range is a challenge by itself. Also we all know that those pesky BBs staying at 20+km are the cancer of this game anyway - I will not become one. Anyway - I will accept my fate then. RnGesus seems to hate me...
  4. Battleship AP overpenetrations

    Hi, Is it just me or are BB AP shells doing more overpens as of late? I've had this problem ever since the French BBs were released but it is not limited to them. I was recently playing my Texas to complete the Twitch prime missions for the special camo. I've never seen so many of my shells overpenetrate CAs and CLs... The same happened with my Richelieu, the same happens in my Alsace (yesterday I had 4 consecutive salvos at a broadside DM at 10km for a total of 16 overpens). From the BBs in my garage I have no such problems only with Nikolai I, Montana (to some extend) and Ishizuchi. Yama has always had an issue with overpenetrating lightly armored targets and Conqueror's AP is questionable - it can do 20-30K in a salvo but usually does only overpens and shatters. Can't say anything for the GK - I haven't played it much lately. Here is an example of one of my late games in the Texas. I shot at CLs and BBs for most of the game, got 1 citadel hit and what you see on the screenshot.
  5. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    With my GK I can safely say that a lot of times I do rely on secondaries. Not as a main source for damage, but to deal with bow-on BBs (IFHE) and scare off DDs. Also the horrible main battery firing angles on GK usually mean that I will fire at one target with my front guns and another with my rear ones. In the same time (when possible) I would be focusing the more important target with my secondaries, or even fire them at a third one. PS: FP is typically a better choice than IFHE for GK. I just hate bow-tanking Yamatos as they seem to be invulnerable to my main guns and my team's DDs never seem interested in torping them.
  6. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    Personally I did not love FdG, but didn't dislike it either. I did very well in it most of the time by being extremely aggressive and communicating with my team. When I say "Let's push A" for example, I check what the team replies. If I get a DD and hopefully a CA/CL or another BB to help me, I pop hydro and push. This worked very well for me - shoot front guns at target A, back guns at target B, all while secondaries are frying one of them (or target C). If HP goes too low, hide behind an island and heal or yolo someone with the only torpedo you have - your hull. This typically resulted in loads of damage done and total disarray of the enemies near me, usually leading to victory. Two things are worth mentioning though: 1. I've had one of my most infuriating moments in the game in this ship. I completely missed a broadside Iowa 2 or 3 times in a row from 4km distance. The guns on the FdG can do damage, but will hit anything only when RnGesus says so (even at point-blank range). 2. I played it in a different meta. Nowdays it's full of deep-water torps and long range HE spamming cancers (RN BBs), so more careful gameplay is necessary. Judging from my GK, one needs to be close to cover, not show broadside, time heals and DCP carefully and push only with hydro active. Also never separate from your team (but that's not specific to these BBs) and play in divisions when possible to ensure you have someone helping you when things go south. Most of what I said is just common sense but the main thing to keep in mind with brawler BBs is to carefully pick your fights and go with your team. Better to go with the lemming train to one cap than to yolo the enemy team alone.
  7. As I mentioned, KM BBs tend to take damage at more average rate - no insta-deaths but at the cost of getting damaged by normal AP pens more often. They have huge superstructure and thin upper belt which causes them to get penned with ease and take more HE damage. Micromanagement is key. You need to recognize when you should be pushing, where to do that (in order to minimize the amount of guns firing back at you) and when to hide like a pu$$y behind an island while waiting for your heals. This comes with practice. If you want BBs that are good at bow-tanking and are generally a lot tougher when angled properly, you might continue with IJN/USN. RN BBs at higher tiers have nothing to do with QE, which you seem to like. They play more like super-heavy cruisers - they are fast, do lots of damage for short periods of time but are really vulnerable. RN battleships tend to take loads of AP and torp damage, which can greatly reduce the efficiency of the "zombie heal" at T9/10. While they do not get citadelled easily, they will quite often take 15-25k damage in one salvo from another BB, even when angled and have next to 0 torpedo protection. KM battleships at high tiers also have poor torpedo protection and have the worst maneuverability of all BBs, but they have hydro. Don't get me wrong - RN BBs are extremely powerful, it's just not because of their toughness. It has a lot more to do with their stealth, agility and ridiculously OP HE shells. I've managed to hit a bow tanking Yamato for over 20K while setting three fires on him with a single salvo in my Conqueror. In total I did over 50K damage to him with a single salvo as he did not have damage-con ready.
