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  1. Thanks! Got it after the first for coin unlock pack. Also since i have zero use for the invitation code, here it is: WoT T 15 and WoWS Emden 7 day premium time 500 Doubloons Exclusive Lootboy Flag Code: 2FTF-9NCXY-4A8GH
  2. ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Well, i have read this on the WoWs reddit and this is the only info i have seen. Sad that we had to hear it from reddit instead of the "Official" forum. Copypasta below. All right, since you do not seem wanting to read the post, I'll quote it here for you: ... The rest is more private stuff there... That was from Wowanator on reddit so all credit goes to him/her. Official reply from WG EU staff would be usefull but we are talking about WG EU.
  3. Arp missions bonus commanders and flag

    Made a thread about this in the morning. Also havent yet recieved the flag nor the 3 captains. WG EU at it's finest. Though they still have some hours to go before the day is over but i dont expect that we will have it at the end of the day. After that, i guess we should "whine" about it to actually get it. Because EU is great at whining, or so i heard.
  4. ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Okay, so i'm not the only one. Think WG EU might have forgotten about it thanks to the Santa's Chistmass Convoy debacle? Or hell, it might just be WG €U at it's finest and probarly doesnt care about it anymore. Though some kind of information from them would be nice to have, but again WG EU havent been at it's best at that department either these last few weeks.
  5. ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody heard about the ARP Flag and the last set of three captains we should recieve if we completed the entire ARP content. From what i know they would deliver those withing 14 days after the ARP content was over and it is now exactly 14 days later. Yet i havent recieved the Flag nor the last three captains so i was wondering if anybody else already have them or WG EU just forgot about it. I tried searching through the forum but couldnt find any topic about it hence the new post. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else P.s. I know that allot of people dont like animu in the game with historical ships but please keep the flaming on low, thanks.
  6. Black Friday turning grey?

    Well, then with some luck WG screwed up and put it in accidently with the Scharn week offer and we will get the offer tommorow.
  7. Black Friday turning grey?

    Checked there, still no Yubari though. Are you sure it isnt a "just for you" deal?
  8. What's your favorite BB?

    For me it is the Scharnhorst as fav BB to play shared with the Texas just to see which CV would try to make a move on it. In second it's a threeway tie. Yamato, North Carolina and König Albert. Honerable mention is Mikasa, that ship is dropdead gorgeous. Sadly her main guns cant hit the back of a barn even when next to it but she shines in co-op and let her secondary's rip targets apart.
  9. Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    I hope not, they could easily run it next to the planned events of may, as it would be another 2 months event. Ah well, more time for Doom and Overwatch i guess. I personally hope to see Takao but as we have the Atago (Takao-class) as a prem ship i highly doubt it, so probarly Kirishima and Haguro. Though i must admit a small part of me hopes to see the manga ships too, Fletcher, Iowa, Lexinton and Bischmark when the german BB line is done™.
  10. Heya, I'm intrested in joining because i'm looking for some more competative gameplay and teammembers to play with. Was very active on WoT to hence why i know OMNI had/have players to watch out for. Current T8 i own are: Amagi, Tirpitz, Atago and MK. Currently grinding credits to get back the Fubuki and NC. Stats are here: http://warships.today/player/500194614/eu/_Eurasia_ Best regards
  11. Do you keep your stats hidden?

    Aint hiding it either, if someone really feels the need to check people stats then go ahead. Been away for a very long time and just came back so dont know if XVM is already in the game or not... And to be honest i would feel flatterd if i see enemy's specifically target me like they did in WoT, as annoying as it has been. That shows i'm still decent enough to be a serious threat to them.
  12. Strategic Morale Poll

    Welp You are playing a American Cruiser with strong Guns and AA. A DD is approaching your CV, and 2 Enemy Torpedo Squadrons are heading for your BB. Stay with the BB and disrupt the Air Attack (6 votes [60.00%] - View) Hunt down the DD to save the CV (4 votes [40.00%] - View) If the BB knows how to evade the TB's he get 1 or 3 max torps in his side. CV is worth more then a BB imo. You are playing a Battleship and ahead of you are 2 Enemy Battleships, one is severely damaged. Allied Bombers from your CV are heading towards the damaged BB. Attack the damaged BB (6 votes [60.00%] - View) Attack the Full-Health BB (4 votes [40.00%] - View) I expect that my CV can kill the low hp BB, if he fuzzes up i just turn my guns on the low hp BB and kill it. Fall back until the CV can attack one more time (0 votes [0.00%]) You are sailing a DD trough narrow straits. Behind you is 1 Allied BB. 3 Dive-Bomber Squadrons and 1 Torpedo-Bomber Squadron are heading your way. Set Smoke-Screen and take Evasive Maneuvers (2 votes [20.00%] - View) Save the Smoke-Screen for later use and take Evasive Maneuvers (8 votes [80.00%] - View) Why is 1 BB solo with no one around? Also if he has braincells he would evade the TB's and keep Damage control saved for till the TB's are gone. Playing DD's on high tier is already frustrating enough. You are playing a Battleship and see 3 Divebomber Squadrons heading towards you. But only 1 Squadron attacks you, while the others wait. You are now on Fire. Use Repair Party and head for cover (1 vote [10.00%] - View) Don't use Repair Party and head for cover (9 votes [90.00%] - View) 1 fire doesnt do that much damage, you can offset it's damage with either DC or the repair ability while shooting down the circling DB's. You are playing an Aircraft Carrier and your Allied BB is engaged against another BB. He will die without your help. At the same time you see an Enemy DD entering your Base and Capturing. Head for the DD first, then try to help your BB (1 vote [10.00%] - View) Help your BB, then head for the DD (9 votes [90.00%] - View Depends, what tier CV? If im in my Hiryuu then i would send my DB's towards the cap and send the TB's towards the BB. While keeping my FS on the DD to keep him perma spotted. Might be a good idea to put the tiers of the ships in the poll, as there is a big difference in how to play a class that's either in low, mid or high tier.
  13. wtf happened to yubari?

