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  1. max24dj

    Those lame cap circles are a relic of the past

    Sure evrything can be improved in this world, the problem is that coming out saying "Thing X sucks it should be improved" isn't particularly useful, if you actually had some carefully tought over ideas about how to improve them it wuold be different. You had a couple of half assed proposals and it took me only 30 seconds to come up with a dozen of possible flaws they cuold have if they were implemented in the current modes. Sure WG could come up with new modes with different objectives but i wouldn't hold my breath, especially cosidering that development expeses are a major factor that almost evryone tends to overlook when talking about this kind of things. Some comments could have been more constructive (mine included) i'll give you that, but the post didn't feel particularly constructive to begin with....talking about historical accuracy in this game will almost always make you look like a fool.
  2. max24dj

    Those lame cap circles are a relic of the past

    So istead of a circle you want an island....and what is the difference except for the aestethics? Wouldn't 2 identically shaped island on every map seem even more weird than the circles? What for domination? Can't have crescents facing away from both teams. What about carriers? It's not a matter of imagination it's the fact that it takes a massive effort to think about something that works exactly as the current cap circle but looks less strange and it's simply not worth it just for the looks. You could make it look better by implementing some anymation that make it look like you are shelling or taking control of something while you stay in that area but at the end of the day it's just a cap circle
  3. max24dj

    Those lame cap circles are a relic of the past

    And what would you do? Put a 2km high mountain between the spawns on every map like two brothers? A Yamato with range upgrades can reach every corner of a map from the spawn and even if you did that it wuold only take a few mins to get a clear LoS to the objective unless yuo litterally sorrounded it with a wall. And how do you handle carriers? Keep 4 cruisers over the objective for the whole match to avoid it getting sniped by planes? Face it the only viable objective is one that forces you to get close to achieve it or else the game would only be max range objective shelling from both teams. There is also the problem of a team having 0 attack capabilities left but not being completely wiped out like a carrier that lost all planes or a ship that lost all guns (rare but it happens). Caps aren't there to look historical or nice or whatever, they are there to provide a specific functionality to the game that's tuned to work in a specific way. Unless you change them with something that it's functionally the same (takes X time at the same range for any ship no matter it's condition) you are just gonna screw the game balance.
  4. max24dj

    Caps too powerful in Ranked

    So i had a few games in ranked mode (rank 22 atm) and didn't notice any major issue with DDs: if your CAs sweep the caps with BB support you win; if everyone doesn't give a [edited]and goes for kills or plays defensively (coward mode) you lose; Don't see an issue about that, if you play only to get and keep cap advantage you usually don't have problems winning the game. The games are considerably faster than random ones but tbh if a team can't be arsed to go for objectives from the start i don't see the need to drag a pointless battle on. It might be an issue for carriers but, well, it's not like many people will miss them anyway .
  5. max24dj

    Caps too powerful in Ranked

    Yeah i don't see the problem with closing in with DDs in the smokescreen if you are in a cruiser. With the fighter spotting torpedoes it's not really hard to dodge close range spreads and catch them within 2 km into the smoke if you know what you are doing. I could undestand if the problem is being obliterated by BBs while you go hunting for DDs but, seriously, dealing with a single destroyers in a predictable spot with a CA shuold be a pushover. Also the point about fighter carriers spotting destroyers from the get go sounds like a solid tactic in this particular situation.
  6. max24dj

