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  1. lets be honest here - most of dd players are so bad (like me, for different reason though) that it wont change much if they would not be in div. good players know anyway what to do
  2. t8 is godly
  3. nerf x topic appears - go check stats of op - 45%wr - 600 battles - all clear, go to next topic
  4. among other things op also wrote about you ...
  5. i know the type - just few days ago a guy in new orleans claimed to have had 11 losses from 13 games and then pushed directly forward in to cap where he was slaughtered mercilessly ... in the end it turned to turbo win for us and our poor whiner was only one lost from our side
  6. to me it seems cleverly executed marketing plan or opportunity - dude makes video filled with profanities of new premium tank (or whatever) claiming it to be op af. so, to get full coverage on every youtube channel possible copyright strike is presented and now everybody knows of certain new prem tank. jingles hope that wt is somehow better is bit childish imo ...
  7. as far as i see there are extremely bad players playing all classes, not just bb's ... : i see carriers doing nothing, i see dd's not spoting or caping and going for dmg but failing also on that etc etc. i see bb's pushing without support of dd's or cruisers (dream of any dd) and dd's going to totally different side compared to rest of team and failing again. so, bb siting back and "sniping" is not worst in this game
  8. one russian youtuber explained how reporting works in ru server: plays poorly is just so you can vent yourself, nothing follows bot - if enough reports for certain player is received then they will check, and if suspicious then warning and if it continuous then ban for some time etc. poor language - if enough reports then chat logs are checked and relevant action is taken, warning, temp ban etc. in ru server good karma means smthg though, here it is nothing ... i suppose they are afraid to spoil us once again ...
  9. i personally dont care if that camo give gives more exp or money, i would just like to use other captains with it without penalty
  10. i sense healthy doze of sarcasm here
  11. ty for Your answer. when we start moving then we will have chance to get somewhere
  12. i totally agree, just wg eu here chose not to answer ...
  13. regarding first one then apparently yes it was too sharp for me at this point of time
  14. has anybody noticed somewhere lists of top100's after 1st round?
  15. quite the opposite - i dont see any reason why other servers should be treated differently on same service. and absolutely we need to have this in eu server, there is no excuse for denying this for us. and btw cinc, "We don't need no RPF/Radio Location!" tells that we do need rpf ...