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  1. willTell

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    Same here. Played some matches in the afternoon without any issue now I can't connect any more.
  2. willTell

    Weekend special 25k base exp

    He once was a forum troll and a toxic person in every match i met him, now he isn't even trying any more. Just to be clear, talking about _x_Acheron_x_
  3. willTell

    Weekend special 25k base exp

    What a joke, just played enough yesterdays to have around 22k xp and thought to myself not to go overboard with playing. 2 of 3 times the mission over the weekend should be enough. Now I see I start all over again. Screw this.
  4. willTell

    The Dreadnought Challenges Thread

    Will there be any kind of scoreboard while the event is active? Just wondering, reading this thread and the competition, just had 2 game with 2.6-2.8k base xp, just as usual in my beloved Pensa.
  5. willTell

    How to solve teamkilling

    How to get rid of teamkilling? Just remove the ability to damage friendlies from the game. I don't get it why team damage is even in this game. Pointless mechanic in WoWs. Teamdamage doesn't add anything interesting to the game, the compensation will never be fair. I prefer servers with team damage on certain types of games, faster games, but I always found it odd that WG had that mechanic in their f2p games. The only thing it adds is toxicity, bad players ruining the match and unfair compensation.
  6. willTell


    The consumable only repairs light damage, like HE damage and fires. I am also not 100% certain how the amount of restored hps is calculated, and can be a very frustrating thing when you only recover a very small amount of health. There should be a mod to show you the potential restored HP, but I am not sure which one in Aslain's modpack this one would be. Maybe I have it installed, but since I haven't taken any BB out lately, I can't really tell which one this would be.
  7. willTell

    Ranked Frustrations

    Just hit another irrevocable rank at rank 12 after 6 wins in a row today (100% win yay). I just don't get it why there are those milestones every 3 ranks, I try to play with better people the higher I get, and not encounter the same 'specialists' all over again. Sorry, I am a bit of an elitist [edited]when it comes to ranked battles, isn't that the point this mode? Instead of maybe have all the ledges to grasp on all 3 ranks, maybe they could give us the possibility to veto on lost games with good performance once per rank, or something
  8. willTell

    Zuviel Feuer an Bord?

    Sehr gut, wenigstens einer der dazulernt. Ich habe bis heute nicht verstanden, warum RU und IJN dds einfach stehen bleiben, und A) von mir weggetorpt oder B) trotz nicht-Sichtbarkeit beschossen/resettet werden. Gruesse von der US dd Flotte.
  9. willTell

    Tier 9/10 maps probably need to be bigger.

    Range is what makes high tier games change the whole team aspect of the game, with bbs just falling back until they hit the border. Making the maps even bigger, would give them even more room to not participate in the match. Nope, even bigger maps isn't what I would expect to make the game better.
  10. willTell

    About the teamkiller detection script

    They reduced the damage that friendly torps do on friendlies not long ago. To my surprise I survived 1-2 torps from my teammate in a match driving a dd on low health in one match. I am not good at testing this kind of stuff, because usually I notice incoming torps, even when fired from an unexpected angle and dodge them I am not really a friend of removing game mechanics from a game, but mindless 'spamming' of torps usually only happens on low tier games. So why even bother to add team damage in a casual game with somewhat toxic tendencies anyway?
  11. Just met X_Acheron_X the second time. Like always, flaming in the chat when he was killed by some uber hax. Oh boy.
  12. willTell

    Ranked Frustrations

    Last season I played my tier 5+6 matches in my Fuso and dominated easily. Meanwhile I advised the team to stick together and how the dds should act. It worked almost flawlessly. Usually people listened and didn't just suicide alone into a large group of enemies. I only played 3 matches in tier 7+8 in my Benson with 100% success, the season ended by then. In season 3 there are like 50+ battleships in the queue, so because I don't like to wait, switched early season into a Farragut. Worked quite well, with little hickup. Same thing I tell people at the start again and again. Stay stacked, don't solo and, if how we need to handle our dds, depending on map and distribution of dds. It's really that simple. Get and defend one cap is all you need to do, if you have such an handsome good dd pilot like me. This season, I had no incident where I was flamed from my team because of giving orders. That's the positive part. Sadly people are not aware how simple the concept of winning is in this game. And even if I can kill the opposing dds or get one early kill, while our team has at least one cap, the team starts to fall apart at this point. It's a lot of dangerous typing, because typing in a dd, usually leads to death. But I can handle the stress, most of the time. I love my Benson, it's really the most versatile dd of t8, a good ship to carry early game vs other dds and assist with more damage mid-late game. Yesterday, all went full jojo on rank 14, for every mildly competent team that can win, I get Tirpitz/Atago combos who, like one in my team told us, had 3k matches in pve. I can't carry those games, where people are actively sabotaging the match. WG needs to understand, that the current ranked system isn't working, it doesn't reward good play. Not everyone on the winning team should be granted a star, participation should matter. A system with low threshold values might suffice to determine the real stinker in the winning team and not grant a star, also don't punish everyone in the loosing team, if they did really well. On a final note, irrevocable ranks as a concept are probably not a good thing. We all love them, but who are the real beneficiaries of such a system? Maybe keep one at the point where T7+8 starts, would be a good placement. Ranked is getting mildly annoying right now
  13. willTell

    Statistics Galore - State of WoWS (final episode)

    Thanks for all the work, appreciated! The range on battleships tier 8+ seriously has to be reconsidered to something like 19-21 km! Until then, I prefer to just play in my Fletcher, the little beast.
  14. willTell

    About the teamkiller detection script

    Back in the days when I played CS or BFBC2 I only joined servers that had FF:on. Those games only became fun to me because you had to react and identify players in split seconds and couldn't just spam HE grenades everywhere. I don't see how friendly fire adds anything to WoWs, and only considering arty in WoT, I can understand why we have ff in WG games. I can't even remember any situation where I was hit by friendly guns, besides the one in 100 situations where 2 ships are stuck side by side, not realising the guns will hit the friendly when firing. Funnily enough ships with long rang secondary guns will shoot through friendly ships and hit them when they fire at their intended targets. Torpedos, which probably cause the majority of friendly damage, are 'slow' and have no splash damage (if compared to the effect of HE grenades in other games or arty in WoT). I really can't see the benefit or any major downside to just get rid of friendly fire. Of course, you could grief or try to kill steal from your team by getting rid of torps just by driving through them, but compared to what we have now, I wouldn't mind seen it gone. There are problems with friendly fire in WoWs: there is no fair compensation for both sides of the incident, sometimes the game doesn't even know who the real initiator of the accident is, FF in WoWs is so pointless to me, wargamings way of handling team damage doesn't work and I wouldn't mind if they would just remove it.
  15. willTell

    Smaller citadels for high tier cruisers?

    There is a problem with certain cruisers that use 200+mm shells. The lack of range compared to battleships on their mm range is a huge problem. I am mainly talking about Pensacola and Mogami 200mm guns. Those ships/configurations are mostly useless on open maps. Pensacola additionally has abysmal camo values which have the same range as its guns. But the death sentence, especially while cruising in the Pensacola, every shot from any angle can citadel you. It doesn't even matter how careful you play, because with the ranges of bb guns, you even get shot from angles you wouldn't expect, from ships that aren't even visible to you. No, this ain't a discussion about buff cruisers in general, but some cruisers on higher tiers are just plainly underpowered and could need a rework.