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  1. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Luck tends to even out in the long run, so again better player wins more. It's that simple, yes you can have bad days, even weeks, but in the end luck balances itself. We see this everyday, you lose some and you gain some. In any competitive game/sport a better player/team will win more times, this we know. It applies in WOWS PvP also, better player influence games more so they win more. Or are you saying that rng in the game is not rng and actively tries to balance winrates? Because if not what I said before is basis, which means winrate is the stat to look if a player is good or not.
  2. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Musashi tier 9, Yamato tier 10. Perform almost the same, so of course Musashi is a better ship tier to tier. Another thing to consider is the number of matches and when did you got those ships. Most players get better with more matches, so if Yammy was your first tier X, it might get worse stats simple cause you were less good then. Worchester with bad winrate, means you're not carrying your team with it(yes it's not good in that). Just shoes damage is meaningless, unless done when your team can win the battle. Wooster is best at racking massive damage when all is lost and you're just bloating your own stats. A perfect example why only winrate matters, you can farm massive amounts of damage late in the match when your team loses. Also know as statpad damage, does not win matches but gets you looking good in exp and damage numbers. As you can see from this-> Winrate >>>>>>>>>>> all other stats. Ps. Please don't rant. Give proper though out comments and give a single reason why any other stat is a better indicator for skill than winrate. Of course based on facts, not opinions :)
  3. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Admiral tin foil hat alert! Do you have any proof(statistical evidence) that MM has chanced to push all to 50% rate? Or are you just running with a gut feeling? I'm guessing the latter one. You have the second best winrate in your clan MEANS you're second best in your clan. Atleast when it comes to doing the right things to win a match, in other words playing well. Your personal opinion matters not who's best and who's not. Winrate tells this and that stat alone. All other stats are fluff to make you feel better/worse, but in the end of the day winners are on top.
  4. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    ... SO you don't even understand the basics in what I am saying. You just take a single thing and run with it, trump 2.0 much? Winrate matters at lower battle numbers, but higher the number and surer we can be that that's your level of play. 100 matches, anything goes, 1000 matches, we can start seeing a trend, 10000 matches, it is like this(99.9999% of the time). Divisioning with good players makes your stats better, yes. But if you don't learn anything from those unicums as a noob, then it's your problem not the system. In WOT I got my friend playing a looong time ago and he learned a lot and fast when playing someone that knew how to play. IE he got good(ish). There are of course anomalies, like anywhere in this world, but we don't base the world around those rare possibilities. The world run around majority is like this, so this is like this, rule. WR is the only indicator, if your a good player or not. Nothing about quality here, do not mix those up. A good player just rises the WR of your team. A quality player does all things well, also known as unicum. An Uniscum does far more damage than a unicum per WR he has, making him not any better for the team. Finally a scum plays for personal rating, not winning. Like all that say WR is important, but are still good or reasonably good at the game. I do all I can for my team to win as that's the whole point of PvP. TO WIN and have fun of course. All others stats only give e-peen and don't make you worth anymore than a guy that has same winrate with lower PR.
  5. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    ...sigh. So in your last sentence you just prove that skill matters for your winrate. On your second account you have a really high winrate because you're clubbing seals as a veteran. This what is to be expected, due to a much superior skill and understanding compared to noobs that have just started the game. Your mains winrate dropping can be an anomaly that will even it self out or you have started playing more greedy and helping your team as much to win. Damage from what PR almost solely comes from is just a small part of what picture, when it comes to winning. Or maybe you have just reached your personal skill cap, from what to get up you need to really study what thing you do right and where you can improve. Bottom line here PR doesn't tell you if you play well, it only tells you if you farm damage well. Those are 2 completely different things and if you cannot understand this, you need to stop and think it through from the basics up. Meaning, you should really read about how chance and statistic work, before you claim that they are just some "mambojambo". My game numbers are high enough to give an idea of what how good I am at the game, but nowhere high enough to say it for certain. This is true, I never said otherwise. Just to be clear. Winrate is not about how high it is at any given point, but where it stabilizes in long run. It can have massive ups and downs at some points, yes, but in the end it will end around the right level for your skill level. This is a statistical fact and the basis of how all PvP games are(or should be) even balanced. For balancing the number is winrate of a ship vs the average winrate of players using the ship. Not to be mixed up with universal winrate, which only matters if it's way too high or low.
  6. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Dingling, sorry mate, but you're dead wrong here. Otherwise we would all have indentical winrates, a thing that's not the case at all. Your Iowa vs Missouri is far too small of a sample to tell anything. You need thousands of matches to see a trend, not 50-100. Even tossing a coin that should go 50-50, you can go 20 times one side in a row easy, but when your toss it 10000 times you start to see things even out, if not the coin is not balanced. In WOWS you see it winrates when you play a lot of matches, your overall match amount per ship and we can see per ship what you use good and what badly. This are statistical facts, that you say do not work. Give us a brake and think before spouting nonsense with no backing in truth. Sargento and philjd understand this and even responded to your nonsense claims. Cudos to you guys for this. I continue, winrate is by far the best(and only proper) informer if you are good or not. All the evidence in real life supports this. Winrate shows if you are good, all other stats are just fluff. That's the cruel truth, if you play only for stats. A player with a winrate of 65% is simply better than one with 60% winrate with more damage. Wows is still a video game with it's main point being enjoyment to players, so they want to invest in it. A fair trade.
  7. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    First, do you have proof that most random players don't care if they win or lose. If not, do not push this BS to others. I play randoms and I care, so does my brother and friend. You just assume randoms don't care. They may just be tomatoes, that doesn't mean they don't care. You would get teamplay in randoms, if you make the reward system to support that. Not the opposite, that you seem to want. Everyone like nice rewards and if playing for the team is the only way to get nice rewards, most people will at some point understand a bit what to do. Every bit more teamplay in a team based game is what you need to thrive for and that means rewards should come from thing that help you to win, not simply from damage farming. This is not a simple task, but it should be far simpler than balancing a full roster of ships. Overwatch is a nice example of guiding players towards teamplay, starting from the basic that is no other stat than winratio is shown to others(Not counting 3rd party sites). You still get per match best of things to appease all those who play for fun doesn't have trying to win as a part and those with too little e-peen to show of. So you balance rewards, so anything team useful other than damage gives more rewards and then cut rewards for damage to balance things out. You add some extra things to give more reason to play for the team and tell this in the game by some means most people can understand. My point being, you can delete all other stats except winratio for all I care as that is the only indicator of your actual skill. Also for rewards this can be made even a bigger factor, again to encourage people to play for their team and win more. All other stats are fluff for those that want to feel good, even though they don't try to be as good as they can or simply want a BIG e-peen, like uniscum(don't mix up with unicum). Damage is a perfect example of a stat that can be bloated a lot, by just using your team a meat shield, even when you should be the one on the front with your full HP BB. Loser don't get gold medals, no matter how great they might have been in eyes of others. Already your own work(damage farming mostly) gives a bulk of the rewards in the game. We do not need more of that. We need more buff to anything to get people to play more for the team. One of the easiest ways for this is to make win a BIG factor in your rewards. There are other ways, but those require actual work that WG is not known to be very interested in doing, if they can half [edited]it in other way. Ps. Why do you even care how you get reward? As you have hidden your stats meaning you either are really bad or simply not as good as you think you are. NO good player hides their stats. Gid gud and you get nice rewards.
  8. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Aaaand you misunderstand the basics here. PvP team game vs your idea solo warrior thing. Yes, there are people that play for others stats, that does not make them worth a damn in competitive gaming. Play to win against others is the basic premise of PvP. Even more so in a team game. What you want is a reward system that rewards of selfish behavior in a team based game and that is just a really bad idea, Solo games are for that. Team based games need to reward good things for the team and ONLY those things. Only performance stat a team game needs is winrate, all else is just fluff for those "less understanding" so that even they get some nice shiny things to show off. Ps. Your last line there just makes you look immature as you're simply down playing another person, without knowing a thing about said person. Here being me of course. Also it having not a thing to do with this topic.
  9. hopeasusi

