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  1. Kehldon

    cv rework balance

    For something that even braindead can play, your 24 battles in CV wasn't really impressive...
  2. Kehldon

    State of USS Black?

    I just wanted to check the state of USS Black and if she worth getting? I play ranked but not CW and is closing in on the Steel so I can get either Flint or Black. Since Im mostly a DD player, I have been looking at the USS Black but almost all reviews are at least a year old and I have heared they where nerfed?
  3. Kehldon

    no cv version

    And then the BattleshipBabies wants to remove the DDs, especially the Assashio....
  4. Kehldon

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    I really enjoy the Asashio most of the time. As long as you can resist the urge to run in and cap the first few minutes of each game and instead located BBs and torp in the general direction, you can really do well in her. Map awareness is alot more important then in other DDs, since you are dead in seconds if you get spotted and try to duel other DDs. Yeah sure, the alpha from the guns are actually great, but the DPM is not. :( I scored 3 torps on a nose camping yamoto from 16 km yesterday, doing over 90k dmg to him(inc flooding). I had already launched my second set when the first hit, so he was more less stationary for over 90 secs.
  5. Kehldon

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  6. Kehldon

    B-Ships+Personal Missions Bug ?

    Source? Thanks in advance!
  7. Kehldon

    B-Ships+Personal Missions Bug ?

    Sure can, my problem was that it differed one B behind the description. Previously missions gained by buying premium ships was for that particular ship, so one can certainly understand if people miss it. Its like the fine print of §18 on the 4th page on the EULA....
  8. Kehldon

    B-Ships+Personal Missions Bug ?

    I even bought in thinking I would get 2500 dublons back... :( Bad WG!
  9. Kehldon

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    Get to rank 1
  10. Kehldon

    How to play the Minsk

    I just reached it but I found that playing it like a light cruiser works fine. ATF is a must and then you cruise around spamming HE from 11-14 km range. Since I dont have concealment, I dont contest caps the first 5 minutes, its suicide, instead I just hang back and harass BBs. Regards Kehldon
  11. Kehldon

    Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    Damned your Kagero torps have long range.... Reaching rank 1 is probably the most memorable thing I can remember
  12. Kehldon

    A New Idea About CVs and AA

    Im all in on making the DBs have a static drop pattern, thus making them more skill based. Not being able to change loadout between HE and AP bombs are kind of silly, its like having BBs choice between AP and HE shells in port already. Regarding TBs, how about increasing the drop range of them, that way you can decide if you want drop far away, avoiding some AA but giving your target far more time to dodge or going in close and risk loosing alot of planes? Another idea would be having some kind of aim time, the longer you aim your planes, the more parallel you torpedos will go, torps droped in panic will therefor be wide... After you planes go locked in the attack run, you would get a aim bar filling up and clicking would release the torps early.
  13. Probably more of "visitor" then local...
  14. Sorry, I dont get purpose of the this threadh. If it some kind of humor, it goes straight over my head...but then again, Im not brittish.
  15. Kehldon

    Torpedo tactics

    The simple solution: In a BB, never drive in a straight line. In a DD, fire you torps out of your ships detection range. In reality its not that simple, I suggest you look at some youtube vids, iChase comes to mind.