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    I'm gonna try to keep this as objective as possible since i think the Izumo performs better at basically melee range but i also think this is mainly due to personal preferences and i don't want to write biased comments. The armor on the Izumo is bad, with huge, flat, unprotected surfaces on the deck so plunging fire will hit you hard. The only hope you have to bounce anything is to take it on the belt at a decent angle and that's only possible at mid to close range. The concealment is the worst of any ship and you can't outrange any of the comparable tier BBs (without upgrades) which is another thing that goes agaist the Izumo as a sniper: you will always being taking fire before you can return it yourself. The max dispersion isn't too bad but consider that, like for all BBs, the farther you are from your target the lower you chances to actually hit him. Secondaries are awkwardly positioned so that most of them won't fire unless you explose your side at an angle that won't bounce incoming shots so you can't really rely on them against anything that fires AP and, since they are mostly 120mm HE guns, they are useless against anything that isn't a DD except for setting up fires. Last little curiosity is that the Izumo turrets are made of paper, if you actually make it to brawling range expect to lose at least 1, possibly 2 and all 3 isn't completely out of question either. If you try hard enough you will have all kinds of fun stories to tell your friends about how you turrets let you down, like being unable to fire because 1 salvo from a cruiser either incapacitated or outright destroyed all 3 of them at the same time and such. All things considered I'd say it's not really a sniper (and tbh BBs in general aren't exceptionally good at extreme ranges), it's probably better used from mid-range onwards. My personal preference, as already pointed out, was playing it as a brawler but unless you feel comfortable dodging massive amount of torpedoes and cleverly angling to bounce other BBs shots it's probably better to avoid going there. So you think the Izumo is better or at least as good as the Iowa? Even compared to the Amagi it doesn't really feel like an upgrade at all (and all stats seem to agree that it's not, as a matter of fact).
  7. How can someone not understand that all logic points in the direction that air superiority setups just can't compete with strike ones in random games? Since you seem to only understand damage prevention let's see if i can try to put things into a perspective you might understand. Killing planes isn't the only way a CV can prevent damage to his team, actually killing enemy ships prevents damage to you team as well since the DPS of a ship resting on the bottom of the ocean it's 0. Taking this to the extreme if you manage to snipe the enemy CV with your first sortie you pretty much get the same effect as a theoretical perfect game with an air superiority setup while, also having the chance of doing something else for the rest of the game istead of being nearly useless. Just how much damage do you think you prevented if you stop a couple of torp drops while that Iowbug you cuold easily have torped into oblivion goes on to deal 200k damage to your team? Tbh just the fact the the best result you can hope for in an air superiority deck it's to completely nullify your enemy while doing the same to yourself shuold hint just how bad it is. No matter what you do you can never outdo your opponent because preventing all his damage while also doing none yourself it's the best you can do no matter how hard you try. A good player will always aim to do better than his opponent because that's how your tip you win rate over the 50% mark and fighter decks jus't don't have the ability to do that. Also teamwork =/= helping someone in your team no matter what, every time you sicrifice your own damage for the sake of someone else you must do in under the assumption that it will increase his damage by more than the one you lost to help him over the course of the battle else you just gimped your team for no return. When the objective is winning the game doesn't matter how you do it, if you have to step over the corpses of your teammates to get there so what?? Do you think any sports team in the world would give a f..k about teamplay if someone could single handedly win the game for them?
  8. max24dj

    Izumo firepower.....

    It's really not a matter of firepower as the damage of the main guns it's the only redeeming feature the Izumo has, provided that you can actually hit something (that's where the brawling comes into play). Evrything else it's worse than the Amagi so you will end up doing less damage simply because the ship is overall worse than it's predecessor, there is nothing you can do about it. On a side note going for the secondary route doesn't work as well with the Izumo because the firing arcs are bad and you will have to show a full broadside to have all your secondaries firing, as opposed to the Amagi where most secondaries could fire almost facing forward. They, also, feel weaker, i can't really give an objective reason about it but no matter how hard i tried they never did any meaningful damage except for setting people on fire; i suppose 120mm secondaries aren't as good as the 140mm ones on the Amagi.
  9. max24dj

    Why do I have to use my BB to go Destroyer hunting? Help pls!

    Losing credits has nothing to do with getting sunk but evrything to do with performance, if you do well you will at least break even regardless, if you suck no matter what you do you will end up losing money. Smart people know better not to play high tiers to make money but just for fun/exp grinding, if you need credits just invest 12 euros in a Murmansk and enjoy your 500k credits profits in a good game with your balanced soviet hardware
  10. max24dj

    Why do I have to use my BB to go Destroyer hunting? Help pls!

    Lol i got used to base capping in a BB long ago, seriously by now being the first to reach a base in a BB after the game starts feels completely normal. When you have to cap the C point in hotspot (the one in the arcipelago) with an Amagi while killing the 2 enemy destroyers camping it because all your cruisers are too afraid to even go close to it you just lose faith in humanity. When i play a cruiser, or even an US DD for that matter, i make it my number 1 priority at the start of the game to kill all enemy destroyers ASAP, actively hunting them every time they are spotted. The return you get both in terms of XP/credits and team utility for the time it actually takes if you know what you are doing it's just so massive it wuold be stupid not to do it. Also being primarily a BB driver my hate for DDs is so massive i wuold do it anyway out of spite, i just wanna make DDs lives miserable and feed on their suffering as i mercillesly hunt them down. I just wanna see all DDs burn!
  11. max24dj

    Why do I have to use my BB to go Destroyer hunting? Help pls!