  8. KM BBs are not what they used to be. They are still good, but in current meta the deep water torps + ridiculous HE spam will melt any BB that comes too close. And KM BBs do not perform well at anything but close range. Timing your hydro in the upper tiers is crucial at the moment. The lower tiers are are really boring and sometimes annoying to play. Bayern combines a very awkward mix of overmatching and low penetration guns. It is most visible when you hit other BBs of tier 5-7 - you either overmatch and do huge damage, or you get bounces/shatters due to the inexplicably low pen values. That is if you hit anything at all (this trend is consistent across all KM BBs). Gneis is a serious downgrade in terms of main battery but is really fast and has torps. Also it has great AA. Bismarck is quite good at brawling and has hydro. FdG is a bigger Bismarck and GK is FdG with more guns and different (better) secondaries. From tier 7 and above the secondaries work really well. T8 and above, they get the legendary secondary range as well. Something to note with KM BBs - they have turtleback armor which is a double-edged sword. They are generally easier to pen and have poor torpedo protection, but they are really hard to citadel. You will take more damage when angled compared to USN or IJN BB of a similar tier, but you will not get citadelled to sh!t if you show broadside when trying to retreat for example. Overall I find KM BBs easier to manage as they take more consistent damage over time and you can typically make more use of your heals. This comes with practice of course. For GK I would like to note that for me it performs best as a multitasker. It has very bad angles for the rear two turrets, so it is best to fire the front guns at one ship and the rear ones at another instead of showing flat broadside to fire all four turrets at a single target. Also this way you can target up to 3 separate targets (front guns, back guns and secondaries) with ease.
  9. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    Lately due to CW I have gotten quite used to the Des Moines and it really can pen at ridiculous angles and citadel other cruisers to sh!t. With the Hipper I noticed that the AP becomes good either at very close range or against perfect broadside cruisers at mid range. Also it did not yield good results against broadside BBs at more than 6km in my attempts so far... I probably will get better at recognizing when to switch ammo type on this ship as I get used to the penetration values. My main mistake with that is expecting similar pen values to USN AP.
  10. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    I just recently got past the cr@p, called Yorck and bought the Hipper. I find it quite refreshing to play. After I slapped double rudder shift and started playing at mid to long range I tend to do quite well in almost all of my games. Of course I have only a few battles in it so far, but I don't find it lacking. The DPM is quite low, but it is accurate and can fire on cooldown for most games due to its range and fast shells. The AP is far superior to the Yorck's, but not nearly as good as the USN CAs. The HE is... reasonable. For me the Hipper is well-balanced average CA. It does not excell in anything but does reasonably well in most cases. A small buff on its DPM would be nice, but it can be used as it is now.
  11. Lately I don't have much time to play, but at the moment I am grinding through the second most horrible ship for me - Yorck (I still hate the Monarch the most :D ). Seeing people talking how the Hipper is cr@p makes me wonder if I should keep my free XP for skipping it... Yorck is utter sh!t and has only one thing going for it - it is T7 and that in most cases means it would be top tier. Hipper on the other hand is T8 and so far my experience with T8 ships was that they often face T10s and almost always face T9s... This won't be an easy grind, I think.
  12. Indecents on tier X

