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  1. A joint expedition between a Polish group, formed to search for the wreck of the famous Polish world war 2 submarine "ORP Orzeł ", and a danish team behind the "Sea war museum" /the company JD Contractor, has found the wreck of the British ww1 submarine HMS L10. (wikipedia link to HMS L10: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_L10 ) The team also surveyed the wrecks of 2 german torpedo boats, located close by the wreck of the L10 (1 of which was sunk by the L10). A local danish TV station has made a short video about the expedition with some nice footage of the dive the teams made on the L10: Mainly danish language being spoken but also a short interview, in english, with 1 of the polish divers. https://www.tvmidtvest.dk/nyheder/09-03-2020/1930/ubadsjagt-med-succes?autoplay=1&fbclid=IwAR2R2r8X1jVaoojxkFmsN61QMv_niLa-_w6VyENnzjJX-_2eUab0sInEubE#player The original goal of the expedition was to find/survey the wreck of the "Orp Orzeł" (and, if possible, the wreck of the dutch submarine "Hnlms 0 13", which is thought to have been lost in the same area as the orzel.) Sadly the teams had to cut short their expedition, after surveying the HMS L10, due to poor weather: i think they intend to try again, come may (if i heard right). If you search Facebook for "Santi Odnaleźć Orła" you should find the polish team (their page has some good images of their dive on the L10). Link to the Sea War Museum (it's available in danish, german and english): https://www.seawarmuseum.dk/ Hope some of y'all find this interesting, enjoy :)
  2. Quick youtube video of the "Graf Zeppelin" wreck: Link to the Graf Zeppelin wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_Graf_Zeppelin
  3. Thanks for posting that video: very interesting (and i agree with your point on recovering the wreck: i think the author of the article took it along, because it is a theoretical possibility, according to law: he mentions in the article that the germans usually stay out of these affairs, among other things due to the cost, and the hazards involved, in conducting such an operation)
  4. A few updates: Danish TV broadcast a program about the discovery of the UC-30 (this happend in preparation for the live broadcast dive on the wreck of the HMS Tarpon: there is a thread about that here on the forum). The program is in danish, with danish subtitles only (unfortunately) but it does include some footage of the first dive on the UC-30 wreck: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/spraengfarlig-ubad-fundet/spraengfarlig-ubad-fundet#!/ Another tidbit is more to do with the intricacies of danish law; Deciding what is to happen with the wreck, depends on whether or not the object in question is over or under a 100 years old..Since the wreck is very close to a 100 years old, this means there probably will be a delay while the different agencies of government sort this out.. >< The article also raises another, interesting, possibility: That the german government will ask for the wreck to be returned to them. (the article also mentions that this, in all honesty, is highly unlikely to happen): http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/ubaads-videre-skaebne-afgoeres-af-vragets-alder (again this article is in danish, but i assume that it can be google-translated..if that is unsatisfactory i can try for a more hands on translation to english) Edit: link to the thread about the dive on the HMS Tarpon: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/60273-hms-tarpon/
  5. ralach

    HMS Tarpon

    (A bit late, i know..) English languaged article about the discovery of the wreck, including mention of the live broadcast: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/05/wreck-second-world-war-british-submarine-hms-tarpon-denmark?CMP=share_btn_link
  6. The problem with the wreck is that it still has a full load of sea mines and 6 torpedos in the hull (The submarine was forced to return to base due to engine trouble and instead of ditching the mines its captain elected to bring them back to port: the submarine then hit a british mine in a newly placed minefield and sank). The authorities, so far, have designated a 1 km. "no go" zone around the wreck (my oppinion: not sure how effective this will be since the wreck is very close to shore; inital reports say 8-10 Kms.) I think its a bit too early to say what they decide to do: It IS a wargrave (3 bodies of the crew, including the captain, washed up on the danish west coast later on, but the rest of the 26 crew were likely trapped in the hull and sunk along with it)..but..the wreck is close to a city and also smack in the middle of a navigation channel, so it could be construed as being a danger to shipping and/or persons. I dont really have any experience with how the danish authorities handle stuff like this so i am honestly not sure, what they will decide to do. Edit: The company that made the discovery, JD-contractors, is also the company that re-discovered the HMS Tarpon wreck earlier this year: they have some videos of their dive on that wreck on their youtube channel as well. Edit Edit: elaboration also trying to make it (more) understandeble ><
  7. I realise i falls a bit outside the confines of this game, but i thought it might interest some of the people here: A surveying team, from company JD-Contractor, has located the wreck of the German ww1 submarine SM UC-30, about 10 kms. of the danish west coast, near Esbjerg. link to the wikipedia article about the SM UC-30: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SM_UC-30 The company recorded a 16 minute video of their dive on the wreck (link to a danish language news site): http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/video-16-minutter-under-vand-dykker-filmer-gammel-ubaad-naer-dansk-kyst The company has also put up a Multibeam sonar survey and animation, on their youtube channel, of the wreck (about 40 seconds long): German languaged newspost about the discovery: http://www.shz.de/regionales/mit-video-wrack-aus-dem-1-weltkrieg-daenen-finden-deutsches-u-boot-in-nordsee-id14605066.html English languaged news post about the discovery: http://cphpost.dk/news/danes-make-exceptional-u-boat-find-in-the-north-sea.html Hope it is of interest to some of you Enjoy Edit: added english & german languaged news links in original post.