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  1. hellhound666

    Cap buoys invisible since latest patch

    and i thought that i have become blind ...
  2. hellhound666

    about collections!

    excellent topic:) noticed that i'm missing one collection (3 years of wows). bought some 10-15 containers, finished collection, got final price (super container) and it dropped azuma. ffs, sometimes i'm lucky sob
  3. hellhound666

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    got t8 from 1st, the second was 4x5 super flags. the third some creds; 5 camos and smthg more and there i stopped
  4. hellhound666

    puerto rico you dont need. why? heris an answer:)

    why "always" = 100% of cases
  5. hellhound666

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    for few days i managed not to harm teammates with intention ... it has been hard
  6. hellhound666

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    im in constant chat-ban .... so fck it
  7. hellhound666


    no, never. he shall burn in hell
  8. hellhound666

    Stalingrad VS PR

    some people claim that earth is flat - is it worth to argue about that plus these 1v1 competitions show very little ...
  9. 5.2 at the moment and that how it ends ...
  10. hellhound666

    Please Buff Puerto Rico

    the doubloons/time wasted on this crap
  11. hellhound666

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    3 boosters were 24k afaik. for 25k you can get completed.
  12. hellhound666

    Is This good or bad

    but not with massa ...
  13. some might like sucking ...
  14. hellhound666

    Just give up on IJN torpedo boats?

    just out of the curiosity - how many different accounts you have and why?
  15. hellhound666

    Why doesn't Alaska fit my play style?

    you average is below 40k ... pretty same wit alaska ... edit: fck this forum