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  1. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    you are not ready for t8 battles and you have no clue how to play tirpitz
  2. Incredibly frustrating feeling

    well, often they ask for it
  3. same problem with division - was in battle, when in finished then back in port div window was gone and battle button did'nt respond. reloged, battle button works but cant create or join divisions
  4. Server problems?

    back online but can't create division ....
  5. Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    and then they test these fcking patches
  6. Mosaic and Spring Tie camo's

  7. Mosaic and Spring Tie camo's

    soon we will have 10000% this and 10000% that ... there is no end to power creep once one has stepped onto that road
  8. Instant chat ban needed

    why are anti religious remarks bad? are there any other ideas that should not be criticized?
  9. Detonation

    1. cant remember where did i read it or if it was 7.1 or 7.2 - one cannot be detonated when healt is 75% or higher 2. black is fine indeed, like any other ship - cant remember when i saw last one and anybody can get it afaik, so whats the problem 3. yep, and will be still happy when detonating some poor sob
  10. Detonation

    firstly - it will be changed with coming update secondly - why it should be removed, it rarely happnes thirdly - im one of the smaller part community - i like to detonate people
  11. Is the citadelling fun mission bugged?

    well, it resets 3 times per day when u have 10 done
  12. So the Russian bias is real

    in general people who are hiding their stats are not worth of attention in posts like this #justsaying
  13. Instant chat ban needed

    out of curiosity - why do you care how some "nobody" calls you? is his/her opinion somehow valuable?
  14. Missouri credit nerf?

    imho it looks normal considering what you were shooting at ....
  15. seagal is ok captain, voice-over is just very bad ... like his acting tbh luckily there are mods to fix this problem ... not acting part ...