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  1. just wanted to say, that this thread title is one of the best on this forum
  2. D00dDk

    The Arctic map definitely needs to go

    ocean sucks, not only for dd's
  3. D00dDk

    I just got detonated

    no its not rare in certain ships.
  4. D00dDk

    Change the lighting on the 'Ocean' map

    wow.. if thats your only issue in this game, you are quite lucky
  5. D00dDk

    3 daily Torp missions. HALP lol

    since nobody is forcing him to complete the missions, nobody is forcing him to play something he dont want to...
  6. D00dDk

    Of Mice and Men

    g502 for m2, best mouse i tried in a long time..
  7. definetely US dd's with the short range torps ...
  8. D00dDk

    Keyboard problem

    someone wrote to delete preferences.xml file, i solved it here by reinstalling the game.. guess the prefs file gets corrupted somehow on some installs ...
  9. D00dDk

    The Ctrl button

    had the same issue, complete reinstall of the game fixed it.. guess one or more files gets corrupted somehow...
  10. D00dDk

    World of Warships controls problem

    got the same issue.. very annoying
  11. definately some connection issues somewhere atm... being discoed every 10-15 mins at the moment .
  12. D00dDk

    World of Warships not responding / Help ?

    doing it for me as well tonight.. never was a issue before, game just lags out.. must be the connection to the server somewhere.
  13. since the chat is the only way to get any form of teamplay going, its not a good idea to disable it. just ignore the losers, its not that hard.
  14. D00dDk

    Need much more AA on tier III and IV

    yes i will, since it messes with the gameplay of at least 8-10 ppl every time it happens.