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  1. kwk75l48

    Dead CVs and their planes

    you can set fighters on air defence of a friendly ship before sinking they will stay there fighting off aircraft and spotting till ammo runs out.(usefull to know when about to sink)
  2. kwk75l48

    How to balance secondaries?

    im not sure i noticed how bad secondries are most games i get in range they do abou 5-10k dmg odd and ive had 6 dds sunk by my carrier secondry guns i think the thjing with secondry guns is staying in range and staying afloat oh and focus fire seems toi buff dmg by 30-50%.
  3. well if fire is fine yesterday i managed 26 k fire damage with 9 fires set from only 24 he hits how on earth is that ok from a tier4 bb i also did manage 14 ap hits with 25k damage in toto 60 k odd damage but more than 1/3 from fires set,
  4. kwk75l48

    The General Community

    most rude players are inmho usually the worst fail monkeys ignore and play on
  5. kwk75l48

    Please explain

    south carolina has less hits and much worse damage per minute than the st lois without fires. so unless you get lucky(highly skilled) citadel hits with AP you will not win vs it (off course unless he cannot aim at all.)
  6. kwk75l48

    Wargaming on Steam

    no because steam is not good i hate it its just a pointless money making link in your walletr hey pay steam more to buy your stuff thats fine.
  7. kwk75l48

    My very short review so far...

    im playing wows because its not like wot is now i like the basic raw gameplay not candicrush like wot has become with bs missions all the clan wars dung etc etc. imho wot has got worse since release not better just more user friendly for the adhd wanna win and get my stats generation.
  8. actually in my clemson one shot hit the enemy dd at max range and rng blessed me with a magazine explosion (it was funny from my point of view and completely random) so unintentional submarine is right.
  9. kwk75l48

    Warspite, massive floating citadel problems? Neft batted?

    i doubt its plunging fire in all my games never seen plunging fire moddeled or work its just a long range fudge imho. he spam from mid calibre accurate guns is yes op it needs changing dont think that it will as large % of playerbase would run away screaming i cant do no damage
  10. kwk75l48

    Bomber bug?

    dive bombers doing no damage or crits is a feature not a bug so thats fine.
  11. kwk75l48

    BUG landmass collision model

    just a thought have you checked the depth of water your in that land mass might shoot right out underwater giving you the sticky issue, also and lags can get you stuck in far more obvious clear areas than this in future just avoid. and remember land goes underwater as well as above. its only vertical above the water as far as i can see.
  12. kwk75l48

    team play pointless, solo rambo K/D is king ?

    it took over 3 years odd for wot to give xp for spotting dmg do not hold your breath just try for the win every game
  13. kwk75l48

    Furutaka vs Murmansk

    only thing i can say is soviet omaha is obviously stronker when flying red flag
  14. im not a dev but your asking for the wrong things at the wrong time imho yes He vs AP is nonsensical but it will stay to suckle the less accurate. carriers will balance in a bit with a low tier carrier nerf i guess. to win vs more carriers generally just push hard and fast air kills and spotting assist xp should be more so should captures ( i think caps should be exponentially xp bonused eg for one cap 100xp for 2 300xp for 3 400xp for 4 600xp etc( maybee ot that number but you know) one carrier per team umm really if your team is getting oblirerated by 2 carriers not in a division they are doing summit wrong. thinking off it less dispersion for ap rounds might be anice medium balance to fix he op ness but unlikely
  15. kwk75l48

    Ships aren't where they appear to be in most games.

    i think you have lags