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  1. This is rather annoying, I stopped playing WOT partly due to the virulent racism/xenophobia (yes you can mute the game, turning a blind eye isn't a solution) and partly due to the fact they were selling my preorder tank (Mutant 8) when they promised not to. (we got some unique camo later after some WG bashing....on a tank I had bought permanent camo for years before...) Was hoping WOWS had more class.
  2. Worsenary

    Project R is up on EU

    don't give them ideas!
  3. Worsenary

    Festive Bundles week 1

    Does anyone from WG read this, other than to move it ? Would be nice for a response from someone in charge of something once in a while. With something constructive ideally.
  4. Worsenary

    WOWS not running smooth on new gaming laptop

    What version, and really? I'm assuming on very low settings, my old 5870 had difficulty running the game above low/medium. My new GTX 960 runs it fine on ultra/high.
  5. Worsenary

    Money cant buy you love

    I thought he was just saying he got flamed by someone that had a higher xp, using that to put him down, where as he doesn't have a premium account so his average xp is 50% less ? Playing the game doesn't mean you should be an arse, even if you have a pay prem account like myself or think your a better player etc. I always seem to be in a BB fighting DDs so probably have terrible average damage, but as long as I sink 1 or 2 of the little buggers I'm as happy as a pig in ....
  6. Worsenary

    Wows unplayable with windows 10 64 bit...Urgent...Please help...

    I had some issues with my Windows 7 and blue screening, all it took was remounting the RAM. (AMD Phenom II 940, 8GB Ram, 5870 HD graphics, Windows 7 64bit) Upgraded it to Windows 10 runs alright, though with the medium to low end graphic options since I've only 1 gig of graphics ram.
  7. Worsenary

    "Chat Mute" or "Chat Hide" Feature please

    I don't mind people whining (well I do) But I'm sick of the racist nationalist jingo people spout on here, the same sh*t that happens on WOT but thankfully you can turn it off there.
  8. Worsenary

    FPS issues on AMD CPUs

    I'd think your CPU would be more than able, is there a setting that sets the graphics affinity for certain programs. I know with the Nvidia switching graphics you can assign which programs use which graphics set. (we have some at work) I'd assume that that there is a similar thing with AMD drivers. Trying running it in low and see what happens too, I know I run mine on low with medium elements just to get it smooth, until I finally relent and buy a new pc.
  9. Worsenary

    FPS issues on AMD CPUs

    How did the driver work out for you ? My old 5870 runs a bit like a dog at the moment.
  10. Worsenary

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    Got mine from a 1 copy from google play store (£2.99) sent an email to pcgamer.giftageddon@futurenet.com waited a few days.
  11. Worsenary

    PC Gamer: WoWs is 'expensive and exploitative'

    The prices are higher than WOT, but consider you can put any captain in any premium and train them (same country), in WOT you'd have to have a medium, light, heavy, etc to train crews. Plus it must take more computer modelling to do the ships, its more like art than a game. I use my premium account on WOT as well so well its not too bad value specially when you buy a years on discount with gold you got on discount. You can play for free if you want, just balance the high tier with the money making lower tier battles, they even gave away a free premium ship...(another one if you were in the beta..etc) The UK Review also had a press account, "lets just play tier 10 without any idea on what to do, that's how you review a game..." I don't see the point as when you start your tier 1, review that end first then talks about the 10s eh ?
  12. Worsenary

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    Have you tried looking at https://eu.wargaming.net/support/News/List ?
  13. Worsenary

    Looking for the aid of a british person.

    I think you'll find the prices are a bit more than £1 for a tier 2. the tier 3 is Cruising Revolutionary: Aurora, Russo-Soviet cruiser £7.38 (10.14 EUR)
  14. Worsenary

    12 - 0 - The most one-sided battle !

    Bit harsh that, they lost badly. But calling them untrained monkeys... Also in war, if that happens it's generally the C&C fault, what do you expect conscripts to do ?
  15. Worsenary


    Lets have a chat off option like in WOT (since were stuck with them). The 1% of time when its actually useful I would miss but the rest I would not. the odd rage I don't mind, the over the top whining and sometimes racist stuff I can live without.