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  1. tyco

    0.5.7 Secondary nerfs on T8 and below, why?

    BBs are not the only opponents out there. I also try to torp DDs and CAs. The Tirpitz has good top speed but if most other classes don't want you to get closer, you will have hard time to close distance. Imho the secondaries are much more reliable. 6,8km range, setting stuff on fire and scaring the crapout of others. It's the combination of maneuverability, armor, secondaries and torps that make the Tirpitz a fun-to-play brawler. Or do you really want to tell me you like the decision to remove the second battery mod? Because thats what the thread is about. It just cuts of a unique setup and playstyle. Sooner or later everyone will stay at base and snipe stuff.
  2. tyco

    0.5.7 Secondary nerfs on T8 and below, why?

    If I can, that means I see them, I even close the distance to destroyers and cruisers. Better try to hunt them down before they hunt you. Guess dds are the ones I killed most with the Tirpitz.
  3. tyco

    0.5.7 Secondary nerfs on T8 and below, why?

    No. Tirpitz' torps are easy to dodge, have long reload and get broken in most matches. The secondary batteries not only give the necessary flexibility vs. DDs if you brawl, hell, they are fun!
  4. tyco

    0.5.7 Secondary nerfs on T8 and below, why?

    Not encouraging agressive play. I loved my Tirpitz brawling setup. Seems I need to get a cloaky-sniper-pitz. This. Is. crap.
  5. tyco

    Things that should give experience

    As far as I read, the experience for damage you gain is based on the percentage of damage you dealt to a ship. Killing a Shimakaze alone gives you the same amount of damage like killing a Yamato alone. I must say: I like that.
  6. tyco

    Crusiers Radar - Changes Needed

    omgz. l2p b00n! Just kidding. I play all classes equally often and I think BB tears melted their counterpart. This is somehow not a good start for a discussion.
  7. tyco

    What kind of player are you?

    Page 3, so nobody cares anymore. But still, I want to be part of a non-mimimi discussion on a WG forum. :-P I consider myself a better-than-good player. Not good as the real hardcores, but better than most. I guess this boils down to my long gaming experience, as I play online games since... uhm... almost 20 years. I can adopt games easy and fast. I am interested in games I play and read the rules or 'how teh sh1t works'. I can easily switch between roles, thus I play all classes quite equally. My playstyle is something like deliberated-agressive. I try to fulfil my role as good as I can, but I also take into account what my vehicle is good at and what not. But I am too often too far at the front. I try to preserve my hitpoints more in the future. On the other hand, I am not a socializer. In most cases I want to float around without all those annyoing voices in my head and shoot sh1t.
  8. tyco

    POLL/PROPOSAL: Secondary Artillery changes

    I like it as it is. When I play a BB, i almost always try to go in-ya-face for < 5km. I have a lot of great games with my Tirpitz where I have up to 30k from secondaries and the fires they set.
  9. tyco

    Is HE the better ammo-type?

    As I usually head directly to a cap at the beginning of the match, my first salvo is HE quite often. If no DD pops up, I switch to AP and I only shoot HE when I expect to face a DD.
  10. tyco

    Why nerf ships so heavily ?

    I can only speak for the Kagero, yet. But this one feels much more comfortable now. The 8km torps are deadly. Like that playstyle a lot!
  11. tyco

    Never aim below the waterline

    Never realized that, thank you for sharing m8!
  12. tyco


    Absolutely exactly my thoughts. I play online games and MMOs for 20 years now and I exactly feel like that. vikingw, you are completely ignoring the result of your own poll to point on problems only you think exist. There is no 'solution' needed. THIS is the result of your own poll!
  13. I strongly disagree. I perform best with BBs, they are much more forgiving than any other class. Also they have the highest damage output and the most hitpoints. They have the best range and can repair alot of damage right away. Battleships are the masterrace at the moment. And I tell you that, as someone who plays all classes almost equally.
  14. tyco


    75% for gtfo. Tendency is quite clear. Pin this thread, highlight this thread. Slam it left and right in the face of people moaning about too many fires in the future, claiming the community wants a nerf. The community is fine with it!
  15. tyco

    Is the grinding time too long?

    Of course it has nothing to do with skill to reach a specific tier in an unlimited amount of battles, but if you limit that amount of battles, it all breaks down to your average experience, which is definitely an indicator of skill. 900 games in about 4 month is really a lot of play. Thats more than 10 games per day and in average more than 2 hours of playing every day. I am not condemning you, I am myself a gamer for more than 20 years now and I understand that hobby very well. It's way better than spending time watching TV, eh? If you focus on one line you will be way better, because you get used to a ship. That increases your performance more than a daily win(x1,5). But hey. I must admit tier VIII, tier IV and V are the most fun for me. No need to hurry.