    I've been experiencing the same problem and that's the main reason i'm playing BBs a lot less lately; the sheer frustration you get from having to do everything yourself, even when you are clearly at a disadvantage compared to other classes, killed all the fun. The short answer is that 90% of the players in this game are completely useless, same as WoT. Seriously, tell me: when you look around don't you see most ships trying to run to a corner of the map the second someone tries to close the distance with them? I understand cruisers kiting battleships while staying at their max range because that's how you shuold do it but battleships trying to run from cruisers? And i mean US ones so no torps involved. The longer answer is that i believe people greatly overestimate DDs fighting capabilities at close range because they had bad experiences due to lack of experience/skill and so are just scared shitless to even go close to them ever again. I believe everyone when he was a newbie tried to go close to a DD, ate a full spread at point blank range and got deleted from the battle without being able to do much about it. When that happens you have 2 choices: - you analyze your mistake, try to come up with a solution and develop a strategy to counter it and ultimately find out that a spotted DD for a cruiser is little more than an XP pignata waiting to be harvested. - you abandon all hope and just run away in fear every time you see a DD within 20 km (which seems the favourite approach of the majority of the playerbase). The problem is, and i believe it's one of the contradiction that make destroyers so hard to balance, that a DD is a deadly opponent to face up close if you are clueless while being completely helpless if you know what you are doing; as most players fall in the first category they just run away when they see them. As DDs can only be spotted, and consequently killed, at close range, unless you have a friendly CV spotting them for you, people should just learn to close the distance with them and take them out every time there's a reasonalbe chance to do so. It's not hard as most DDs attack patterns are so predictable it's laughable: they will only broadside you to launch torpedoes so when they do you fill them with "Burning (HE) Love" and then turn hard in the opposite direction as the one you were travelling before and giggle when their full spread misses you by a mile. With a cruiser it usually takes no more than 3 salvoes (less than 30 seconds) to kill a full health DD and get yourself a 100% kill worth of rewards, i had games with less than 40k damage done with over 1700 base xp because i wasted all the enemy team's destroyers in the first 10 minutes of a battle, and on top of that the BBs in your team will love you for that. The problem is that if a DD is enough to send and entire flank with a 2 to 1 numerical advantage running for their lives, strategically speaking, you failed very, very hard. You don't need to turn that hard to avoid torps if you are going towards the DD tbh, even a 20 degrees turn might be enough to completely avoid a narrow spread from up close, but you can't turn when you actually see the torps you have to start turning when the DD moves in a way that gives away the he shoot them. Offtopic: talking about bad experices i actually had a game the other day in my Izumo where 3 cruisers and a destroyer in my team failed to even engage a DD that was torping my from up close. The fun thing is that after dodging most of the 4 spreads he shoot me during the battle i was finished off by my own team DD trying to torp him from behind me, and actually sending his full spread into my side from 1km away.
  12. max24dj

    So the game is "Ready" for release

    All of this fuss over the removal of the "Beta. Work in progress" phrase from the dock? Sooner or later you have to do that, when there aren't gonna be any more resets and you can spend money on the game there is little point in calling it a beta any more. And WoT was released with only 3 nations so not much of a difference considering the german are coming next month (and btw it was in beta in EU and NA for over 6 months after the official russian release so go figure what the point of calling it a beta was). In a MMO at some point you have to start making money to develop content regardless what the state of the game is, even World of Warcraft was realeased without any raid at all.
  13. max24dj

    Game release due 17th sep. Is this too soon?

    For all practical purposes the game was released when open beta started, when evryone can join, spend money and no more resets are coming what is the difference between beta and and release? Development on mmo games never stops so you will never balance and fix evrything and releasing those 3 tech trees you mentioned will probably take a year so they might as well drop the useless beta signature from the game already.
  14. max24dj

    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    This and the following post from the same person pretty much contain all the wisdom you can get about battleships, if even this isn't helpful for you just abandon hope, all is lost....
  15. max24dj


    It's still more accurate at 11 dispersion per kilometer compared to the 12.5 of the Iowa, I don't know if the difference is big enough to have a big impact and at closer ranges it doesn't really matter anyway. I have the same feeling, i don't know if it's bad accuracy or the fact that the huge, unprotected, flat deck surfaces are an easy target for plunging fire or both, but the ship just feels unreliable at long range.