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  1. Lucyfer

    UK tier 10 BB Super Lion

    I was wondering with version of Lion you guys see on the top of the uk tree and what you guys think about design 16D38 . ?I found only few things about it so if some have something about it plz post it .
  2. Lucyfer

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    or 3 they will sell you "preorder" one more time b4 game goess live ;]
  3. Lucyfer

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    My thinging was you can personalise your crew so you culd have same ship as oponent but still get advantage/disadvantage on the field you think you r good/bad at ;]
  4. Lucyfer

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    One post uper you have supertester statement that you will not get those ships when the game goess live all you do is pay for testing them ;]
  5. Lucyfer

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    So if i understand this correctly : i buy ships & craps now i will get it now on cbt and after cbt wipe on OBT and then after OBT wipe and game goess live i will get nothing ?. Players paying only for TESTING premium ships coz they will not get enything when the games goess live ? (guess giving gold to testers to TEST them for free like in other wg beta tests is just stupid ) smart way to sell preorder bundles twice ? (dont think it shuld b called preorder XD )
  6. Lucyfer

    How can I deal with St. Louis?

    st luu have only 21knts(12km range) speed you have 30ktns (20km range) outrange bastard spamer and he will be hopeless ;]
  7. Lucyfer

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    Is there any mod/admin here , that could tell us if there is posibility that WG could implement change like this on curent development level of the game ?
  8. Lucyfer

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    well kongo is by far only realy good bb ingame , and i posted pure data after 500 gmaes have few hits that did 10k+ dmg on bb that those not chage overal dmg when mostly even if you aim at close distance you can b sure that shell will not hit for 80dmg (cant seems to understand how shell that weight 500-800kg can do dmg like this even if it will pierce throu whole ship XD ) if you r saying you can reliable shot in citadel of anything that manuvering from 20km we r playing 2 difrent games (as i said erlier pure luck ) imo nerf all dmg and make it more consitant lets say 2-5k dmg plus some crits or something
  9. Lucyfer

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    magnetic fuse to torps that will alow detonate torp that nearly miss and do little dmg aswell
  10. Lucyfer

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    well for any1 that think BBs have superior firepower ;] avarange dmg on 406mm nagato and amagi per shell is around 1500-1900(ap) 1000-1300(he) and mogami 155 mm shell hits around 400-600 (ap) when you compare it with rate of fire and nr of guns ........ BBs r just huge pinatas that evryone can pump till dead (armor not helping too much agility and speed of rest of classes gives much more only hp pool ) shoting at long range will get you dmg per game comarable to 1-2 torps (if rng will not lower this) mostly playing bbs its just pure luck thing its not like you gona aim with ap on weakspots or something shot and pray tactics r just plain stupid (it realy similar to good old pen'n'paper battleships game welll you shoting on A1 and hope you gona hit dont require any skill )
  11. Lucyfer

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    We need more skills for sure we have few ideas like short fuses (give more dmg to hits that pirce right throu armor) make skills that activated ingame like smoke and cruiser bonus to aa unlocked by realy cheap 1st tier perks bulge engienier (lower dmg of ea torpedo or give some sunk dmg at start for ea torpedo hit) slow pasiv repair for bbs interceptor fighters skill halve lunching time of fighters aa cover active skill for cruiser that will give -to dmg for planes for one ally for few secs gyro torps skill that willl give more chance to flood on torp hit incendiary warheads that give chance to put enemy on fire by torp btw if carrier is serviceing its aircrafts it shuld have like +20% crit chance and 50% fire chance when hit (we culd ad skills that will lower those values on aircraft maintance officer) etc ... idea need alot of thinking but realy can give some new demention and diversity to ea ship if you guys have some sugestions for skills perks plz post them here
  12. Razem z Caleb'em wdaliśmy się w dość sporą dyskusję na temat Komandora i ogólnie załogi w WoWs.Pomysł jest dobry. Drzewko umiejętności jest dużo lepszym rozwiązaniem niż to zastosowane w WoT, może być jednak ulepszone. Celem jest możliwość dostosowania każdego okrętu do roli/grywalności/preferencji itp.Wpadliśmy na pewien pomysł. Każda klasa okrętu mogłaby posiadać 4kę kluczowych załogantów. Oto nasze sugestia, jak my widzimy całą ideę (nazwy po anglisznu, bo postowaliśmy ten topic na takoż anglisznym forum) Destroyers Cruisers Battleships Carriers Commander Commander Commander CommanderGunner Gunner Gunner Fighter OfficerEngineer Damage Control Officer Damage Control Officer Bomber OfficerSec, Arm. Officer Sec. Arm. Officer Repair Party Officer Aircraft maintenance Officer A oto wstępny pomysł na funkcje każdego z załogantów (co posłuży do zbudowania dla każdego oddzielnego drzewka umiejętności) Commander (Maneuvers, Stealth, Crew Boosts)Gunner (Reload, Accuracy, Turn Rate, Crit Chance etc)Engineer (Speed, Agility, Accel/Decel etc)Sec. Arm Off. (AA, Torps, Secondary Battery, Smokes/Specials etc)Dam. Ctrl. Off. (Damage control % efficency, CD etc, firefighting/flood managing etc, -time to restore damaged modules)Rep.Party. Off. (Passive repairs, Active repair CD and % eff, chance to restore destroyed modules)Fighter Off. (Damage and surv of Fighter Squads, Speed etc, +1 Fighter in squad)Bomber officer (Damage and surv of TB Squads, Speed, Evasion, +1...)Aircraft maintenance Officer (Aircraft Servicing Time, -chance of fire when servicing aircraft and got hit, chance to rebuild planes when squad returns) Co o tym myślicie?
  13. Lucyfer

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    We where thinking about making tb and db officer one crewmember (bomber officer) . And give CV Engineer .