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  1. Suomismg

    Admiral Gorshkov (Baku CVHG-103) - Heavy Aircraft Carrier

    It will be interesting to see how drones will change the battlefield, the limitations and such will change more than they have ever before.
  2. Suomismg

    [JMSDF] Oto Melara 76MM Firing Drill

    Interesting soundtrack, it is also good to see the inner mechanics of the weapon.
  3. Suomismg

    The French frigate

    Thank you for posting this.
  4. Suomismg

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    What a majestic number of pictures, keep this up, there must be more of them.
  5. Suomismg

    Top 10 WWII Battleships and Battlecruisers

    Video was reasonable, the soundtrack memorable and the chosen ships well within the criteria.
  6. Suomismg

    De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate

    It appears to be the trend that after cold war the size of the ships developed have become smaller, asymmetric warfare I believe.
  7. Exellent post, i have to wonder what other advantages they had versus helicopter assigned to similar roles.
  8. Suomismg

    Death of USS Cushing

    wonder if any other nation would have wished to buy it before decomissioning, it would have had something better to do. Then again, training and military experiments are needed to have pleniful ammounts of combat data for future development.
  9. Well, it certanly is expensive, but no worries, Crown will always have its money through means . About the airplane though, if I remember correctly Russians have tendency of selling, should we say, "watered down" versions of their equipments, if that is still happening.
  10. Suomismg

    Spanish ship "BAM Rayo (P-42)"

    It's tactical means could be upgraded by adding missiles, but they can always be installed later.
  11. Suomismg

    Royal Danish Navy

    Wonder why more of them have not been commisioned, maybe something else is being made perhaps?
  12. Suomismg

    "ORP Warszawa "

    Thanks for the video, enlightening indeed.
  13. Suomismg

    [UK Royal Navy] River Class patrol vessel.

    Interesting, looks like they made it to withstand all kinds of light armaments, dont know about launchers though.
  14. Suomismg

    Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    Missile cruisers seem to have all the best traits croatian navy could request, since it is unlikely that they would mount any large scale offensive operations.
  15. Suomismg

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Well during sea operations the mere potential of these mosters forced massive amounts of resources from the allies to deal with it: If kriegsmarine had more of them, who knows how Battle of the Brittain would have turned out.