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  1. I feel the same. Having a blast so far. It is way more durable than I expected.
  2. tyco

    Permanent Tarnung Infernal

    Bei der Shima konnte man die doch einfach , oder?
  3. Versuch einfach mal einen Aufkleber vor der Bestellung an den Briefkasten zu kleben: Bitte keine Monitore einstecken! Danke. 🤪
  4. tyco

    If you can't beat them, join them

    Because there is hardly an incentive to take a countership. I tried to go as a DD in such situations but always ended with 6 DD Matches in my topedo boat. Even if queue showed almost no other DD. in this case I simply prefer the more relaxing BB bang bang.
  5. tyco

    Steel choices...

    I have do make the same decision. 🙁 Balansgrad seems to be a nobrainer. Somers is being pulled soon. Everybody seems to like Bourgogne, but I don‘t really know about her strength. can‘t make a decision. ☹️
  6. tyco

    Unfinished Unique Upgrade Missions

    Unfinished mission? You will, of course, be demoted to a shipmans rank and have to clean the deck for the rest of your career.
  7. tyco

    Premium time Xmas sale

    I bought 360 days last year and still have 160 days left 🧐 Weegee is quite generous with premium time. 🤯
  8. tyco

    Flamu’s Secondary Test

    Well... and the des moines on the other side? 😁 They said the reduction of accuracy is justified by two shooting sides instead of one. We will see.
  9. tyco

    WoWS like an open world game?

    That game is called wwiionline 😁 Its more a simulation than an arcade game and mainly about infantry, tanks and planes. But you can explore europe with your fairmaile b 😆
  10. tyco

    Mega Containers

    That explains alot. I was wondering why everyone who posts results has been gifted a yuudachi
  11. Never heard someone saying something else than Ohio.
  12. tyco

    Recommend me a Tier VIII premium cruiser

    Mainz is a serious thread against all tiers. I dont mind being uptiered with it. High rof, high damage, good pen and decent mobility. It has torps and evil firing arcs. Its still a glass cannon without a heal. I like it most of my premium cruisers.
  13. tyco

    Procedural generated maps

    I would love that. But reading people complain about every afk player and everything that might favor the other team I think the playerbase is not grown enough.
  14. tyco

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Neither Lutris nor steam works now. 😕 @MrConway and @Sehales do you see any chance for us penguin lovers to get back on board?
  15. tyco

    What is your reason for potatoing?

    I didn‘t bother learning armor schemes and pen mechanics. I have no clue how overpenning works and I am overcommitting too offen because I simply want pewpew in my lazy times.