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    Why do we use KMs?

    For me - ARMA has ruined my ability to judge distances in imperial in computer games. In real life I can only use yards and miles for it to make sense in my mind. For example - I know how fast 20 mph is but 20kmh - I can't get a feel for that. I know how far 2 miles is but 2km? - I cant get a feel for that. In computer games I can range things in Warthunder and ARMA in metres and kilometres but I have no chance in miles. (Even though in computer games the scale is completely different and arbitrary) but M and KM are just easier to judge. Thanks arma.
  2. tootmaimington

    Don't even think about it...

    Kartoffelmos, on 30 July 2015 - 11:43 PM, said: But who to choose; bearded or moustached? The struggle is real! This is the real question here
  3. tootmaimington

    Wider range of planes on CVs

    Just steal navyfields entire carrier system lol. Launch whatever variation of squadrons you want (as long as you have them in your hangar) Choose the different models of plane before battle (short range but powerful fighters or long range regular fighters for example)
  4. tootmaimington

    still working as intended

    In all seriousness though, border hugging is stupid - it is my go to method of avoiding ALL torps whenever I want thousands of tons of steel to turn like a motorbike. It wouldnt be so bad if the game didnt force autoaim on guns (which obviously gets confused by the border) and you could manual drop torps right up to the border - even if you ignore the fact that you can pivot off the edges to turn quicker.
  5. tootmaimington

    still working as intended

    To be fair, I've seen MassiveD's Essex border hugging like a pro
  6. tootmaimington

    Finding our feet or Sinking fast?

    I'm only here until Warthunder ships. So about 5 or 6 years.... damn that is depressing.
  7. tootmaimington

    So where are the carriers now? - CV almost disapeared.

    When you start having ships use the AA ability to panic your torpedo bombers - you arent hitting anything. When your bombers get caught up in floatplane fighter nets and panic - you arent hitting anything. Yes you can turn and wait for the ability to finish but will lose at least 1 plane doing that and at least 1 minute has been added to the time where you can apply damage. The point is that until the next patch, it's not likely that you will be going up against anything that can do that which is why the ability is being added in that patch. Combine this with other CV players hunting your squadrons with their own fighters - all of the experienced CV players are much higher tiered so you wont be fighting them - just inexperienced CV captains. Basically until you personally hit tier 6 or 7, there is no counter yet so take advantage, you might even be able to raise your lacklustre stats.
  8. tootmaimington

    Toxic chat - Please make it an option to turn of ingame chat

    Grown adults who can't handle bad words on the internet.
  9. tootmaimington

    Cant win if i try so whats the point?

    I think its more the fact that no matter how good you play or how much damage you do, the rest of the team will ALWAYS lose the game for you. No matter how hard you carry - your teammates are always spastics.
  10. tootmaimington

    he ap

    To be fair, I did the same crap for ages until I realised...
  11. tootmaimington

    We Need Foghorn's!

    I agree