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  1. GravityTrash

    Italian T4 BB Dante Alighieri EA for Prime Users only!

    SAP seems intresting
  2. GravityTrash

    Didn't receive the Alpha Flag

    The iwaki gets dev striked almost by HE rockets so not much loss
  3. GravityTrash

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    A little late but.. I would like to join the lottery aswell
  4. GravityTrash

    Is the Minnesota worth it?

    I can safely say that after some testing.. only do it if your lucky and it's in like the first 3
  5. GravityTrash

    Is the Minnesota worth it?

    2k doubloons here but im not really sure after the videos i saw on it
  6. Managed to hit 600+ from boxes and the trove one for 2500 doubloons first time ive seen any luck in events here for all my years with this game
  7. GravityTrash

    Iwaki Alpha

    Anyone that has the Iwaki Alpha tried playing it with the "new" CV rework? I found out a thing i feared with the rework that is getting DEV striked by things like divebombers or even rocket planes
  8. GravityTrash

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I think most of us were
  9. GravityTrash

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    I'll throw a guess that our old TST accounts dont work anymore
  10. GravityTrash


    Mogador is quite intresting in ranked
  11. No i remember getting kicked off the server aswell i was able to log back in after some tries and saw someone else complain about it in that game
  12. GravityTrash

    CV rework & Destroyers

    Tbh if we got as many battles with old CV as we got now with new CV it would be way worse
  13. GravityTrash

    CV rework & Destroyers

    idk i kinda look forward for CV games