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  1. I got 50 Zulus, 10k free xp, 50 more Zulus, 50 Zulu Hotels. My Zulu army is now total 1150. Just what I needed!
  2. IsoA

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I was talking about Montecuccoli and Trento, and your stats show 0 battles for both. As I said, I don't have Zara or higher ones, so I won't comment on those.
  3. IsoA

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    If you give them a small buff to reload, then they go from completely awful to just bad. With a big buff they might go from completely awful to ok. Comparison: Montecuccioli has a 14.3 second reload. Duca D'Aosta has 7.5 second reload. Sure, a tier 6 vs a tier 5, but I'm sure nobody would say that the Duca is OP with that reload. On tier 6, Duca is IMO way better than Trento even though it has very poor range and no smoke. The consistency of HE just makes up for so much.
  4. IsoA

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I've played now a handful of battles in Montecuccoli and 8 battles in Trento. And I have to say, both ships struggle really hard do have an impact and do any meaningful damage. Which is a real shame, as they are both quite fun to drive, being very fast and all. The 152 mm SAP is super underwhelming and the 203 SAP is not much better. It's just so inconsistent. With Trento I did over 10k damage salvo on North Carolina, but absolute majority of the time your shots either miss, bounce or shatter and one shell ends up doing 1400 damage. No fires to be started for extra damage and to top it off, the reload is just glacial. In a sense the RM CAs remind me of RN CLs. They both have guns which can be situational and angling will negate most of the damage you are able to do. The difference (one of the differences) just is, that RN CLs have very high theoretical DPS which translates as pretty good practical DPS ingame. While RM CAs have bad theoretical DPS which translates into just awful practical DPS ingame. For the life of me I cant really understand why WG didn't give the Italians at least upper mediocre DPS to begin with, which would then be maybe just a bit bad in practice. Of the higher tiers I have no experience, so no idea if the situation changes, but the tiers 5-6 will crush the soul of a newbie Italian Wows player who is happy to start the CAs as his/her first ship line. They really need some love. A big buff on the reload might do the trick.
  5. I really don't know yet what I'll do with my coupon, if anything. I guess I'd like Asashio, T-61, De Grasse, Haida or Duca D'aosta, but I rarely have time to take my existing premium ships out and I have a legion of those.
  6. IsoA

    Kidd or Loyang?

    Seeing as your at tier 7 with US dds with good enough stats, I think that you'd get the most out of Kidd. Great ship, good captain trainer for the line. Dont take the guys here too seriously who say that you should stay away from tier 8 premiums. If you were at, say, tier 4-5, sure then I'd recommend waiting, but you're not. If you plan to get several premium ships as time goes by, then go ahead and think about those mid tier ships as well. On the other hand if you plan to get only 1 premium ship to serve you for a long time, you will want a high tier one that will get you the most credits.