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  1. HellsFists

    Official Patchnotes 0.5.15

    something tells me its going to be a good time to play high tier RN Cruisers on thursday with all of these new dd's about
  2. HellsFists

    Gimmicky Container Mechanic

    Too many clicks to get your free reward? #firstworldproblems
  3. HellsFists

    [RANT] Loading time

  4. HellsFists

    [RANT] Loading time

    I dont know if this impacts/helps you guys, but i have noticed that if my PC is downloading/uploading in the background while trying to connect to a game, it makes the loading times much, much worse. Things i miss from time to time are automatic updates in steam, or peer to peer download applications.
  5. HellsFists

    USSR destroyers

    Follow what the above three people said as its good advice. I would however like to thank the OP for coming on the forum, explaining a problem, offering a perceived potential solution and asking for feedback in general. It makes a refreshing change from people just trying out a new ship / tree, and then coming straight to thee forum to complain. +1!
  6. HellsFists

    That feel when 100% losses

    WoWs is like a box of chocolates... You never know what win/lose streak your gonna get.
  7. HellsFists

    Reson why are only few Players on WOWS

    My favorite bit of your post is that you complained about there not being enough players (the numbers of which have been greatly criticized already), and that your solution is to get more players. You then go on to say that because of this you are not going to play... So if everybody takes this advice and stops playing because there are not enough players, how is this going to get better? Surely if you think there are not enough players, it would make more sense for you to actually play more to help build the game community and bring about change from a positive way? Secondly, and in someways its a bit of a cheap shot but its really not meant this way, but as you have only really grazed tier6 ships, you are missing out on a whole raft of what the game offers, so to write the game off on your current experience i think is probably a bit OTT.
  8. HellsFists

    Thank you for the nice evening WG - sarcasm

    I know and you are right, it does not directly translate that one person has a good win % that another person has to suffer the opposite lose %, which was why i said it needed people to stretch their minds a bit. I was just trying to keep the explanation simple and the point being made easier to get across. I just meant in a statistically average bell curve population, for somebody doing well (on the right hand side of the bell curve), there will very likely be somebody doing badly (on the left hand side of the bell curve), but not that their poor performance is a direct result of some other individuals good performance. There will of course also be a lot more people in the middle. But over the entire spread of players, the amount of players "breaking even" in their win/loss ratio will still be about 50%, its just that there are anomalies on both sides, good and bad. If you are ever curious, queue up at about 3-4 in the morning win a high tier carrier to get the best chance of experiencing what happens, though it is much less frequent now as there is a better spread of player levels than the early days. But, from experience, waiting for longer than 5 minutes, the MM literally just shoves what ever it can find within a ball park together. Essentially, most of the MM guidance after 5 minutes goes out of the window . But thankfully, this is very rare!
  9. HellsFists

    Thank you for the nice evening WG - sarcasm

    I wont get caught up in the in depth statistics discussion, but i would like to counter this point with the following: I have seen many better players than myself, but i do still enjoy an average win/loss of 57%. Now for me to be winning 57 out of every 100 games, that means (stretch your minds a little) that some where, somebody is probably losing 57 out of every 100 battles, and by extension, i will be about as likely to get as many long winning streaks as this imaginary person does losing streaks. Now if we also keep in mind that this is a competitive game, and you believe that a system that allows that kind of loose streaks is unfair/bad/silly/stupid/broken, should we also be making the same argument that it doesn't make sense for me/anybody to have too many wins in a row and the MM should some how make me lose if im having a good run on principle?
  10. HellsFists


    i agree, and to bushwacker's point, stats never tell the exact story, but they give a very good picture when you have lots of data points to go from. If after 1800 battles, you are on 40% win rate, while it is technically possible that you are on the long term receiving end of terrible team mates, the much more probably answer is the on average you are letting your team down more than supporting them. Thankfully, and while some people probably disagree, this is a game with skill in it where in the long run, your contribution will influence your overall win chance, and not, as some people believe it should be, just a coin toss where you should win 50% of games on principle. That would really suck!
  11. HellsFists

    [Spesial WW 2 Events] Remember the 28th of October.

    i suspect the greek ships will have to get in line with other nations not yet in the game.
  12. HellsFists

    Russian Destroyers

    There is more to a destroyer than torpedoes . The Russian ones will likely be very good at counter DD activities as they have very good guns. If the enemy DD's are dead, then they can go onto support shooting from max range. Trying to hit a cruiser from 14km+ is a challenge, trying to hit a destroyer is close to fluke at that range. That said, as a loyal IJN DD player, i would still recommend playing them ships too, but for the most part they might as well not have guns. So its just a different play style. It all depends if you prefer stealth or getting up close and personal in peoples water space!
  13. HellsFists

    Epic Battle mode!

    i suspect, while it might be fun just to see that number of ships, their servers would probably struggle to cope! I think i read somewhere that the damage models and mechanics of this game are far more complicated than the WoT tank models (which is why we only get 12 vs 12). Doubling that in a single game, would make the servers crumble. So sadly, i suspect this is more impossible at the present time without some serious re-programming on WG's side, which almost certainly not be considered a value added activity in their eyes.
  14. HellsFists


    I agree and disagree. Its not a fair comparison to look at the value of buying the largest existing bundle with the much cheaper small bundles. It would be like saying a large supermarket buys X million packs of toilet roll at (for example) 25p per pack. They sell it in the supermarket each pack at £1, but then put it on sale at 90p. To the average consumer, that is a good deal as it saves them 10% on their usual spend, as the vast majority of consumers are not going to buy 1000 packs of toilet roll per purchase just to get buying in bulk savings! If a typical user is only looking to spend £15-20 max in a month anyway, then compared to the other £20 standard deals they could get, these deals are probably are a slight improvement.
  15. HellsFists

    Drop the retraining

    His (Yorkie_GBR) perspective is spot on. Pay to win literally means that you have to pay something to get an advantage over somebody who does not pay anything. In the case of paying to retrain your captain instantly, your paying to not have to spend the time training him up. But for anybody not paying, they can still get to a fully retrained captain and have all the exact same benefits of that. It just takes longer. WoWs is NOT pay to win game in any circumstance. There is nothing in there that, given time, a non paying customer can't also do. Whether an individual thinks it is worth their money to pay to progress faster is their own choice, and theirs alone. Nobody is forcing them.