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  1. I would hide my stats if xvm came to wows I hated it's effect on wot and one of the reasons I stoped playing that game.
  2. Found this podcast after stepping away from the game for a little while and it brought me back up to speed and let me know what had been going on. I binged all 27 episodes in 2 weeks Great Podcast!
  3. MrBossMan

    London Port - feedback

    I like it although I would like to see Queen Elizabeth Tower in the background.
  4. MrBossMan

    Can we get a Horn Button to prevent collisions?

    I could see the troll come out in people following them around using the horn for no reason.
  5. MrBossMan

    DD counters DD with Torps

    I manage to counter a DD with torps at very close range and survive. Thanks for watching MrBossMan