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  1. hellhound666

    Could you do something with bots?

    did anybody ask your opinion in this matter or why did you think that it is important enough to share with us???? all i see that when smbdy is brave/stupid enough to post some dcks with names then immediately appear self proclaimed police force "naming n shaming" posts - ffs dude. deal with your own matters
  2. hellhound666

    Could you do something with bots?

    he's only point was to police, nothing more ... if op made post naming and shaming then he should be punished if it is forbidden (EDIT).
  3. hellhound666

    Could you do something with bots?

    *edited* dude, u really need to police ... do u feel now good about yourself ... no reason for that This post has been edited by the moderation team due to: 1. Etiquette
  4. well, sometimes they ask to be killed
  5. hellhound666

    Easy way to rank 1

    big part of dd players donr know where the cap is ...
  6. hellhound666

    Wargaming permits teamkilling

    seeing how these changes are implemented occasionally it seems to me that some the people taking decisions dont play the game themselves ...
  7. hellhound666

    Increase in Saltiness

    it just gets tiresome battle after battle to see dd's who cant spot or cap or do anything useful or t10 carrier who keeps his planes around himself mostly doing nothing ... later checking his stats, seeing 400+ battles on midway with amazing winrate of 26%, or total winrate 41, how the fck one is supposed to get sweet about that .... today again prime example - 3 cap map, we have 2 dd's (yugumo and gadjah), enemy 3. our gadjah goes to cap, yugumo goes "hunting" ... shooted several times this sucker .... wtf you will do these fcking morons
  8. this is so clever ... lets make also limit how many times bb can be shot with torps during some time period - lets say 3 times per week is max. what i would like most is limit the number of idiots in my team - 1 during week is ok
  9. hellhound666

    A curious rule question

    nope, it is allowed mod and probably would be same in wows ... not very useful i must add. not that hard to remember that aim between 1st an last turret close to waterline
  10. hellhound666

    Torpedo arming distances in 'friendly fire'

    tbh, i dont ... so i need to be more careful when granting people their wishes. and yet, if it is their wish i can take few co-ops if it comes to that
  11. hellhound666

    Torpedo arming distances in 'friendly fire'

    it seems yo dont understand me m8 .... as i see somebody forced these poor so'bs into battle with dd and so they hide behind island in fear of upcoming doom ... *edit
  12. hellhound666

    Torpedo arming distances in 'friendly fire'

    when im pink its usually proudly earned after deleting some useless destroyer ...
  13. hellhound666

    Radar working through land

    so, after 700+ battles in shima you learned this just now ...
  14. hellhound666

    Toxic text chat in game.

    im one of the toxic ones i suppose ... never had chat ban so it seems that i could be even worse ... several times here is mentioned to help these poor sob's: few examples: dude with 4-5k games, winrate 39%. how its even possible without actively playing against team today met eugen or hipper, was sailing around map far from ant action - checked his stats: wr 41%; average dmg on hipper/eugen ~7000 only help would be to take away pc
  15. hellhound666

    Ramming does too much damage

    i suppose some speed component should/could be included in dmg formula ...