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  1. Hytizz

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    Hi! It seems, that launcher is somehow broken. Two days ago it gave somekind of minipatch and after that launcher got stuck in "Actualizing Data" and on the middle of launcher window there is rolling gear. Nothing happens, no matter how long i let it be there. I have allready uninstalled game and now its stuck in download situation. Same crap, but now i have animated launcher window. So, any suggestions?
  2. Hytizz

    Tech Tree issue!

    Ok then. That seems reasonable. Thanks. And yeah, i have Tirpitz, so that wasn´t the issue.
  3. Hytizz

    Tech Tree issue!

    Well. How come some of my friends have more ships on in-game tech trees then? Thats pretty weird.
  4. Hytizz

    Tech Tree issue!

    Hi fellow commanders! I just realised, that my in-game tech tree doesn´t show all premium ships in any nations tree. What seems to be the problem here then? In Japan i have Atago, in USA i have Atlanta and in Soviet i have Aurora and Murmansk. So there is my situation. Any help for this?