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    This is around as dumb of a question you can get. In PvP games the only thing that really matters is winrate. All other stats are irrelevant as the whole point of a competition is to WIN. Of course you need to enjoy the game, but if you play for damage instead of winning you should play co-op not PvP. Damage farming is just e-peen for the "less understanding". The games exp system is a fail on this agenda in many ways, but that's a different topic all together.
  10. Wyoming getting buff is a bit iffy, but NC is just a worse Alabama. So it's nice that it gets something better than Bama. Not to mention Amagi will still be a better ship, unless you are a sniping bob. Why didn't New Mexico get any proper buff is weird as its just a worse fuso in everything except AA(speed and firepower advantade are huge for Fuso). Also Texas will just be a worse NY, as one gets better heal, a lot better dpm and faster ruddershift.
  11. Detonation are annoying, but not that bad of a thing. Permanently losing your guns or torps on the other hand is just horrible design. It gives nothing to gameplay, no matter how realistic it is to lose turrets. As it's so "fun" when you lose a large portion of your firepower to RNG. That's the only bs mechanic they need to remove.
  12. hopeasusi

    The Ring - SAVE A CC

    No reason what ever to care for the ring as we don't really matter in terms of who will become the winner. WG F-effed the event so badly as seems to be their standard. Community event where community is in a minor role is just not worth it.
  13. hopeasusi

    Remove Standard Battle

    It's not the gamemodes, but the reward system that needs to fixed. I't needs to reward other things than damage more and damage farming less. Spotting, tanking and positioning needs to matter more for rewards. Then those backline snipers get bad rewards for their lack of teamwork. Also being in the front should reward bbs a lot more than camping, then bbabies just might learn when to push and keep line.
  14. This would be a really bad chance. It would make many bbs as tanky as a paper towel. Same time some would not be affected at all, like all german bbs except kaiser. DD pen chance is what we need, not this idiotic idea. Only other chance I'dd love to see to basic mechanics would be concelment timer after firing to be based of class of ship or size of gun. Smaller gun less time visible, Big gun long time visible.
  15. hopeasusi

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Stop right there, we can see you're a BBaby player that hates when his OP toys get balanced. Not to mention concealment after firing should also be chanced so bbs take full 30sec to go back to full concelment, CA 20s and DDs should only take 10s. This to make sure you dont get back to concealed when your fighting. A think many BBs can do now. This is a awesome chance for the game, simple as that. BBs need to less forgiving and dominating ships in the game.