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  1. Hello OMNI, I want to see if i can join your clan. Getting tired of playing solo and wanting a real stab at the more competative play like clan wars. Currently working on getting the Z-52 and moving on to working on the Montana next. Current Tier 10's that i have are limited sadly: Großer Kurfüst, Hindenburg, Zao, Shimakaze, Yamato. My stats are here: https://eu.warships.today/player/500194614/_Eurasia_ Best regard's, Eurasia
  2. Thanks! Got it after the first for coin unlock pack. Also since i have zero use for the invitation code, here it is: WoT T 15 and WoWS Emden 7 day premium time 500 Doubloons Exclusive Lootboy Flag Code: 2FTF-9NCXY-4A8GH
  3. _Eurasia_

    ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Well, i have read this on the WoWs reddit and this is the only info i have seen. Sad that we had to hear it from reddit instead of the "Official" forum. Copypasta below. All right, since you do not seem wanting to read the post, I'll quote it here for you: ... The rest is more private stuff there... That was from Wowanator on reddit so all credit goes to him/her. Official reply from WG EU staff would be usefull but we are talking about WG EU.
  4. _Eurasia_

    Arp missions bonus commanders and flag

    Made a thread about this in the morning. Also havent yet recieved the flag nor the 3 captains. WG EU at it's finest. Though they still have some hours to go before the day is over but i dont expect that we will have it at the end of the day. After that, i guess we should "whine" about it to actually get it. Because EU is great at whining, or so i heard.
  5. _Eurasia_

    ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Okay, so i'm not the only one. Think WG EU might have forgotten about it thanks to the Santa's Chistmass Convoy debacle? Or hell, it might just be WG €U at it's finest and probarly doesnt care about it anymore. Though some kind of information from them would be nice to have, but again WG EU havent been at it's best at that department either these last few weeks.
  6. _Eurasia_

    ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody heard about the ARP Flag and the last set of three captains we should recieve if we completed the entire ARP content. From what i know they would deliver those withing 14 days after the ARP content was over and it is now exactly 14 days later. Yet i havent recieved the Flag nor the last three captains so i was wondering if anybody else already have them or WG EU just forgot about it. I tried searching through the forum but couldnt find any topic about it hence the new post. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else P.s. I know that allot of people dont like animu in the game with historical ships but please keep the flaming on low, thanks.
  7. _Eurasia_

    Black Friday turning grey?

    Well, then with some luck WG screwed up and put it in accidently with the Scharn week offer and we will get the offer tommorow.
  8. _Eurasia_

    Black Friday turning grey?

    Checked there, still no Yubari though. Are you sure it isnt a "just for you" deal?
  9. _Eurasia_

    What's your favorite BB?

    For me it is the Scharnhorst as fav BB to play shared with the Texas just to see which CV would try to make a move on it. In second it's a threeway tie. Yamato, North Carolina and König Albert. Honerable mention is Mikasa, that ship is dropdead gorgeous. Sadly her main guns cant hit the back of a barn even when next to it but she shines in co-op and let her secondary's rip targets apart.