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  1. almitov

    Japanese and German T9-10 BB-s

    Too long to quote :D I think you either picked a ship class that does not suit your gameplay or you are still getting used to the ships. Selling the Ibuki is a mistake imo. Zao is just brutal and well worth the grind. Also the Ibuki is a bit better than it used to be in the past. Zao is stealthy, maneuverable, very accurate, has ridiculous HE damage and very good AP, high fire chance and can even stealth torp. For the Moskva grind... I just hate that you need IFHE on everything before it - you need to respec the captain when you get her. That being said, from my Stalingrad impressions I'd expect the Moskva to play like a typical battlecruiser - show too much broadside and get deleted, but catch a broadside target and... delete it :D As for your comments on DM - imo that's a mistake. If you stay at max range, you will only be able to hit BBs. Burning down BBs is not the best strategy for a win. Support the DDs by radaring and killing the enemy ones in (or near) caps is more important. Damage done to BBs by HE or fire is what I call "fake damage" - they will heal most of it and you will be left just with the high dmg numbers while still being in the mid to bottom of the scoreboard. I stay behind cover and play safely because I am usually very close to the enemy and don't want to be deleted by BBs.
  2. almitov

    Japanese and German T9-10 BB-s

    At anything higher than 6km I would aim for superstructure or upper belt with DM on Yama. However, the typical DM gameplay is near an island. If a Yama rushes you, he will be at a disadvantage - horrible turret speed means he can get 1 salvo off (at best). If you have the legendary upgrade, he may even not be able to shoot at all before you start running circles around him. And 1 vs 1 out in the open is a mistake from DM side. At less than 6km, the weak spot under Yama's first turret will take citadel hits from DM. True. However, both ships need the extra survivability as their role implies tanking damage. Yama's gameplay is more static at mid to long range. This combined with the gun range means that it will be spotted almost constantly if it shoots. If it doesn't, it's not really a threat. Given that there are many ships that can dodge Yama's shells at range while keeping the fires on, I see no imbalance there. For GK - the typical gameplay with this ship is at mid to close range. This also means it's usually under constant fire. The superstructure is huge and saturates really slowly so the ship can take huge amount of HE damage. First of all - low tier BBs are mostly crap and the Kongos are actually some of the least crappy ones. Second - you know you can get the snowflakes a lot faster in co-op, right? Set a couple of fires on Yama, then switch to another target. If he puts them out, count 15s and light him up again. I can see you have Ibuki, Dimitri Donskoi and Des Moines. DM usually plays near a capture point, behind island cover and lobs shells over the cliffs. The HE damage on Yama is usually pitiful but the fire rate and fire chance compensate for that. Still, DM's primary targets are DDs and other CA/CLs. Ibuki is stealthy, maneuverable and has a very high fire chance - use that. Typical gameplay would be at range, out in the open, preferably flanking the enemy ships. I don't have Dimitri Donskoi (got Stalingrad and stopped the grind for Moskva at T8). From what I've heard it plays similar to Ibuki but is less maneuverable.
  3. almitov

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    From what I can see you are a better player than me, so maybe you are also better at making the Massa work. I find the secondary spec mostly useless on this ship and a waste of modules/points... and it's its main gimmick. The heal is nice though. Tbh I somewhat regret buying it. NC is a keeper for me. Sadly my stats in this ship are not that good because I've played most of my games in it while still learning the basics - the USN BB line was my first. When I play it now the results are a lot better. I never found the lack of overmatch capability a real issue - when they are bow-on to me, I just focus my secondaries on them while shooting something else. As for the turret layout - yup, it sucks. For me it seems similar to Massa and NC when it comes to Tirpitz and Bismarck. The latter is just better as it has hydro, allowing for much more aggressive gameplay. The torps on Tirpitz are mostly unusable - a couple of HE hits and they're gone. Overall for KM BBs for me what best works is to be near islands close to a capture point and bully everything that comes near. The island cover allows you to pick your fights - otherwise you may get focused and killed very fast. As most of the targets will be CA/CL/DD, that also helps stat-padding :D
  4. almitov

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    I completely agree with the first sentence. Massa requires a dedicated commander to leverage its pros. For the second part - it's of course a matter of personal preference, but I find Tirpitz better for me. It's just better for brawling and CQB, while at longer range both suck. If I could trade my Massa B for Alabama, I would. Also don't forget that Massa's secondary shells are sent via US postal services and take ages to reach their target.
  5. almitov