    That choice is yours to make. I wont make it for you. I like the Yubari, hell even love the little ship, but with the AAA nerf with patch 0.4.0 (she still is semi usefull as a AA screener) and increasement of critical hits (dont remember her being this fragile in 0.3.1) she is a overgrown DD without the concealment bonus and special abilities but with alot of AA, like the Mutsuki with top hull. This morning i had a match in the Yubari and acted like a AA screener and was the only ship on one side, to protect our 2 CV's incase a TB zerg came from that side. I encounterd a Phoenix and it completly obliterated me, my torps all missed (thanks WG for giving the sheeple 3x audiable warnings), my shots tickeld her a bit down to i think it was 18k hp of the 26k, my engine died after the first 6 rounds impacted near my rear plus fire, my steering after my repair got off active status plus fire and keep in mind i was on fire almost the entire time. Will i ask for a refund, neh, but i do would like some kind of buff to her as she cant stand on her own. Bought myself the Murmansk and that thing might be tier 5, but it's better then the Yubari ever will be as a AA Screener. Plus you have the guns and firerate with 8.5km range torps to actually make a difference. And a scout plane for longer range then 14.8km. It's insanely good, so if you want a prem CA that's actually more fun right now to play, get the Murmansk in my opinion. Or Atago(Takao) when it's re-released to the public. (love her too)
  14. wtf happened to yubari?

    Fix her armor atleast, give it some actual CA armor and she would be alot nicer to handle. Her steering and/or engine get's knocked out way too frequent at the moment. Also you can ask for a refund though. Probarly the same for the Sims or any of the pre-order packadges. Pre-order "Sky-Sweeper Package" delivered! "You have the right to withdraw from this purchase contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 calendar days from the day of the conclusion of this purchase contract.To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us," Which gives us 4 more days to cancel a pre-order if you want too do it.
  15. wtf happened to yubari?

    Well this makes sense, it doesnt mean she shouldnt get a buff in either her AAA/AA Defensive Fire consumable or make her the overgrown DD she is and give her 7km detection range and Smoke Screen consumable. Right now she is the weakest CA around at T4, while understandable she is a premium ship it can be too much. Let's take for example her counterpart, the Kuma. (wont take in the secondary's and sadly i cant compare her too the Phoenix as i dont have her, yet) Yubari HP - 18 300 - Artillery - 2x2 140mm, 9.2 rpm, 24sec 180 degree turn, range 12.8km - AAA - 8x1 25mm dps 23, 4x2 25mm dps 23, 3x3 25mm dps 23 range 3km, 1x1 120mm dps2 range 5km + Torps - 2x2 610mm, max dmg 14600, speed 63 kph, range 6km -/+ Speed - 35.2 kph, turning circle 560m, rudder shift time 5s + Detection range 9.9km, aerial detection 4.7km + Kuma HP - 24 200 + Artillery - 7x1 140mm, 10rpm. 21sec 180 degree turn, range 12.4km + AAA - 2x1 7.7mm dps 2 range 0.9km, 2x2 25mm dps 12 range 3.0km - Torps - 4x2 533mm max dmg 10833, speed 57, range 7km -/+ Speed - 34.7 kph, turning circle 640m, rudder shift time 7s - Detection range 11.3km, aerial detection 6.5km - Fighter x1 cruise speed 134, dps 30, survivability 1360hp + As you can clearly see the Yubari is with 4+ just as good as the Kuma with 4+. But with the nerfs to the AAA and the fighter plane addition to the Kuma, the Yubari is almost as useless for AAA as the Kuma. The Kuma fighter will scare of TB/DB more then a Yubari, as the plane follows it's target while the enemy planes leave your 3km range of AAA. So the AAA is maybe usefull, it isnt as usefull as having a Kuma works just as well, granted she has the plane up. But now the annoying part of Yubari is that she is almost completely useless in all other departments except the AAA, which got nerfed, and her torps. The torpedoes look like they are incredible handy but her firing arc forces her to go broadside. And if you know the Yubari, you also know she has DD level armor. Any HE near her backside is almost a garantie steering or engine module knockout, which the Kuma doesnt suffer from, they do both suffer from easy citadel hits though. So going broadside is a incredible high chance of premature return to the docks. Her guns may be accurate but you will almost always lose a 1vs1 with a CA and especially a BB. You dont have the HP pool nor armor to tank anything, nor have the guns to scare or atleast put up a good fight. Her only thing she can do right now is act as a nerfed AAA screener, long range dpser and pray they dont focus you, prowl around islands and hope you come close to a CA or BB to torp her to death (granted you need 2 max dmg hit for a CA and for a BB you NEED to hit all 4 torps to kill it) or go chasing after DD's. The Kuma outshines her in that in any and all ways except a little bit in the AAA department. She has more guns (7x1 140mm vs 2x2 140mm), better rpm and can contribute more to a team then a Yubari can now. So yea, in my opinion the Yubari deserves a buff she needs. P.s. took ages too write this, i'm not a native english speaker and i hope i made it a bit clear on the Yubari status.