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  1. dngrs

    Selling modules?

    @calapine then why do I have different sell price if I sell ship with all unlocks or stock?
  2. dngrs

    Whats your most fun to play Class of ships ?

    CA, DD, BB, CV in that order
  3. dngrs

    Kongo captain skills?

    um jack of all trades will lower cd on those repair things and last chance is good too
  4. dngrs

    High tier credit earner is bad

    if its anything like wot ( im not high tier yet) then yeah from tier8 above it's hard to make money which is why people buy premium and how wg makes money
  5. dngrs

    St Louis skills?

    just STL
  6. I plan to stop here at clemson
  7. considering the poor detect/torp ranges one could think it's not worth focusing much on torps for US DDs maybe aiming expert instead? btw what to pick in 4th/5th row?
  8. dngrs

    Kongo captain skills?

    What to pick?
  9. dngrs

    St Louis skills?

    I got basic firing training and I'm wondering what to get next. Fire prevention or aiming expert? The thing is STL is like a BB, slow and with high hp. I'm taking much damage so fire prev might be more worth it and the guns already turn fast enough ( consider the ship itself turns slow so guns have time to switch too). Vigilance or High Alert? what does the consumable in High Alert do? On an IJN cruiser I'd take High Alert because it's agile enough to dodge torps but I do decently with STL too.
  10. i dont see what to change there
  11. how do u use the mod that allows to save replays?
  12. dngrs

    IJN Myogi

    fighters suck but I'd still get the 3rd hull
  13. dngrs

    IJN destroyers basic guide

    I always get my rudder KOd when I do that