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  1. Rank 1 for the first time

    This season was also the first rank 1 for me. I never had the time/stamina to throw out the amount battles required for high ranks, but this time I put some effort to it. It was a lot more chill than I expected, TBH. 121 battles to rank 1. https://wows-numbers.com/player/season/500191459,IsoA,season,10/ Zao brought me to rank 5 and then I almost completely switched to Yamato. All in all I had fun while doing it, so maybe I'll go for rank 1 again in some future season.
  2. HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    Is there any chance of Harekaze being available before the end of month, when the collaboration ends?
  3. How Clan Wars could have been

    I played quite a bit of CW in WoT. It was fun... for a time. In the end I started to really dislike it, because I realized most of the time I was just waiting. Waiting for CW to start so I can get in the team. Waiting 15 minutes for the actual battle to start while in the team. Then some fighting, and then you are back waiting 15 minutes until the next battle opens up where you have to get in ASAP to get in the team and again you wait 15 minutes for the battle to start. Waiting, waiting, waiting. What I like in WoWS is that there is very little waiting. You gather up the people who want to play and press battle. So no, I do not support making WoWS CW work exactly the same as WoT. WoWS has older demographics, people with families who dont have time to wait as much. Also why I dont support making it 12 v 12. We also have had problems getting even 7 people to show up so we'd be out of CW if it were 12 v 12.
  4. Zao grind came finally to its conclusion with these two:
  5. I got a Kidd mission from a free Indianapolis crate, so it certainly is possible. Although very rare, it seems.
  6. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    3rd party site, soo... doesn't fully compare. Good sales, though, and apparently they were legit.
  7. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Then I guess you will never pick it up. Your choice, certainly.
  8. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    That's just silly. Not a single time has a tier 8 premium been sold for -50%. -30% is as good as it gets.
  9. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview!

    I tested IFHE Akizuki yesterday and it was a damage monster. Absolutely no issues finding targets that won't shatter your shells. In addition, penetrating those BB bows and similar places will generate a LOT of fires even with the -1% fire chance that comes with IFHE.
  10. Donskoi and Moskva upgrades - poll

    Donskoi is an awesome ship and she does not need the range mod. I just ended my grind with Donskoi and ended up with average damage of 97k. She can really pump out the damage, trust me. You just have to be extra mindful of your surroundings. Reload mod all the way.
  11. One of my best super camo/flag stacking battles so far - ~2500 base xp battle transformed into over 47k captain xp, over 22k free xp and about ship 20k xp. Can't help but love the Spring Sky camos...
  12. As Kitakami has bad armor, mediocre concealment and torp range I feel that she should be buffed a bit. Maybe add Torpedo Reload Booster, that should do the trick.
  13. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate in the raffle. Prize #1: Roma, if available. If not, then Enterprise. Prize #2: Warspite Prize #3: Doubloons Prize #4: Warspite Prize #5: Doubloons Prize #6: Doubloons Prize #7: Doubloons Prize #8: Tachibana
  14. Clan battles prime time change

    CW prime time should absolutely shift according to winter time changes and even more, it should last one hour longer so more people could participate.