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  1. As Kitakami has bad armor, mediocre concealment and torp range I feel that she should be buffed a bit. Maybe add Torpedo Reload Booster, that should do the trick.
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate in the raffle. Prize #1: Roma, if available. If not, then Enterprise. Prize #2: Warspite Prize #3: Doubloons Prize #4: Warspite Prize #5: Doubloons Prize #6: Doubloons Prize #7: Doubloons Prize #8: Tachibana
  3. Clan battles prime time change

    CW prime time should absolutely shift according to winter time changes and even more, it should last one hour longer so more people could participate.
  4. My single SC gave me 100 captain xp flags. Could've been better but also could've been damage con or spotting plane mod so I won't complain.
  5. Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    Maybe there should be a new optional minimap circle which would show your smoke detectability. It would help, because memorizing all those ships will take a little while.
  6. Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but the smoke change isn't all that bad. Kutuzov spams HE from 18 km anyway and it's very overperforming at tier 8 at the moment. Brit CL line has detectability so close that at the point when you're detected in your smoke, you will be in serious torpedo danger anyway.
  7. im lost with the atago

    Atago is awesome, but like many cruisers, it's a bit difficult ship to do well in. Meaning that it has a relatively high skill floor. If the player is average, then it's probably best played at near max range spamming HE. However, Atago can be played very aggressively, but to get good results you MUST have good situational awareness skills. I have played the whole IJN CA line very aggressively. At first I go support nearest DD at cap. I position myself so that my torp range just covers the back end of cap. At this point the DDs have usually spotted each other at the cap and if you can at this point land a single volley on opposing DD, you will very often win the cap for your team, because the HE broadside is very punishing. If the DD smokes, drop torps at the smoke, wait until concealed, turn and GTFO. Expect to take hits if you do this. Many, many times, I've been down to half health after doing this early cap support at the very start of the battle, but still managed to come up as one of the top xp earners of the battle. Sometimes doing this will result in quick death. This is why you need situational awareness skills. Know where to go, when to shoot, who to shoot, when not to shoot, where to bail, when to turn etc. All in all it's rather difficult, but exciting gameplay. A bow on BB slowboating at 18 km range is easy and lifetime is long, but the gameplay is rather boring.
  8. Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Second set of supercontainers and what do I get: radar mod and spotting plane mod. The spotting plane mod is probably the most useless mod, I can't think of a single ship apart from Perth where I would mount this mod. Radar mod is fine, but my russian cruiser line is only at tier 6 so it's a long way to make use of that mod.
  9. Previously it has been so that if the ship is discounted BOTH ingame and premium store, you get the discounted doubloon cost when re-buying it from premium store. If the ship is discounted in premium store but not ingame, then you get the full doubloon cost refunded.
  10. Yamamoto Campaign, task 2 problem

    There will most likely be a bunch of grind missions on which you can use any tier 8-10 ship, like we have currently. You can repeat those. That's what I also will have to do, my highest CV is Hosho
  11. Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    I had the most underwhelming 2 supercontainers. First one was 100 fire extinguishing flags and second was 100 repair party buff flags. And I already had like 300 of both.
  12. BTW I tried this, but after creating a second account (and again getting nothing) my third account creation required me to enter a phone number for verification and apparently there's a limit, only a certain amount of accounts per phone number (didn't say the exact amount). So it's a bit hard to create infinite amount of free accounts it seems.
  13. Nothing is free. What you are paying for this is some of your personal information, taken from which ever social media account you decided to log in with.