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  1. Mindfield

    Armour useless, accuracy at max range way too high

    Any statistical proof? Reread, and you see that I dont talk about deck armour preventing penetrations.
  2. Mindfield

    Missions that require ship torpedoes

    Hi, How do I get rid of the mission "Sniper" and "Surprise Attack"? Both require ship torpedo hits, but I dont have any ships with ship torpedoes (and I dont want to play one).
  3. Mindfield

    Domination, domination and wait more domination

    I prefer a draw after a good fight, than to lose/win a match after 6 min, doing nothing.
  4. Mindfield

    Armour useless, accuracy at max range way too high

    Dynamic visibility would be nice. Every match with different visibility would open new challenges, and would give this game a distinctive feature.
  5. Mindfield

    Armour useless, accuracy at max range way too high

    Armour was there for a reason. And it was designed to bounce shells at certain angles and calibres. At maximum range belt armour is useless. Yes Cruisers can dodges some shells, but they have less hp, and surprise they shoot AP at their maximum range (around 14km) to get deck penetrations. Fighting BBs at maximum range is not that hard to score hits. And then the one who get the lucky citadel hits wins. More guns, more hits. This is from the Jutland Battle, and you can see how incredibly low the hit probability was in reality(WW1). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damage_to_major_ships_at_the_Battle_of_Jutland Yes...it is a game, i know.
  6. Hi, Currently armour is useless, because all/most BB fight at maximum range and AP shells pierce easily the decks. That would not be a so big problem, if the accuracy at maximum range is not that good like it is now. More guns wins over less guns(see eg. Fuso - Nagato -Problem), because you can penetrate the decks. Maybe the visibility is way to good, so we always have the best visibility to fire guns at maximum range. It is boring too. The one with better RNG will win. Something need to change here.
  7. Mindfield

    Games way to short

    Only in Domination. Lot of people need to learn how this mode works. Other modes take longer.
  8. Mindfield

    German Carrier designs

    sm = german for "Seemeile" It is the same as nautical mile. All those Großflugzeugträger projects are carp. For a CV, way too few aircrafts. For a BB, way too few guns. Torpedos? wtf.
  9. Mindfield

    Ships lagging at distance?

    It is a known bug. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7464-known-bugs-issues/
  10. Mindfield

    The RNG in BB combat

    No, check the dispersion values of the guns. The dispersion increases with diameter. Cruisers with 15cm have around 130m dispersion. The 36cm guns have around 240m. I think when USN BB will be available we will see the same pattern.
  11. Mindfield

    The RNG in BB combat

    We already land more hits than reality. Yes it is sometimes frustrating to get hits and no damage done (bounce or overpenetrated). I would suggest to lower citatel hit damage. This is the most RNG ever.
  12. Mindfield

    German navy battleships advantages/disadvantages

    Check this site: http://www.kbismarck.com The game has adjustments to make fights faster. It seems in game the gun statistics are somehow compressed. Max Range in Game = Max Range Values from reality eg. Dispersion Value. Note this is only the statistic of the gun, not the whole weapon system http://www.kbismarck.com/38cm.html
  13. Mindfield

    Reward rate

    The Kongo is very good at its tier, but with Fuso I allready had some matches where I played very bad and started losing money. This is all without premium. If you check the post-battle stats, you can see how much you would get with premium account.
  14. Yep noticed this too. Enemy Ships suddenly jumps and my shots miss. Very annoying.
  15. Mindfield

    planes with torpedoes

    Why cant we use those shiny torpedo nets mounted on the BB (T3 and T4 have them, not sure about the rest)? 3.5 km range of secondary artillery is a joke too.