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  1. I think the "funniest" thing is that you don't even get a full doubloons refund for the ships you might own in these packs. Really WG? Really? So bad offer for the companys 20th anniversary, I really makes you wonder if they even want our money.
  2. Izumo turret discussion

    Easy fix would be buffing her deck armor to 50mm or so. Why? So that the BB with least ammount of stuff on deck would be the least affected by HE. With this chance Izumo would at least have single advantage over other tier 9 BBs. Also it would be really simple for WG to make this chance. Ps. I voted no for her turret redesigned.
  3. Alabama Pre Release Buff, thoughts?

    NC strong in what universe may I ask? It's the worst tier 8 silver BB and has been from the beginning. Amagi and Bismark are both better ships than NC. Or is this your way of saying tier 8 BBs are mostly too good? Also I would love to see Yammys citadel in lower to water level, maybe some balancing the same time.
  4. This is very simple, it's always the torpers fault. Noone should ever need to dodge torps from teammates. Teamkilling is the fault of the killer 100% time, because you should not shoot/torp if a teammate is in the line of fire. It is that simple.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Okhotnik

    Nice review. My only question is: When will i get to add this beast to my port? My gremmy needs a buddy in crime
  6. Whats the most important game statistic to you

    K/D is a nice stat, but not very important one. As you can cap 5 objectives in a match with a dd then die and your far more useful than a dd that kill 2 with no caps what so ever. All stats except win ratio should be hidden permanently, so that people would focus on the only thing that matter in competition. That is winning of course. No other stat is even remotely as important in showing are you doing the right things in the game. Simply because right things lead to more winning. Logic at it's best and most purest form. Ps. yes, I play pvp to win. Pve is for farming.
  7. Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    This so much. For me it ok, if stealthfire is removed, as long as i get a full refund on all my premium ships that this affects in doubloons. Except preorder ships of course ;D If i dont get a refund, then they can go f themselfs. It will chance gameplay a bit yes, but i dont really see it as horrible thing overall. Doubloons for affected prems and I will support WG work even after this.
  8. U.S.A Aircraft Carriers

    Statistics alone show that US CV are nowhere near the performance of the Japanese, the difference there is huge.(Taiho vs Essex around 5% difference in win ratio) Also you see this in game, IJN CVs almost always dominate against US CV, only exception being Saipan. So no they are not a match. What CVs need is a proper rework and then balancing like mad. Though some fast on point now balance would help to ease the wait for the rework. Ps. Remember boys and girls. Balance must be done by facts, not feelings, or we don't get any balance what so ever.
  9. Whats the most important game statistic to you

    What a load of bull. Win rate is simply the most important stat by far, as it shows are you helping your team to win. Anyone who thinks otherwise just drags teams down, because goal is to win. Also in Wows you can influence match more than in WOT, not the other way around. Wows has less players per side, so your performance means more. Yes, i don't care about damage I have done, if I can win every time. Damage of course helps, but it's not the point in the game. Just a means to an end.
  10. Belfast Armor vs Edinburgh

    So I was looking at the armor models of these 2 ships of the SAME class, but Belfast has somehow less armor in fore and aft ends. Edinburgh has 16mm and Belfast 13mm, can anyone explain why? Or is this just Wail Gaming's balancing at it's "finest".
  11. Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    More DD's mean less BB's and that is always a good thing. So nerfing DD's is bad, especially knowing BB's are the most played ship group. Not the other way round, shima nerf in the past was justified, this IJN 4/5 nerf no. Capital ships should be limited to 4 per side, rest for CA and DD. Why you might ask? For balanced games as CA would then have a role instead of being punching bags for the BB's.
  12. We have to nerf the cruisers!

    Say what? Des Moines and Cleveland are simply OP. They need nerfing, some other cruiser some small buff(Furutaka anyone?). In the case of Cleveland I think putting the ship in the right tier would be better than nerfing it to something far from reality. That tier being 8 not 6 and replacing it with CL Juneau. They you could even buff Cleveland's AA to real world level.
  13. Bismark would be a nice premium and then Tirpitz in the normal line. Because why not have both
  14. World of Warships - patch release

    I want the new tier 4 IJN battlecruiser Ishizuchi to be finally available. Hopefully a small nerf to HE, mostly the fire chance. Also all bug fixes are always nice, you know.
  15. HE ammo - far too effective

    You assume things based on other things, like that i don't use HE. I use it and that is why I know how stupidly broken it is at the moment. Never assume what others think, just work with what they say or you're just plain trolling. This post just proved that either your a troll or you think you know everything. I never said anything about BBs or not using HE shells, but still you assumed this 2 things of me. Or are you just that bad at English? Because that's always an option for these nonsense post you make. PS. It's rather ironic that you use very bad English and still try to tell others to use it properly. PPS. I know this post is not in perfect order, but it should get the job done.