    I have always found Conquerors fairly easy to kill. The zombie heal makes them nearly immortal to HE spam and fires BUT does not help much against heavy AP damage or torpedoes. Even when angled they still take tons of damage. The key for surviving in one is to use its stealth and avoid taking unnecessary hits. Yes, it does have ridiculous damage output and honestly needs some type of balancing, but it will be really hard to do so. If the HE pen is nerfed, people will likely slap IFHE on. If it is nerfed too much, so that even IFHE would not help - it will become completely useless. AP is unreliable on this ship - you may get the occasional over 20K salvo (even without citadel hits) but you will also very often see your shells splat at a non-angled Yamato's belt at mid range. The short fuse of the AP shells does not really prevent overpens that much but stops the AP from being able to hit underwater citadels - if your shells touch the water, they're gone. Nerfing the fire chance won't really do much difference too as pure HE damage is the main source of its damage potential. I would say that the right way (IMO) to balance it would be to lower its HE damage potential (not the penetration). Overall I would probably repeat myself but the best balance towards a damage-dealer type of ship was, is and always will be to focus it. Kill the most dangerous enemy and laugh at its teammates while pummeling them. Play in divisions and you will start feeling differently about many ships that are otherwise considered to be OP.
  13. Indecents on tier X

    I really do not agree with OP on this matter. The Yamato is hardest to play due to the high and awkward shaped citadel, but its lolpen super accurate guns more than make up for that. Gameplay with it is a bit stale though and can get a bit boring - you usually keep at mid to long range and punish severely enemies who don't pay attention. Bow-tanking capability is high, but should be applied only when close to cover. Crossfire or brawling is what gets it killed, needs team support. The Montana in its current iteration is extremely tanky when angled, has great turret armor and dominates mid-range encounters. With its exceptional AA, good concealment and relatively accurate guns it can act as a solo warrior if needed but is best suited to kill cruisers who are a threat to DDs or friendly CA/CLs. The GK is, and always was the ruler of close range encounters - it is useless at long range, but becomes very fearsome up close. Hydro + its brutal secondaries make it great for leading the charge when needed. From all BBs, the GK is best suited for taking offensive actions even when there is no one to support it. Smart use of cover is still important though - as with any other ship it will die fast when focus fired by many enemies. And we get to the infamous Conqueror. It is simply an annoyance, not a gamechanger for the team and people need to get to understand that. Does it do lots of damage with HE and fires? Yes, but if the enemy allows it. It has the lowest HP pool from T10 BBs and takes by far the most damage. Focusing it will get it killed really fast. With my Conqueror I often see BBs who put a single fire out and keep staying out in the open. Of course I will do my best to set 2-3 fires on such players - it's free damage. And when I light them up again, they start running around like headless chickens... Now a bit of (hopefully helpful) advice for playing against all of the BBs: - Against all BBs you will find one thing to be very effective - creating a crossfire between BB fire and DD torpedoes. In most cases they will not see the torps and will turn bow-on or slightly angled to the BBs, thus getting crippled by the DDs. - HE spam from CAs or Conqueror may be used as a deterrent - when they face permanent fires with low chance of doing damage in return, most BB players will retreat. Does not work on Conqueror though - its heal is super effective against HE. - Call focus fire on dangerous targets. If there is a BB that is getting in a good position, you should call for focused attack on it. Especially important vs Conquerors - they will melt quickly instead of setting your team on fire and hiding in stealth. Sadly, there is one thing in common between all those methods - they require at least a bit of team-play and that's a rare thing in random battles. This is why the Conqueror is so strong lately - when it lobs fire and brimstone at one person, the rest of the team is usually not paying attention to it. Play in divisions with different ship classes for each division mate and coordinate your attacks - even under-average players will get decent win ratios this way and will be useful to the team.
  14. What do you use on your BBs?

    GK - Tried full secondary + IFHE build, then tried secondaries + endurance build. Both are usable, but I find good positioning + IFHE more useful. When I get HE spammed, I just take cover near an island close to the main action. This way I exchange shots with one target while being safe from the other enemy ships. Bow-on BBs are a pain without IFHE, but with it they melt quite fast when they enter the secondary range. Overall - endurance build is safer while IFHE build is more rewarding but a lot tougher to play. Concealment instead of IFHE is also useful for getting closer to the enemies but will make you sweat vs bow-tanking BBs. Montana - Endurance build for CW and endurance + concealment OR AA + concealment build for random battles. I still stick with AA, but most of the time it is useless and I cannot in good conscience advise you to do that. Stick with endurance and stealth. The ship is really tanky vs AP when angled and will survive a fair amount of HE spam (and even torps). Yamato - I abandoned the secondary build for endurance + stealth. The secondaries on the Yama are no joke, but the overall damage they do is next to nothing compared to what you can do if you can survive longer and have better concealment to hide when maneuvering or between shots. Another thing to note is that the lolpen guns make the enemies focus you a lot more. Conqueror - I went AA + concealment on that one. AA is not that useful most of the time, but I did not want to spend more points on getting secondaries as I would not really want this ship too close to the enemy. Enduring more fire damage is next to useless as this is the type of damage you can heal 100%. Best played at mid-range, just outside of your concealment circle (between 12-13km). This way you will hit most of your shots but will be able to hide between salvos. The AA build will help with those pesky planes spotting you when you least expect it. On all my BBs I use Steering Gears Modification 2 (rudder shift), Concealment System Modification 1 (detectability), and Damage Control System Modification 1 (fire and flooding). I use accuracy on Yama and Monty, reload on Yama, GK and Conqueror (if memory serves right). The rest I don't recall on the spot, but for secondary/AA builds I tend to go with secondary range and health. For the Conqueror I remember I used the main armament health module as its turrets have molten butter as armor. EDIT: As usual my post contains a lot more information (possibly mostly useless) instead of a straight answer :D
  15. Tanky crusier with good AA

    Aoba is not what most would call "Tanky"... Yes, it hits hard and p00ps torps at you if you chase it, but it also is really unforgiving. The slightest mistake and the Aoba quickly and forcibly becomes a submarine... Remember - you cannot always be bow-on to the enemy and with the RN BBs' ridiculous concealment values you may get spotted by a BB while being broadside to them without even spotting them back. The Monarch (which the Aoba will face often) is a good example - typically plays mainly with AP as it does not have the famous OP RN HE shells. It will be like you're a balloon and it's throwing needles at you. If it misses - great, but if it hits - back to port it is...