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  1. hellhound666

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    same here, own torps from behind and I'll do everything to catch them all and now with no dmg :)
  2. hellhound666

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    would it yield anything more than automatic answer from the bot telling that everything is covered by automatic systems and therefore nothing will done?
  3. hellhound666

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    most missions start from t5 ...
  4. hellhound666

    Ships Departing From the Armory and Premium Shop

    you still think that we are dealing here with the normal company?
  5. hellhound666

    Detonation 'Achievement'

    nobody forced them to bid so high, right?
  6. hellhound666

    Detonation 'Achievement'

    and everyone was just able to get 100k coal from auction, so that's good, right ...?
  7. hellhound666

    Weekly Combat Missions: Italian Navy Day

    things will get worse before they start to get better and this is with what you have to live with ...
  8. hellhound666

    Weekly Combat Missions: Italian Navy Day

    all this game has become a joke, a sad joke ...
  9. hellhound666

    After 1945 ?

    lol, where is money in that ... but new ships with new mechanics ... muchos dineros ... tested on paying players ... even more muchos dineros
  10. hellhound666

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    other than some sick pleasures there is nothing to do below t5 ...
  11. after some initial very basic tests no ... that's why we are here with our prem time ... it is considered an honor to be able to test this ...
  12. i love the "important for today" tag and then there is nothing new or important - ordinary scam from lesta/wg so that it looks like they are doing smthg
  13. hellhound666

    Armada: Ise

    ˇhow vulnerable are they for agincourt for example? how many of those will be shot down during the attack run? none?
  14. hellhound666

    14 ships that launch attack squads.....

    pure joy in the faces of so many players such wow, so well executed by lesta, amazing ...
  15. hellhound666

    Armada: Ise