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  1. Spruty

    Email about welcome gift but no welcome gift?

    Hey! The link finally worked. And i thought this email was a scam... Thank you very much WG. I always appreciate "welcome gifts" even tho I´ve been around since the closed beta. The Emden with a port slot, 7 days of premium and 1mill credits are a nice treat. .
  2. Spruty

    Gewertete Gefechte Season4

    Die einzigen zwei aus meinem Bekanntenkreis die auch WoWs spielen, haben die exakt gleiche Vorstellung vom Spiel. Dreimal W, ab durch die Mitte und auf das erste Rote schießen und torpen was aufpoppt. Ein Spiel bei dem man länger als 4min überlebt wird als langweilig empfunden. Und schnelle Torps mit kurzer Reichweite kommen angeblich total gut auf russischen DDs... Und Gewertet Gefechte sind auch super, weil da bekommt man nachher immer so geile Flaggenpackete, obwohl man als erster tot ist. Mir klappen dabei die Fußnägel um, aber WG muss die lieben. Beide haben schon soviel Asche im Spiel gelassen, dafür bekäme man einen netten Gaming PC oder zwei aktuelle Spielkonsolen
  3. Spruty


    WG will stick to their balancing policy in Wows and make the regular version a tad worst than the premium version. As the previous posters said, they´ll remove the torps and make it up by giving it 0,01% better dispersion or maneuverability.
  4. Spruty

    Done with this [edited] of a game.

    Let me guess... Someone managed to obtain his friend / father´s WoWs account details and is now trying to get him banned.
  5. Spruty

    You did not prove yourself in this battle

    Deleting Aslain ship icons fixed it for me.
  6. Spruty

    Pensacola - should be a tier 6.

    Well you are right. You´ve clearly beaten me by arguments
  7. Spruty

    Pensacola - should be a tier 6.

    I have no idea how people can defend that piece of sh..t . It gets penetrated from all angles, even from the front. I got even penetrated by HE shells... Yesterday i had a good example where my T5 Gremyashchy dished out 2-4k dmg salvos against a poor Pensacola. And even tho I wasnt on the receiving end I felt sorry for that poor dude getting raped by a destroyer 2 tiers below in a gun duel... Very funny though that WG, instead of buffing the ship, introduced the Premium Indianapolis which is a more or less buffed Pensacola whith little less mobility but with more range, better concealment AND freaking radar....
  8. Spruty

    0.5.6 Incoming - Patch Notes

    Buffing the Iowa is an excellent idea. Making the strongest tier 9 BB even stronger seems very reasonable...
  9. Spruty

    More Premium Ships - Can't Buy Them Fast Enough

    I can feel your pain m8. Last night i couldn´t find any sleep at all. I was so worried that Wargaming´s bank accounts might be full and that their bank might not accept the cash I throw at ´em. I already own every single purchaseable premium ship in the game and I´m running out of options... Help! Please, Wargaming. I begging on my knees. Introduce more premiums ships asap. Forget these stupid balance changes and all that crap, I´m not actively playing this game anyway. I got to go now and lube my credit card. I heared rumors about some fancy flag packages coming to the store. PS: Please, roll back these changes to the PvE mode, the AI makes it impossible to win at the moment.
  10. Spruty

    Reward for failure

    Alternatively just stop paying and / or playing. Least that was the solution that worked for me. This game frustrated me to an extend where i just had to quit. Afkers, bots, sub 40%ers with sub 10.000 dmg average damage on their tier 8 BBs, suicidal destroyer and cruiser captains in 9 out of 10 matches. Once in a while I still play wows but with a much better feeling and a more relaxed attitude since I know that I´m not actively supporting this game with my cash anymore.
  11. What a disappointment .......... The commentary was the [edited]. It doesnt work, if you try to explain the whole game mechanics druring a team battle The camera was switching every 2 seconds. Impossible to follow the teamplay. You obviously need to buy one of those 40€+ premium ships in order to be competetive in WoWs. Some of the premium ships just excel their normal counterparts in almost every aspect, cough, cough Tirpitz...
  12. Spruty

    Premiumschiffe in Teamgefechten

    Ich spiele selber keine Teamgefechte, verfolge aber regelmäßig die Streams. Ist schon sehr auffällig und traurig wie häufig Premiumschiffe den Vorzug erhalten. Aber anders als die Premiumpanzer in Wot, sind die Premiumschiffe in WoWs häufig ihren "normalen" Counterparts leicht überlegen. Premiumschiffe sollten nicht generft werden, dafür sollten jedoch die normalen einen Buff erhalten. Spätestens wenn beim nächsten Wargaming eSport-Event alle Top-Teams mit Tirpitz, Atago und Kutzov spielen muss WG handeln.
  13. Hey fellow captains! After suffering from a horrible row of games filled with sub 40%ers, Tirpitz and Atago players with less than 50 games overall, afkers, suiciders i had to vent... But instead of smashing my keyboard against the wall I wanted to funnel that energy into something uselfull and made this topic. Help me please! I´m a student with too much free time at hand and wonder when its the best time to "do" my dailies.
  14. Spruty

    The 45 % Beta

    When i see my older brother (age:41) play Wows and how he manages with his "1-finger-keyboard-techique", broadside on-tactic and his crappy 17fps budget pc a solid 48-49% winrate i really wonder what is wrong with those sub 45% players... My guess is that there are alot more bots out there than we actually think
  15. Spruty

    Winrate means NOTHING

    Of course winrate means nothing. Don´t know what all this fuzz is about. Even the dumbest lowbob has the chance to carry his team alone to victory. [edited]