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  1. maestrod

    How to shutdown/outplay the Taiho in a stock Essex???

    Well it seems the developers fixed your problem since essex now completely shits on taiho...
  2. maestrod

    Thanks for ruining my Missouri in

    With almost 300 Iowa battles under my belt I feel really confident saying this...Iowa really did not need any buffs. And as you can see from the video I uploaded below, the citadel has been buffed greatly. Perfect hit from Izumo guns at 15 km, full broadside and good dispersion and no citadel. Old 0.6.5 Iowa would get one-shot here IMHO.
  3. So after couple of months trying my luck and collecting sh*t I finally got a supercontainer today. What was inside? One of the new completely useless modules for the spotting aircraft duration. WTF? Wargaming seriously? Everyone says its not worth it and you keep rubbing this crapinto our faces and now even in the supercontainer?
  4. maestrod

    Ranked Season 4

    Nejlepsi zazitek byl na 16 ranku, kdy jsem s ognevoiem prohral pet bitev v rade, ztratil jsem jenom jednu hvezdu. Pak jsem tri bitvy hral jak uplnej blbec, chcipnul jako prvni a byl nejhorsi z tymu. Vsechny tri bitvy jsme vyhrali a dostal jsem se tak na 15. Rank, kde uz muzu zacit pouzivat sedmicky.
  5. maestrod


    Tak v 0.5.7 testu upravili modul pro lepsi disperzi. Místo -7% dává -16% a jde namontovat pouze na USA BB. Už se nemůžu dočkat...
  6. maestrod


    Pepsina bude moje volba na ranked season 4. Indianapolis je diky radaru jeste lepsi, ale veskery slabiny pepsiny jsou v ranked eliminovany - jste top tier, 1 nebo 2 BB na tym a souboje obvykle na kratsi vzdalenost, cili kamo nehraje roli. Jeji silne stranky naopak vyniknou. Pepsinu mam vazne rad, za poslednich 11 bitev v minulym tydnu 70k prumerna dmg a 80% wr pri solo hrani, max za bitvu 160k dmg.
  7. Hello, since I sail with you guys for a couple of weeks now, i thought about joining officialy. My t8s atm are NC, Lexington, Shokaku, fubuki. Working my way to amagi and New orleans. I can easily meet your wr requirements.
  8. maestrod

    Commander skills redistribution

    Ehmmmm..."For all Commanders who have specialisation in the affected ships, players will have the possibility to redistribute skill points of such Commanders for free" Am I missing something?
  9. maestrod

    North Carolina

    Jsem zvedavej na tu vylepsenou presnost...ale s tim buffem AA si snad delaj srandu. Pred patchem byla moje NC naprostej brutal co se tyce obrany proti letadlum (ryhla, obratna, 300 DPS na 6 km, 500 na 4,2 km) a oni ji jeste buffnou? To me fakt dostalo, lexingtona jsem po patchi 5.5 jeste nevytah, shokaku po patchi 5.6 ceka asi stejnej osud
  10. maestrod

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    And of course free reroll for DDs and CVs with those changes should come.
  11. maestrod

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    The AA on carriers is a bad move. Their AA has been buffed over the past patches and US got their 2 TB removed. I do not play t9-10, but i play a lot of t7-8 and I have never ever been sniped. In my opinion a decent player now with the barrage ability of the fighter does not have to be affraid. On the other hand there is nothing more satisfying than after long minutes of beeing pushed around by enemy AS setup to find a hole in the defence and go wipe up enemy CV. If he leaves it there, he should pay for it, no stupid save me button should help him.
  12. maestrod


    tipoval bych to na ty hrace, na warshipstoday maji nejlepsi hraci o chlup lepsi staty nez ti nejlepsi na hiryu, takze to urcite zadna katastrofa nebude. Otazka navic je, zda nezacalo vic lidi hrat CA, dnes rano napriklad jsem vytah hiryu a nepritel mel 2 CV, 2 DD a zbytek t7-8 CA, zadnou bitevku, takze hra uplne naprd. Velky rozdil ve skillu se dal cekat, koupi si to lidi, kterym jejich kongo vypla nepratelska CV a proto jsou CV OP a on je musi mit taky, stejne jako lidi, co tam daj kapitana z midway a budou si uzivat 4 clennych stihacu...
  13. maestrod

    Premium Saipan

    Anyone who already has this ship, who can say how much credits without any modifiers it actually makes in a good game?
  14. maestrod

    Premium Saipan

    Stop twisting my words, i said IN THAT GAME, against two carriers, one of them in shokaku and against t8 ships. And it is even funnier, he actually did 160k dmg. And I guess I have never played the Hiryu, yeah...
  15. maestrod

    Premium Saipan

    130k nothing special on hiryu? oh really? when was the last time you played it? The days the best players did that are over, with the changes the best best players on EU server do 80k on average game now. I know what I am talking about, being one of the best EU CV captains on t7-8, I tell you, yes the hiryu can do 130k, but not in a t8 game. t7 CV are not that small and they have no bulges, 6 torps are enough to kill it immediately. So with 2x3 TB, you have to hit all, which can be tricky if he tries to prevent that. But with 3x3, good captain is guaranteed to hit at least 6. My comment on 2-2-1 of course considered 3 DB, 4 with skill. I would immagine them having the small spread as IJN CVs, so hitting multiple 1000 lb bombs would not be an issue. One more thing, why do ppl keep saying Saipan cannot afford to replace his planes as other CVs? With the smaller capacity it doesnt have DB, so it has the same number of fighters and TBs as hiryu or stock ranger, giving you the same reserves on those planes.