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  1. hellhound666

    Transfering Premium ships between accounts

    why would you have more than 1 account?
  2. hellhound666

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    ur wr does it, not me ... perhaps it is to hard to understand also ...
  3. hellhound666

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    u dont need to be that bright to understand that it does not suit u ... yet it is still to hard for u to comprehend that ...
  4. hellhound666

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    its because, unlike u, i know that i suck at carriers ....
  5. hellhound666

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    just maybe because u suck hard at carriers ....
  6. the wish to improve must come from within - so, if someone's stats fall below certain level he/she gets offer that when he gets his stats over some level wg will give some prize (some mid level ship for example). lets say person has wr 40, after getting it to 43 the prize will be murmansk and new offer to get wr to 47 etc etc
  7. hellhound666

    11.7 km radar????...absurd...

  8. Considering that he is from Ukraine it's kind of inappropriate ...
  9. hellhound666

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    port interface ...
  10. hellhound666

    Will old ship models be improved?

    wot replaced all tanks with hd models ... and before doing that in wows i hope they'l fix port interface ...
  11. hellhound666


    amazing, waited for 25 mins and could not figure out to restart game ... really fcking amazing
  12. hellhound666

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    massa needs separate captain while tirp is ok with ordinary german bb captain
  13. hellhound666

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    no point to for me to buy this year - i have most of the ships i want and chance that i will get the one i still miss is slim as there are lot of ships i dont want and dont have ... and there is no premium ...
  14. hellhound666


    do you guys, really want him back ... serious answer - the longer you stay away the better the prize - if you will never come back then you will get all t10's
  15. hellhound666

    Ops war gaming but thank you

    that epic moment when you dont know about what you are talking and laughing at wg good will ...