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  1. lestat481

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    I am trying to look at your website but it doesnt seem to exist.
  2. I would be interested in joining. Can I meet you in teamspeak?
  3. lestat481

    Rurik (1906)

    nice one
  4. lestat481


  5. lestat481

    IJN Kawachi

    They look like nice ships
  6. I guess this is for the arty players amongst us. :Smile_smile:
  7. lestat481

    Ausonia, possible german aircraft carrier

    Looks a wee bit weird this one :Smile_veryhappy:
  8. lestat481

    IJN Agano Class Cruiser

    Excellent job. Well done
  9. lestat481

    JPN light cruiser Jintsu

    Very nice. Well done