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  1. tyco

    Summary of the latest release

    I‘ll give it a try. Thank you 😀
  2. tyco

    Summary of the latest release

    Can‘t play anymore. I played on Linux with steam and old WG account including a workaround to be able to override steam login. This doesn‘t work anymore. No game is good enough to bother with this windows shite again. So I guess I‘m out.
  3. Wipe CVs out of existence
  4. tyco

    Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

    Couldn‘t you just reduce the sap damage slightly? 20 secs reload is already unconfortable. On the other hand the responsivity of the venezia makes ist fun. Nerfing this feels wrong.
  5. tyco

    Shikishima annoying after ROAAARR

    I love it 😆
  6. Friesland? 🙂
  7. I think I might give Harekaze a try. In that doesn‘t work: Massa
  8. tyco

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    Hi, I assume that it also applies to the moskva,that you just have to own it once, like the Kirov. I just reset the branch after the update video Clip. Will I get the moskva now? thanks in advance!
  9. You're right if you see insta-buy as the only viable option, as playing seems to be grinding for you. But you know as good as I do, that this was not the only way to get this ship.
  10. If you were willed to spend some euros you could easily get it just by playing smoothly. Three boosters were enough for that. Following your argument every silvership costs at least 300€ because you have to play for it. Or convert exp to free exp, "because you would have to grind for it". For the Puerto Rico you could, as far as I remember, play the ship you want for the missions. That's not even the case by tech tree ships.
  11. Regarding the Puerto Rico I must say, that it was way cheaper than a lot of people say. And even now people are spreading false information and say it cost 200€. As I knew I wouldn't have so much time to play during holidays I bought 3 booster. Cost me something like 80 bucks. I was fine with that. Played from time to time and was almost 3 weeks away. I also bought the Tier IX BB Jean Bart for 60 bucks. So imho the 20 bucks difference for a Tier X instead of a Tier IX was worth it. Steel is to limited to get imho. Its so limited as you can only play for it every few month. That is annoying.
  12. tyco

    Ranked Battle games

    Ranked out the first time. 🥳 Took me 27 battles. 1 in Halland 26 in Venezia.
  13. This was the first time I really had a blast on a competetive mode. I like that format with arms race. Well, I guess I was also lucky not having a losing streak. 😁
  14. tyco

    Shimakaze Legendary module Junk

    Talking about sidegrade... pffff... this thing is clearly a downgrade.
  15. Thanks! I will look for that 😀