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  1. ForceM1782

    Ramming does too much damage

    I understand your frustration, and i do actually agree with you. While it is an interesting game mechanic and important for the game, it looks and feels very awkward how much damage even a DD can do to a Battleship this way. I have seen a low hp Podvoysky ram a Bayern from the rear, both at full speed i assume. It looked so hilariously slow, but the damage was indeed extreme. Bayern went from near full to 1/3 approx. No ifea if he had ramming flags or not. But it looked so extremely unrealistic that imho even WoWS as an arcady game should overthink it.
  2. ForceM1782

    How on earth did i not get this kill? =)

    Okay, where is the superposed second turret from the 1st picture? Can’t make it out on the second one. Looks like the japanese helped them improve their firing angles a bit No bow in the way anymore...
  3. ForceM1782

    How on earth did i not get this kill? =)

    If i can blow the bow completely off a ship in WoWs, so i see i can’t possibly do any damage to this part anymore, i will have no more complaints. But on a more serious note, these ships maybe did not sink, but i guess they were out of action at least so concerning a WoWs battle i would say they are destroyed The USS Pittsburgh seems to have been still somewhat seaworthy without a bow, but exceptions confirm the rule i guess. BTW what is the last ship from the pictures? Aye i would agree with that. But that could actually be what happened. I do my gun damage, plus some 2,7k with the first torp, saturating the bow. Then the further 3 torps do 1k per hit approx. Leaving the ship on a sliver of health.
  4. ForceM1782

    How on earth did i not get this kill? =)

    Okay, thank you, that’s a more detailed explanation than i knew until now, but it explains it. I did not know until now that you can not kill a ship by just hitting bow or stern (except overpens and fires/floodings). It’s a pretty silly mechanic if you ask me, as most ships would surely sink if you hit bow or stern repeatedly with torps (unless it had some really serious waterproof bulkhead compartments that also never get damaged by torps even if you blow the whole stern off) I mean, asking for realism is not even something i would consider the most important thing in an arcady game like this, but hitting a ship with a torp and doing 0 damage is kinda weird as a game mechanic imho. But anyway, many thanks for the explanations, its much appreciated and helps me understamd the game better!
  5. ForceM1782

    How on earth did i not get this kill? =)

    Okay i thought about this too, but a salvo of over 40k damage reduced to less than 6k? Edit: And on second thought it does not explain why my first torp hit did not kill the Wickes. It has only 8100 HP. I hit it with main Battery before, but can that have saturated the exact same areathat the torps hit afterwards (meaning shooting him beforehand saved his butt) That’s pretty hilarious...
  6. So basically i wanted to have a fast daily win on my Isokaze before having to stop gaming, and played a Coop match. I encountered a bot Wickes near a cap and launch a volley of torps. I get 4 torpedo hits, and... don't kill the DD. My torps should do over 10k damage per pop minus whatever reduction a Wickes has (so basically minus nothing) I died in the situation too (i was baffled that the ship didn't die...), but i saw the ship go on for a few seconds after i exploded, before he got hit and killed by our Kuma. So look at the attached Screenshot from after the match, where you can see: - I did indeed hit with 4 torps, doing 5791 damage (only???) - I caused 4 Floodings that got instantly repaired and did not ever tick. - You can also see above i did not get the kill. - Our Kuma got the kill from its main battery. So, what happened? To my understanding, what should have happened in this situation would be that i get only one, maybe two torpedo hits registered that then kill him outright for his remaining HP, correct? That's what usually happens in that situation. I would have reported this as a bug, but i am not sure if it is one, maybe i overlook something here, a simple explanation that you can give me why this happened. Feel free to give me your ideas and discuss. Note that i am not salty about this or complaining, i would just like to know what happened, so please stay civilized xd.
  7. ForceM1782

    Asashio.. Please shelve

    I think The intent to shut down BBs a bit is justified. I play DDs and Cruisers a lot, and i think there should ne proportionnally more cruisers in the game for its balance and health. The way however Asashio keeps BBs out is really not so smart. I mean we complain about passive sniping BBs and then they release a ship that forces the BBs even more into camping in the back line? That’s just really not what we need.
  8. ForceM1782

    do you think games are fixed ??

