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  1. Noodles123

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    FPS tanks and game becomes choppy and unplayable after 1-2 hours. Frenchie BB's feel ... just OK. Speed is a very VERY mediocre thing to have on a BB. Gascogne is the MOST inconsistent ship (gun wise) i have played so far Spotting / Rendering time feels slower than it was before - sometimes a ship will get spotted out of your max rendering range and it would take 5 seconds sometimes to render it and by that time - she's gone.
  2. Noodles123

    CPU spikes and FPS drop

    Yeah, still have a minor issue with the same now. Might have been the many many players trying to fistbump each other with tier 3 german bb's
  3. Noodles123

    CPU spikes and FPS drop

    After latest patch i have CPU spikes and horrendous FPS drop and overall higher CPU usage than normal with WoWs... no change in my hardware or software. Anyone else having same problems ?
  4. Noodles123

    Oh MM, we love you >.<

    All is fine and dandy after 0.4.1 but occasionally the MM just trolls you out of the planet ....
  5. Noodles123

    Improvements to the MM needed like now

    If you can believe it, WOT had really crap MM in the beginning ... now it is (for lack of a better word) balanced, more or less. You dont see 6 arties against 3 anymore
  6. Noodles123

    Improvements to the MM needed like now

    I completely agree that CBT MM was better, idk what they've done to it now to make it such a mess. In my Tier 4 CV's i usually get into games that im fighting 2xTier 4 CV's and sometimes 1 Tier 5 and one tier 4. Now i actually had the option to test out the "Dog fighting expert" skill with the american CV's against higher tier IJN CV's and it does actually work quite nicely ... if you manage to catch them - so i am perfectly fine with matching 1 tier lower CV's against a tier higher one. But yes CV MM has to be remade again... HE idiocy can easily be fixed by lowering the Repair systems cooldown by 10-20 secs for example - so that needs work too. Report system points should be increased as well ... 3 off each is just too low, considering you get to play quite a few battles in a day and chances are you are going to get into battles where people have just derp'd their way up their chosen ship line - 10 of each would be more like it.
  7. Noodles123

    Improvements to the MM needed like now

    With 25k+ people online an MM such as this one in my opinion CANNOT be justified. Also in general when there is one carrier on each side, same tier - thats fine. But two carriers against one and two of them being higher tier than the opponent ... ok is there an additional RNGzus we need to pray to ?
  8. should be working as intended as the skill states it increases range on guns (means any guns, secondaries included) up to cal 155mm
  9. Noodles123

    [Feedback] Please remove permanent turret destruction?

    I second this, there should be no permanent turret destruction - the crit damage should be repairable either by means of repair module or by itself taking a minute or something or non repairable by repair modules but auto repaired after a minute or so.