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  1. LMN118

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Would be nice if you added accurate dates in game please. The directives and mission said they were valid until the 17th (at least the 4th anniversary banner definitely does). So I left it until today to finish it up and no longer available. Well that was a bit of a waste of effort wasn't it. You have the facilities to put the information in game so please use them, I can't speak for anyone else but I hate having to hunt down information from social media or other websites. WoT Console has a timer on all events (operations) which is really useful to see exactly how much time you have to finish something.
  2. LMN118

    WG marketing team is getting creative...

    It is not a case of misreading anything. Your email read as follows: Upon receiving that email I checked and there was no price reduction on the doubloons packages in the premium shop. There was a blanket 30% voucher (that I randomly found later) but no direct discount as implied. The ship mixup is an obvious error. I don't think anyone can begrudge that. But the above quote was factually incorrect and misleading. These things happen, however, perhaps you need to get your marketing people to proof read a bit more thoroughly or employ people with a better understanding of English.
  3. Nice ship, very accurate guns that do decent damage despite only being 305mm. Not sure what's going on with the secondaries, none of the deck guns work or are listed in the stats. Only the 4 70mms on the turrets seem to do anything.
  4. LMN118

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    Just really getting to grips with the update as I've been playing on Legends, or not all. Must admit, the game is garbage at the moment. I just get hit by multiple torps from every direction and you might avoid one group of planes but not multiples that split and then can hit you again from the opposite direction. It's just ridiculous at the moment. Especially true if you are playing a low tiered BB getting hammered by two CVs at the same time with very little AAA to speak of (although testing with my old CLAAs appears that they are equally ineffective).
  5. LMN118

    RESULTS - Battle of Cape Esperance

    So no idea if the event is working, no sierra mike flag, no idea how many points I am getting or have got and it ends on Monday. That was well planned.
  6. LMN118

    WG marketing team is getting creative...

    Same email, just spent a little while looking for the magically reduced Doubloons....and nothing. Between legends fleecing players and stuff like this it is quite disappointing.
  7. LMN118

    "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

    When is this actually due to end? I count no less than 3 dates for getting the ship. 22nd, 29th and the 30th. I like the idea of directives, I dislike the fact the very last one which is situated when we are all back to work is the most grindy and has proven very difficult for me to achieve. One, having just come back into the game I didn't have many of the newer additions to the game and two, I tend to play late at night which pretty much limits me to co-op since there are so few players on. I've done 5 of the 6 required, but since I have no real French ships and the income from my single tier V is so low and I'm left with a couple of premiums for the remaining factions it seems a complete waste of time for 5 weeks. Add that to the utterly dire loot boxes you rolled out with their useless contents and I have a funny taste in my mouth that reminds me off....
  8. LMN118

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Just came back after a years break, decided to get used to the game again with Legends coming out. The game is about the same as it has always been. Same people picking one player to whinge at about losing when the entire team was more or less to blame. Does seem to happen the higher up you go. It is still quite rare, the problem is our brains are far more likely to focus on one negative experience rather than nine positive ones.
  9. LMN118

    Christmas discounts on RU server...

    Was on WoT earlier for the free tank, they have widespread discounts and offers as well and that is the EU server. It's just the WoWs EU server that sucks.
  10. LMN118

    New Premium Camo

    Yeah I think they are going the same way as WoT although not sure how they will do the camouflage patterns. I really like pretty much all the camouflages on the ships I have. I like the Russian ones because the are enough to take the standard stock look away without blinding you and your team mates. The Tachibana and Ishizuchi are very nice. Quite like the Albany, I thought the standard camouflage ruined the look of the classic white and brass lines. Of course the 30-50% extra XP boost is very nice, Captain training here we come.
  11. I had some really nail biting matches, especially at rank 10 but found most of the matches were losses. I couldn't escape rank 10 no matter what I did. So I gave up. Rank 5 and 6 were good fun. Personally I would have preferred them not to switch tiers halfway through. I also should have played more, earlier as it was I think the 3rd last week before I started ranked battles and I haven't been playing WoWs very much (maybe 3-4 matches every so often).
  12. I got to rank 10 last week and gave up, the matches were incredibly painful. Lots of AFK Colorados (for some reason this ship seemed to count for more AFK's than any other). I got the Kure flag and the usual rank items. I wish the matches stayed at tier 5 and 6 they were good, fun matches.
  13. LMN118

    BB Nerf

    If it is it is a flawed premise, not one team is every going to have the teamwork required to mount an effective torpedo screen to spot torpedoes in time, bearing in mind I've not tried it yet the download and installation was incredibly slow for me just getting in now.
  14. Purchased the non-bundled version. Thank you for, perhaps, listening WG. Keep it up.
  15. LMN118

    The Bundle Poll: Revisited

    WG's grasp of the concept of bundles and retail are flawed. Bundles are a way to offer a little extra value to the customer while shifting substantially more product in one transaction, usually also increasing the monetary value of the transaction. They do this by being offered alongside the individual regular items included in the bundle. Bundles work because people see a saving, by comparing what the individual items cost by themselves. In WG's case they are not offering the key component by itself, i.e. the ship. I am quite sure many people will still purchase the bundles even if the ships themselves were offered solo. Taking a tank competitor as an example, in Armoured Warfare I have purchased both bundles (Merc, Collectors Edition) and single premium vehicles (Zhalo Merc) and will probably buy something from the new ICE deal. With regards to WoWs I cannot do this, because I purchased a large number of doubloons once I decided I liked the game, thinking that I would be able to buy premium ships or time with them. Of course I was only able to buy the permanently available ships. The issue isn't the bundle. The issue is the lack of alternatives for key items being sold in limited time frames.