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  1. Soppatykki

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hello I want to join the lottery. Big thanks to all contributors, you are the best.
  2. Soppatykki

    Unicums are sooooo last month...

    Those are brilliant, now we must start using them, so they replace the old one.
  3. Soppatykki

    Team killed...because of brexit

    Really... Reply or it did not happen, nobody would teamkill anyone for sailing a RN ship. Or there would be far more teamkills, because there are RN ships on every match, and they are not teamkilled.
  4. On all maps there is the best way to play. That is my starting point, then enemies and allies dictate what needs to be done. At the start I may suggest that plan, which I will follow anyway. Let team do what they do in the end it is only a matter how much carrying is needed.
  5. Soppatykki

    the baltimore sucks

    Yes, the Pensa, NO and Balti suck. DM is fun and the reason to grind the three bad ships before it. https://eu.warships.today/vehicles Balti is far behind other cruisers, just a sad ship.
  6. Soppatykki

    Ships you want

    HMS Agincourt, it would be glorius to shoot with all the 14 barrels... https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Agincourt_(1914)
  7. Detonations are a stupid mechanics. Every detonation is too much. I have played a lot of games and there is not one other game, where any random hit can kill you. So in this game you at times fire a "MACIGBULLET" and your enemy dies, or enemy does it to you. And it is a good mechanic!!!!! A random thing that ruins someones game is a good mechanic. NO NO NO, it is not. This is the only PvP game, where a random mechanic at times kills one player. Which sounds stupid and is stupid. Detonations should be removed immediately. PS. 29 achievements in 2600 games, slightly over 1%... of fun and engaging mechanic.
  8. Soppatykki

    Keen Intuition

    No, no no! Why WG, they don`t play their game at all, or are really shitty in it and though want to dump the game down. It is the same with WoT, where they removed bushes and long range fire, and forced everyone to corridors. Because it is harder to use brains, instead of herppaderping in to corridore. Lets hope for the best, that this skill never comes out.
  9. Soppatykki

    New Mexico vs Bayern, Colorado vs Gneisenau

    Tier VI is tough, all are good BBs and with a good captain on helm, really hard to say. Because when both can angle, shoot, dodge, utilize their ships strengths to maximum. Any of the five BBs could be a winner. In my opinion tier VI BBs are most balanced. So it would most likely go down to rng. With good captains driving both ships, it would do down to HE and fires. At tier VII, Gneisenau ja Scharnhorst would simply rofl-stomp Colorado and Nagato in a 1 v 1, with good captains driving them. They cannot prevent ze Germans from getting close and then it is game over. If you form ze Germans they will still catch you and you can only use your backguns, so ze German would have equal firepower. If you turn to fire with your front guns ze Germans catch you faster and can shoot at your broadside. So at tier VII with good captains it is not even a fight. Or in any of the higher tiers, ze Germans win, with the exception of Yammy.
  10. Soppatykki

    Guide: British Cruisers

    The RN cruisers are a one trick pony, for them to work you need enemies that are compliant. At the start of battle RN Cruiser send this message to all red ships. This is Royal Navy Speaking: "Please sail broadside on to my smoke and do not mind the dinging. Our citadels are big, so we kindly request that you refrain all aggressive actions toward our fine ships." And at times majority of the red team is willing to follow the polite request of Royal Navy. Most likely because they are wondrous chaps. Sadly when red team is unwilling to follow the request of the RN, their cruisers become food for any equally skilled captain.
  11. Soppatykki

    Never Defend?

    In standard battle, the only right way to play is to defend. It will win you games, those who think otherwise are the ones that cannot think. So all ways defend in standard, it wins you those games that can be carried and won. Defender has so much advance over attacker in wows that you can surprisingly often defend on our own. At times you will have team who don`t play for victory at all, but you did correctly by defending.
  12. Soppatykki

    WOWS Drinking Rules

    Those are pretty harsh rules. Everyone gets drunk fast, sips are fine, but the downings of drinks. Anyways good luck, with your adventures on the drunken seas.
  13. Soppatykki

    Standard or Domination

    Domination should be the only mode. Standard or defend mode is just stupid, because in that mode one should only defend, which is just stupid for game play. In domination if you want to win, you must be active, on defend you are passive and hope for the enemy to be active, so you can kill them.
  14. Domination is the best mode, the Defend aka "standard" mode is what should be removed. In defense mode you have no incentive to do anything but to camp and kill the fools who haven`t understand this. In domination you muss play actively in order to win, not just camp. So yes remove the standard mode for more active gameplay, even for BBs and alike.
  15. Soppatykki

    Iowa BB help

    The Iowa feels just like a NC with a bad MM. Yes, Iowa needs to get close, but lately that is immensely hard, with all those DDs running around. Personally I hate the Iowa, NC was awesome, but Iowa is just horrendous. With other American BBs I felt like a big bad bully, but with Iowa I feel weak and vulnerable. Everything seems to hurt Iowa badly, while it cannot hit anything from afar and getting close usually gets you dead. Now the cases when the enemy lets you close, you can be dangerous, but those a few and rare. In order to brawl you need the enemy willingly let you close the distance. If they dont, you either chase them uselessly, or show your juicy citadel to them and neither is a good option.