    I herby apologize for not respecting bot feelings. Still waiting for the day that MartinLutherBot comes to this forum to make a rantpost about the unbalanced sealclubbing that goes on in CooP mode where Bots have 99% loss rate, the Segregation of Bot Nation from Random Battles and the cliché of always having to play the bad guys in any scenario, just so that us humans can feel better about ourselves! Hell i doubt bots are even protected by Geneva convention. We could technically use Gas Shells on them and nobody would bat an eye... (On a personal note, have you guys seen the stats of this :Tirpitz: bot, or even :Kutuzov: And what’s the thing with this stupid :: clantag? Total Noobbots. I mean these guys should imho better go bot around in another game)
  9. ForceM1782

    do you think games are fixed ??

    Dear OP unless you play Coop, there are always 50% of people that lose the match. No idea if you think this is rigged or something, but that’s how the game works...
  10. ForceM1782

    Cheats on games

    You got hit by a missile and blood « explodet » ? You are aware that this is the World of Warships forum, not Battlefield... just saying, for « exsample » check if you are playing the same game as the rest here.
  11. ForceM1782

    Cheats on games

    Is that really the OP’s stats? I normally am against stat shaming, but this is unbelievable...
  12. Glad he didn’t say he speaks english. That would have been a lie. Also, don’t „do“ computers man, that’s just gross... This has to be one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen in a rage post. What do you expect man ???
  13. ForceM1782

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    This is so true actually. And such a shame that they still have not fixed this problem... I mean there are certainly people that have done all the right clicks at the right time to outplay their opponent. But UI messes it up and theyget rewarded by a wipe!
  14. Man, if OP had a table right now...
  15. ForceM1782

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    I agree that the UI is one of the most important parts of a possible fix, but it’s not the entire story. They will never come to a point where CVs are truly balanced, unless they make some massive changes to them. Not necessarily like some Tubers suggest to make them Battlestation Midway-like, but the playstyle, or at least the interaction between carriers and other ships needs to change. It seems that they have been overly influential on matches. And while that is indeed fitting (carriers decided the war in the Pacific), it might not be the best way for this game. What it lead to is people complaining that other ships were completely powerless against carrier strikes. Which lead to AAA being buffed to obscene levels. I mean there are ships with gynornous AA umbrellas that just melt planewaves in milliseconds. Which is totally unrealistic and frustrating for a CV player. The most dangerous thing for a strike package should imho be fighter planes from another carrier. Buffing AA is a bad crutch WG needs to reduce the impact of a carrier when a goid player dominates his counterpart. The consequence is that CVs need to have huge hangars to have enough replacement craft to be able to throw away entire waves in order to drop certain ships or their escorted ships. I.E. to have any other impact other than scouting or protecting your fleet from enemy drops. Now, we get the uber AP bombs on top, that can auto drop from any angle and reduce time over enemy AA on top of that. All this seems just like a really poor attemt to fix something that needs some truly deep reforms. And they have acknowledged that for quite some time now. But two „years of the carrier“ later, they still seem to have no idea how to end this huge mess. There are just not enough good RTS players in WoWS to be found, that would justify keeping the current system imho. This leads to complaints about teams getting the potato CV player while the other teams get the cancer division unicum players. I do not have enough expertise in order to tell WH what exactly to do, but if i had to give some advice, remaking the carrier UI while waiting would be a first (pretty easy and obvious) step, and then start to experiment with different approaches for a deeper carrier reform. Maybe less based on RTS actions per minute playstyle and more taylored towards the rest of the playerbase, in a game that is a very tactical 3D shooter. Which is the vast majority of our players after all. But these piecemeal buffs and nerfs to single carriers are just a token of WGs showing good will but sadly having little plan for the third „year of the carrier“ in a row...