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  1. Zepheris_

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Can wait for 4K scaling, can't read chat windows or use mini map.. I'm using a 4K @ 75Hz on a sub £300 TV :-)
  2. Zepheris_

    HMS Hood Teaser

    As much as I really like this ship, it's going to underperform in the game. Big target that will burn a lot and poor AA. She's a very old ship by 1940
  3. Zepheris_

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Whoop Whoop, It's on my shopping list.
  4. Zepheris_

    (Team) collision damage needs to be much more severe.

    Its bad enough when i spawn INSIDE other ships are the beginning of the game (mainly when in Battleship 3 players in a Division)
  5. I'm not really bothered that much with World of Warships anymore, so many delays and excuses for not releasing any Royal Navy ships. Considering there were 5 Country's with RN ships (Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and UK) , with over 200 ship classes to choose from (1890 - 1945) why do we only have 2 ships available?
  6. Zepheris_

    Thinking of emigrating - what happens to my account?

    You used to be able to migrate between regions but now you can't.
  7. Zepheris_


    I'm overall happy with it, but the day its secondaries get nerfed is the day i stop playing it.
  8. Zepheris_

    Warship in the new Battlefield 1 trailer

    Iron Duke yes looks much closer to the video
  9. Zepheris_

    Warship in the new Battlefield 1 trailer

    Queen Elizabeth Class 1915 The Starfish (Foremast) and Turrets look correct, i cant tell from the video if there is a second Funnel.
  10. Zepheris_

    Warspite's Armour...

    So your not a good player with the Warspite. For me its the best Armoured tier 6 BB in the game. It's down to the players skill, if you're trying to play it like a Cleveland and failing, its not the ships fault Did you even check the guides before buying it?
  11. Zepheris_

    Warspite Improvement

    It's perfect as it is please don't change it.
  12. Zepheris_

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    It's still my favorite ship in the game, very good accuracy, i love the maneuverability and the nice 7.6km range secondaries once you have all the upgrades fitted. Fire can be a weakness, and a skilled carrier can deal you a lot of damage. The only thing you are unable to repair against is the explosive damage dealt by torpedoes.
  13. Zepheris_

    HMS Campbeltown & USS Saipan

    What you don't have the Warspite?
  14. Zepheris_

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Seems to be a Wargaming's end for me. Rubber banding is very annoying, makes it very hard when i close range against destroyers. (edit) Took 20 minutes to load https://eu.wargaming.net/support/ just to log a ticket. I'm sure this is getting investigated. will have to not play until a fix is announced