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

  6. almitov

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

  7. almitov

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

    I recently got Massa B and to be honest I don't like it that much. For me NC or Alabama are better ships overall. The ship's accuracy is okay-ish. Given that you'd want to be closer to the enemies in order for your secondaries to work, I'll say it's reasonable. Secondaries are a mixed bag - they fire fast and are the most accurate secondary armament that I've seen so far. The problem with them is the slow shell speed - at their max range they very rarely score hits on moving targets as it takes forever to reach them. The ship armor is quite alright, but showing too much broadside can get you killed really fast. I think it's a decent ship when playing aggressively and with teammates to support you but brawling against a skilled KM BB will get you killed 9 out 10 times. Especially the ones with torps. For brawling and aggressive gameplay I would recommend getting a Tirpitz instead.
  8. Some updates from my side - I unlocked the LUs for Zao, Megazao (Conqueror) and Montana. The one for Zao is a must for me - the ship turns really well with it and has ridiculous accuracy. If my lead is correct, no ship is safe at up to 17km range. If I miss, it's my fault as the dispersion is almost non-existent. The upgrade is not a life changer as the one for DM, but is more like the one for Yamato - a great quality of life improvement. The LU for Conqueror is also great. If you use reload upgrade, the turrets of this ship will be really slow to turn. Not Yama-level but probably the second slowest. With the LU you get cruiser-like rudder shift and turrets that actually move. I like it very much. The concealment of the ship is still great but is now similar to the other BBs with concealment build. For Monty, the LU is a mixed bag. It takes the concealment module slot, so the ship can be seen from the Moon. The upside is that when combined with a tanky build, you will not really fear fires and to some extend - floodings. If you play the punching bag gameplay style (like me), the LU is great. Otherwise concealment is better. I will now move to unlock the GK LU and then the Republique one.
  9. almitov

    Is it worth taking kronshtadt?

    Personally, I would get an Alaska instead of Kronshtadt because of the improved pen angles and more decent radar. I already have Kron (I got it when it was released) and I am not too impressed. Penetration is great, maneuverability is decent, speed is great and citadel is very well protected. Then however we get to the drawbacks - radar has range but lasts as long as a sneeze, gun dispersion is very unreliable and while your lower belt is really tough, the upper one and the deck are made of paper. It takes loads of AP and HE damage there. Not to say that Alaska won't take the same amount of damage, but the gun dispersion and pen angles make all the difference for me at least. Maybe it's just me, but I hate unreliable guns. Of course if you get enough steel - go for Stalingrad. It is an obscenely broken and OP ship as it has all the pros and almost none of the cons of the ships above.
  10. almitov

    Heavy Cruisers as a seperate class.

    I am all for having a BC line, but WG will probably do that once there are enough of them. However, separating the heavy cruisers and ranking them as something similar to a BB... uhm, no. Try facing a competent BB player 1 vs 1. Some CAs can do it, but most will die. The role of a CA is not to tank damage, but deal it (remember, I am not talking about BCs like Stalingrad, Kronshtadt, Moskva, Alaska etc). If a Hinden or a Zao face a BB, they will most likely win by torp rushing him (or in the case of Zao even stealth torping). Try facing a BB 1 vs 1 in DM for example - you will deal quite decent damage but will die in 1-2 salvos.
  11. almitov

    NOT Carolina

    This is about the typical range I engage ships from (10km, not 20 :D ). I tend to play all my ships aggressively and at mid to close range, which is the main reason I have high damage stats and low survival rate. This is why I push with CA/CL/Gunboat DD support. In randoms however, they often get killed the moment they are spotted and DDs see this as the best moment to rush me - before I can just turn around and flee. What annoys me is that they push so close that I can spot them, but I am rarely able to kill them before they launch torps (since the change). As I mentioned, partial solution for now is to play in a division with competent players that can support the BB better than the average random teammate. Because launching a shell the size of a DD's turret at it does nearly no damage...
  12. almitov

    NOT Carolina

    If a DD is chasing me I can kite a long time. If I am pushing a position with CA/CL support and suddenly my backup shows broadside and gets blapped, and the DD yolo-rushes me then... I get killed. I can't turn away before he slams all his torps at my broadside and if I stay nose-in, he'll just torp me from point-blank range. Changing ammo, even with expert loader will take about 13-15s, during which time he can kill me. I have died several times in this exact situation already. A stupid solution is not to count on teammates and play safe at a longer range >> Everyone complains about BBabies staying at 20+km and being useless, yet WG tends to kill any incentive to stay up close in a BB. For me now it looks like - no division >> no BB. I already gave an example of the situations I've died by yolo-rushing DDs. If I'm alone I would never rush a flank like that. As for Moskva ramming - never had this issue. There were several attempts but most BBs can and do outspot Moskva - it is really hard to get in such situations. Also, Moskva and Stalingrad turn like $hit and it's not too hard to avoid ramming (did it twice in Yamato and once in Conqueror but got rammed in GK). Anyway - I've contributed to pushing the topic even more off-course now...
  13. almitov

