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  1. hellhound666

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    double lol
  2. hellhound666

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    was this politics then? would you have liked to have friendly competition with serbs?
  3. hellhound666

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    its bit more than politics ... russia is killing ukrainians would you think same if russia would be bombing croatia
  4. hellhound666

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    do they somehow force you to prticipate? so unfair ... much sad
  5. for me coop in the end was just to farm smthg not related to creds/exp but coop is/was boooooooooooring af
  6. im not so sure about that, at least local staff was not able to prove that ... and considering that missouri took 3 attempts to "fix" then ... why do it once when you can do it n+1 times
  7. hellhound666

    Star ships special - offer breakdown

    fixed it for you and creativity is over the stars once again credits where credits are due etc bs
  8. hellhound666

    This don't look like balanced teams

    premiums make more credits and so they will win more ... duh
  9. it is because i've stopped playing ...
  10. lol ... let them suffer for some time and hygiene issue will become smthg to be praised for ... like with 6yo now we need a few of these "credits where credits are due" posts
  11. hellhound666

    WG admiting you were wrong wont hurt your pride.

    dude, you really don't understand russian soul, havent you followed the news for last ~13 months ...
  12. hellhound666

    Forum members we need to talk...

    dont panic, wows is developed by lesta who also runs wot in ru, and afaik wot+ is not coming to wot ru yet .., also, wot+ is about €8 which is roughly the value of these 4*500=2000 gold bad thing with wot+ is the dismounting of bond equipment (3000-5000 piece) which costs otherwise 200 bonds bonds are rather difficult to farm in wot
  13. you are supposed to spot, not make yourself blind ffs i did a similar one in coop dd with long smoke full ahead from the start the moment i spot enemy dd i smoke up and still full ahead shooting it and spreading my smoke as wide as possible rest of the enemy starts shooting me and im spotting them, my team is behind my smoke and cant see anything themselves and shooting enemies spotted by me