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  1. i would say that iron duke is your best chance - spam he on bb's and ap on rest.
  2. see, occasionally i can even agree with you statements ...
  3. you do have vast experience with bb's do sugest tactics for them - i mean 80 battles and t5 max is very impressive ... i've always wandered who are those guys promoting bb's pushing in to cap infront of torps and dd players suit for that perfectly as you proved
  4. you cant be that stupid or can you - these ships were made around game mechanic which now has changed, it could change the way how these ships are played. one might like it or not - its not for you to decide - those who dont like should get their money back without ties to wows - maybe they dont want play anymore if their favourite ship gets nerfed and maybe they would not bought them in first place. and btw, with belfast its not a big problem to stay in smoke and keep shooting even at 5km
  5. 1. you certainly seem like one or then maybe blindfolded or delusional. i remember your claims that there is no cheats in wows like last and only truth ... 2. neither was said that detection in smoke is different from 2/3 km - it was not mentioned and based on that detection cant 5km if i shoot or not. yes, just game mechanics were changed - game mechanics around what these ships were made. or why do they remove them from sales if nothing has changed.
  6. well, you cant in same post say that it has changed and that it is not ... whether it is small or big we will see. according to wg it seems to be big enough to remove them from sales. if it is op or not is not important - ship was bought because of smoke screen and smoke mechanics at this time, if mechanics are changed then fine - give me my money back if i choose so - maybe i dont want to use it in wows anymore and decide to use it in wot. now im tied with some x amount of dublons.
  7. no, the product is not exactly what was "promised", detection range in smoke has changed and is not same .... gotta love those wg apologists ... i myself will probably will keep them anyway but offering just dublons is not acceptable if in reality was used real currency. it might be hard for wg to determine who paid with what but then ffs throw in some bonus - not that hard to figure this out.
  8. ffs, you got yourself pink ... where is the big problem ... few battles and you'll be normal again unless you do that often ...
  9. yeah, sure, because we need more players who cant play cv in to game on high tiers. even if these 50k dmg would have been solely on dd's it would still be crap result ...
  10. cant remember which bundle i bought and it does not matter - im happpy with my hood, using it daily. close to 70% win rate. so whats bad about it?
  11. i guess it was one of the russian official youtubers ... i'll look around and maybe i can find it
  12. me too tbh ... even more knowing how ru server average player thinks about eu players but its still doable i suppose
  13. i can speak/read/talk russian and probably would do that if i would get my account to ru server from other hand i've heard hints that ru and eu servers might get joined together ... other than that i hope that smbdy from wg will take this bit more seriously
  14. i occasionally also get disconnected - i would say 99,9% of cases in moment when map is supposed to open
  15. lets be honest here - most of dd players are so bad (like me, for different reason though) that it wont change much if they would not be in div. good players know anyway what to do