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  1. This is why radar ships MUST be balanced by MM

    What is radar? Its a 25-40s window of 10km xray vision through absolutely anything, rocks, smoke, steel, lead. You see everything, in vivid detail. You do that in any other 'esports' game and its called cheating. There is nothing you can do to stop it other than get out of range, which is fine and dandy but that really isnt an option when your ship is supposed to be contesting a zone. Which you get yelled at for running, or yelled at for staying and dying.
  2. This is why radar ships MUST be balanced by MM

    Radar should be straight up deleted, Hydro is enough, not a 10 )*%YQ#%& kilometer wallhack that has 0 counter play.
  3. T10 "France"

    Fantastic game if you could aim well
  4. T10 "France"

    That is the T6 BB Charlemagne at the time it was the pinnacle of my aspirations when i played that game.
  5. T10 "France"

    Not only that is, if the turrets themselves dont have a huge circle of fire, you will HAVE to open your side to use both your guns. However if both guns were on the front, i could get behind that 100% even with the potatential firepower loss, it would let you do things you cant in anything but the Dunkerque
  6. T10 "France"

    In its current state with only 2 guns, what do you think? Its fast firing sure dispersion seems terrible for having such few shells range almost equal to the Yammy fastest 180* turn @ 36s average turning circle for t10 BB I have not tested it so this is all speculation but having 2 guns just makes me disgusted by it.
  7. Got the Bretange and Normandie from crates dropped by missions. Do not spread false information.
  8. PA - T9/10

    The Yueyang just doesnt seem anywhere near what an upgrade from T9 > 10 is supposed to be
  9. PA - T9/10

    I just realised...the guns are the same on both ships =/
  10. PA - T9/10

    perfect reply, thank you
  11. PA - T9/10

    Is there something im missing when it comes to the Chung Mu and Yueyang - the Chung Mu looks superior in every single way apart from AA...and we all know thats what destroyers are used for right? Can someone explain to me the benefits of the t10? xD
  12. WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    My question regarding the AP vs DDs is that...why for so long was it completely fine and then like 3-4 months ago they magically just started being able to 1 shot destroyers...then to come out with the "We have to overhaul AP entirely to fix it" when it was fine for years?
  13. Monty AP still doing full damage to DDs?

    would have thought they fixed it by now...i guess not
  14. Is this still a thing?
  15. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Here's what is going to happen. *Nerf to conqueror fire chance, he splash, he damage* -> *People still bitching about HE spammers* -> *Me writing I TOLD YOU [edited]SO posts* Problem isnt the Conquerer, and Flammu is wrong.