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  1. Ketzerer

    a Stalingrad 3flags and the -25% cupon ?

    @changenam324255 as far as I know you cant have more than 1 Ship discount coupon at any given time in your arsenal unless WG changes that and you cant use more than one coupon on a ship as well iirc.
  2. Ketzerer

    a Stalingrad 3flags and the -25% cupon ?

    @Gojuadorai you should have the 25% discount coupon already in your arsenal, that coupon like mentioned earlier get replaced every 6 updated of the game, you can have max one of these at all times, the extra/ replacement coupon you are asking for will be given o ut to players that buy the Stalingrad using the coupon they already have after the 3rd season ended and this gets replenished before the 25.12.2018 when every player will get their 25% ship discount coupons (see pic).
  3. Ketzerer

    a Stalingrad 3flags and the -25% cupon ?

    But you should have the 25% Coupou already in your coupou section in the arsenal.
  4. Ketzerer

    a Stalingrad 3flags and the -25% cupon ?

    Hey, the coupoun for ships should get renewed every six updated when you did spend it on a ship in the arsenal before that certain update. But you can read all that up here !! I hope that helps.
  5. Ketzerer


    Du könntest auch mal den Crash-Bericht/ Crash Dump an schauen/ hier posten oder damit ein Ticket beim CS aufmachen, in dem steht meist mehr drinnen und es würde es einfacher machen den genauen Fehler zu finden.
  6. Ketzerer

    Das World of Warships Modpack!

    Welches Modpack hast du installiert das das im ersten post verlinkt ist?? wenn ja dann liegt es an einem mod der noch nicht aktuell ist wenn nein und du ein aktuelles Modpack installiert hast, mal das Spiel im Abgesicherten Modus starten und schauen obs da auch so ist (sollte nicht). Danach folgt der aufwendige teil denn jetzt heißt es den Mod der das verursacht zu finden und das ist normalerweise eine "trial and error" Sache wo du die ganzen Mods nochmal deinstallieren musst/ solltest und einzeln schaust welcher der Mods das Problem verursacht in dem du das Modpack nochmal installierst und jedes mal einen anderen Mod weglässt. Persönlich würde ich vermutlich aber einfach mal mit dem Adjustable Panels anfangen. Keine Ahnung ob es auch eine schnellere Möglichkeit gibt den Übeltäter zu finden du könntest auch falls es sich nicht eh um die ModStation handelt diese verwenden da die Mods dort bereits alle für die aktuelle Spielversion upgedated sein sollten.
  7. Ketzerer

    WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Do you use the Game Center? Yes, it feels nice having one centred place for all the game instances (Live, PT, NA-live…) and other games WoWp, WoT, TWA Do you have any issues or problems when using the Game Center? Didn’t encounter any problems so far with the WGC What features would you like to see added to the Game Center? An option to sort the games in the top row via drag and drop or under options would be nice to have. Having the latest maybe 3-5 articles form the portal rotate like the premium shop offers would be a good idea as well with picture in place of where atm the “Premium Shop April Offers” are Getting the WGC to close/ minimize itself into the taskbar after launching a game and maybe reopen it after the game is closed. Another thing could be that the ModStation could be added as part of the WGC as well if the player wants to/ installs the ModStation on his PC
  8. Ketzerer

    Is this legit ?

    @XHasakiX you could contact the Customer Support about this and they could check it if its really legit or not for you and if its legit (and it could very well be if you where inactive for a longer period of time) but didnt get the boni they could get them for you.
  9. Ketzerer

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionInventory: If you check one of the filter options (DD, CA/CL, BB, CV) and sell all shown modules the option you checked before vanishes but stays selected, so the message “Modules not found, You have xxx modules, but they don’t match with the specified query criteria” 2. Reproduction steps 1.) Go to the inventory 2.) Select Modules tab 3.) Chose on of the filter options 4.) Sell all shown modules 3. Result You get this message “Modules not found, you have xxx modules, but they don’t match with the specified query criteria” and need to tick another option or change tab to reset the options previous selected 4. Expected result still having the option to deselect the chosen options or resetting them to default when no more modules are available for selling 5. Technical detailsBug time: about 11:30 (CET).attached screenshots
  10. Ketzerer


  11. Ketzerer


    ​Du musst einen neuen Account für den PTS erstellen. Genaueres dazu und Link stehen hier --> https://worldofwarships.eu/de/content/pt-guide/
  12. The fire chance is calculated with this formual: [Fire Resistance Coefficient] x ( 1 - [Damage Control Modification 1] - [Fire Prevention] ) x ( [Projectile Base Fire Chance] + [Demolition Expert] + [signals] ) = Fire Chance you can read the rest her on the wiki in detail http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire​ ​​As for the 3 fires max it is as stated that the supersturctur is combind to one hit Zone so there can max be 1 fire adding stern and bow you now have only 3 places to burn in not 4 like before Hope that helps you
  13. Ketzerer

    Trefferanzeige verbugt?

    Du hast sicherlich ein Modul(Flak, Sekundärgeschütz usw.) getroffen. Zählt zwar als Durchschlag verursacht aber keinen Schaden da das Modul den Dmg absorbiert soweit ich weiß. Lasse mich aber gern korrigieren sollte ich falsch liegen
  14. Ketzerer

    Campaign design failure still not fixed.

    I think as well that a problem like this would have really low priority for the devs, not to mention that the carousel option was in the game long before the campaigns, so maybe someone really didn’t check if it my conflicts with something like the carousel with 4 rows, so yeah maybe they fix it, maybe not. Imo there are more important things to do than some minor issue which can be fixed be just not having the 4th row activated but on the other hand this may be as well just a lil work for the devs to fix it, who knows. And for me there is no problem because I only use 3 rows and therefore there is no conflict
  15. Ketzerer

    Problems with "Clear Sky"

    The Ranger alone can carry 73 planes (if upgraded) with the other bb and cruiser in play I would assume you were just 1 or 2 plane kill short of the 50% requierment for clear sky.