    IFHE for 203mm

    With DM in randoms I see no reason to complain. You can always do one of the following: 1. Stay behind an island near a cap, lob HE at BBs that come close and radar any DDs that try to contest it. If a CA/CL shows broadside, load AP and annihilate their HP pool. Typical DM play style. 2. Work with a DD to smoke you and play offensively. Hydro is recommended for such play due to torps. Avoid the kiting role or chasing others that kite you - the shells are too slow for that. 3. Play a Des Memes build (range, spotter plane and wishful thinking about hitting anything at range). Not valuable for the team but can rack a lot of useless fire/HE damage on BBs. I say useless because they will heal it easily and you will get less rewards for it. A tip for AP - when aiming at BBs at more than 4-5km, shoot the upper belt and superstructure. Lower belt can be penned only at very short ranges. Also aim for non-saturated parts. If the upper belt is black but the bow is not damaged, shooting at the bow will usually net you 7K+ dmg, while the upper belt will result in about 3K dmg per salvo. Adjust your aim again when the part of the ship gets saturated with damage. On weak turretted BBs (Conqueror, GK) you can aim for their guns to reduce the chance of getting blapped. Even when CA/CLs are slightly angled, you may still be able to do quite good damage due to the improved penetration angles. Overall this cruiser is meant to be a team player - support DPM and radar ship. Slap the legendary upgrade as soon as possible and if you can, combine it with the acceleration upgrade. DM is typically quite vulnerable and sluggish which makes it a great target - with these upgrades it accelerates faster than a Khaba with engine boost and can dodge torps/shells with ease. Stopping is still tricky though - it takes getting used to. For clan battles DM is quite valuable but rarely does much damage. HE does only tiny amounts of chip damage on Stalingrad/Moskva and BBs, Zao and Henry IV tend to play at ranges where you can't really hit them that much. Your main targets will be DDs and cruisers that push into caps, ramming or out-turning a BB that rushes you (acceleration upgrades are handy, remember?) and in general be a pain in the a$$ for the enemy team. DMs tend to mainly slow-down the advances of enemies and prevent them from getting capture points. EDIT: And most of all - don't waste points on IFHE. It is only valuable on gunboat DDs, CLs (that have HE, ofc) and possibly Henry IV (for dealing with Stalingrad/Moskva/GK's 50mm armor).
  14. almitov

    NOT Carolina

    NC imho is the best T8 BB. It can dish out damage reliably, shoot down any air attack from T8 CV and most planes from T9 CVs that dare to attack it. Accuracy is great, maneuverability is great, speed is good, turret traverse is also good... No real drawbacks for me. Yes, shells are slow but penetration values are still very good - learn how to aim and kill camping CA/CLs behind islands, leaving them in awe. Yes, the ship has vulnerable citadel but that is irrelevant when you have some basic knowledge of armor angling. After Colorado, NC seems a bit too vulnerable, especially if you have not played other similar fast battleships. Colorado is more forgiving due to its great side armor - you can almost play like a very slow KM BB. Show too much side in NC and you will get killed. I find the best armor angle for NC to be when you can fire all your guns at the ship shooting you. Just a tiny bit more broadside and you may take citadel hits, a bit less and you lose 1/3 of your firepower. OFF TOPIC: I strongly disagree with the current implementation. Indeed lucky BB salvo deleting a DD from 10km is plain stupid. However, the current meta promotes DDs to simply rush BBs and torp them from point-blank range. I died several times in my Monty and Yama due to this - when supporting cruisers retreat or die, DDs immediately chase me down and torp me from <5km. My first salvo is usually AP because it is the default ammo that I use. When I switch to HE, it's usually too late. In my Monty this is especially bad as I use accuracy upgrade instead of reload and I can never switch ammo in time. Another point is that you just can't convince me that a BB AP going through a DD lengthwise should do 10% of its max damage... Notser had a good suggestion about this (for the sake of balance) - at less than certain distance, BB AP should behave as it did (let's say less than 6km) and at longer ranges than that it should only overpen.
  15. almitov

    52K dmg from bombs as a cruiser

    ...and just got deleted from 50600 (full HP) in my DM. Midway came with 2 squadrons, dropped AP bombs through my defensive AA and killed me on my spot... Fun and engaging.