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  1. in AL news today, http://yostar.co.jp/news-detail-101.html its happening!
  2. AntTiger666

    Developer Q&A 09/02 - Results

    Along with the silence from both Asia and Ark Performance, i'm losing alot of hair looking forward to see what else WG has to offer in that department i hope to see more to spice up the line variety
  3. AntTiger666

    Patch Notes from NA

    ..... i thought they said the crossover/event is over....
  4. #Ripfreetimewhenthiscomesout
  5. AntTiger666

    Izumo tips

    i highly recommend that you Free EXP the hulls, otherwise you might be missing alot of hair. play her bow on and dont show your broadside (like others said), try to stay mid range and nuke Cruisers and Cid battleships when ever possible (just dont go 1v1 Yamato's)
  6. AntTiger666

    Farewell, Captains!

    Farewell Cynd3r. may the salty seas guide you on your next voyage
  7. this petition was just signed by a Mediocre bottlesheep player... i mean seriously how can you *beep* this up WG
  8. AntTiger666

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    i seriously think this info needs to be posted on Reddit Edit: looks like its been done
  9. AntTiger666

    Arpeggio avatars

    "More then 15K people have finished the Nachi mission"
  10. AntTiger666

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    whelp... once im done with the Convoy i might as well retire, i finished my ultimate goal anyways (get the Yamato) thanks for the fun World of Warships, but no... just no...
  11. saw txtspeak in his Benson on Trap (Was the Yamato that Torpedobeated Zao's rather close spread). he had a potato team to say the least
  12. AntTiger666

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    We did it!. Hoarder just turned gold, Good work everyone!
  13. AntTiger666

    RDF is there another way?

    yes, by quitting the game at this point. i mean seriously there is no justification for this broken mess, regardless what WG is going to say, if they say it stays then i'm out...