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  1. Captains, We have just published the calendar for July on our portal. On the forum we are however trying something new - so while this post will contain obligatory new and upcoming ships... Some of them you will be able to get by yourself, some of them are still in testing. Premiums: HMS Gallant Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya HSF Admiral Graf Spee HSF Harekaze Brittish battleships: Bellerophon Orion Iron Duke Queen Elizabeth King George V Nelson Lion Conqueror Of course there will be weekly missions and specials to choose from! Missions 05 - 12 July: Battle of Calabria 30 miles to the east of Punta Stilo on 9 July 1940, the fleets of the Regia Marina under Admiral Inigo Campioni and the British Royal Navy commanded by Admiral Andrew Cunningham engaged each other in the Battle of Calabria. Two Italian and three British battleships including HMS Warspite fought in this large battle. What's in store: Battle hardened camos and Battleship-themed missions. 12 - 19 July: Battle of Kolombangara During the night from 12 to 13 July, 1943, Allied cruiser force tried to intercept the "Tokyo express" carrying reinforcements to the Japanese garrison of Kolombangara. While the light cruiser Jintsu was sunk by the Allied forces, Japanese powerful torpedoes seriously damaged three cruisers and mortally wounded the destroyer USS Gwin. What's in store: Cruiser chaos and the chance to earn a Cleveland with a 12 skill point commander! 19 - 26 July: Battle of Cape Spada On 19 July 1940 two Italian light cruisers, the Giovanni dalle Bande Nere and Bartolomeo Colleoni, commanded by Vice Admiral Ferdinando Casardi, engaged the Allied squadron commanded by Australian Captain John Collins aboard the light cruiser HMAS Sydney in the Battle of Cape Spada in the Mediterranean Sea. What's in store: Good for those who like to burn things! 26 July - 02 August: Pursuit of Goeben and Breslau The Mediterranean of the Kaiserliche Marine consisted at the onset of the war only the battlecruiser Goeben and light cruiser Breslau. After the start of World War I on 28 July 1914, the British Mediterranean Fleet attempted to hunt down the ship but failed as Goeben could escape to Constantinople. The ships were gifted to the Ottoman Empire which later joined the Central Powers into the war. What's in store: Earn your own Emden by dishing the pain to Cruisers and Battleships. Specials 01-04 July: Weekend Special: US Independence Day Discounts on all things American and a handy mission to earn some Signal Flags! 07-17 July: Marathon: Summer Smith Shenanigans Celebrate Summer and work your way towards earning the grand prize—U.S.S. Smith! 10 July - 31 Sept: High School Fleet Personal Battle Missions Earn experience for your High School Fleet ships. 14-17 July: Weekend Special: Bastille Day A custom French flag awaits you! 20 July - 31 August: Dunkerque rhymes with Dunkirk! The battleship Dunkerque never participated in Operation Dynamo, but we thought we'd celebrate it as well. 29 July-01 August: Weekend Special: All In! A smorgasbord of discounts to go all in on! That is not all, however: there will be several big events happening throughout the month of July and you can check them out on our Calendar - be sure to follow your regional one so that you do not miss new events! Ranked Battles Season 7 Summer Sales and Smith Shenanigans Operation Dynamo Calendar And last, but not least - the traditional monthly calendar awaits you. Download the artwork the way you like it! CALENDAR WALLPAPER
  2. until
    Join the efforts to save thousands of allied soldiers from the shores of Dunkirk! To do this, you will have a veritable smorgasbord of events, from in-game missions to large in-game campaigns! While you will get the details in dedicated Portal news, here is a little preview: Dunkirk PvE Operation Enjoy the unique destroyers Cyclone and HMS Anthony Get flags, French 10-skill commander and a day of Premium Get a special achievement All you need to do is get stars in the Dunkirk PvE operation! Dunkirk Collection Collect all the unique items! Get a flag, an achievement and a special British captain Jack Dunkirk Dunkerque rhymes with Dunkirk Two mission chains One for Dunkerque One for any Tier VIII-X ship Main prize: Special permanent camouflage Fleur d'Acier for the Dunkerque Along the way: A ton of special signals! Daily missions Get containers for Dunkirk collection daily Double your chances with HMS Gallant! Weekend missions You can further increase the chances to get a Dunkirk container by playing on the weekends!
  3. until
    The summer is here - let's join the chillaxing captain with two events! Summer Sales Summer Sales are coming for World of Warships! Enjoy a massive discount every single day of the event until 16 July and then a "grand finale" on 16 July lasting 48 hours! Smith Shenanigans Celebrate Summer and work your way towards earning the grand prize — the U.S.S. Smith!
  4. until
    Ranked Battles are back! Starting at Service Record Level 14, face off against foes in fast-paced battles with seven-player teams! Win battles for rewards and stars to earn new Ranks! EN
  5. Hey guys! I've updated the link in the OP with the 0.6.7 modpack. You can download it here!
  6. Almost there... Tier VI awaits! Tier VI: Queen Elizabeth Class While the 13.5 inch guns were seen as a successful design, the naval arms race suggested they may not be powerful enough against the future German battleships. The battle line speed of 21 knots was also getting a tad slow - and so the new class of fast battleships was born. Well, fast... Faster. Sporting a powerful battery of 8 15 inch (381 mm) guns, strong armor, and secondary batteries, the Queen Elizabeths were seen as one of the best battleship designs in the world at the time. Serving throughout major campaigns of both World Wars, only the Barham was lost to enemy action. HMS Queen Elizabeth and Valiant were however forced to spend a long time in repairs after a daring attack by Italian navy special units.
  7. Hey guys! You can find the modpack here
  8. Hey guys! First of all thanks for the sentiment, I appreciate it. Don't worry I am still alive and kicking and I won't stop posting or being present on the forums. The community team is basically the voice and face of the company. We are the messengers and we all know what usually happens to those. This time I received a full broadside and a couple of citadels. Fortunately I am BB player so I can recover some of the HP and keep fighting - Ph3lan
  9. Captains, After bringing you previews for the USS Enterprise, HMS Gallant and Admiral Makarov, let's continue with the show! Next in line is... A Soviet battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. Starting her life as Gangut int he Imperial Russian navy, she was extensively rebuilt in the 1930s - receiving major fire control and propulsion upgrades and additional anti-aircraft protection. You will be able to encounter her in her 1944 looks - including the quad 37mm mount! Action Stations!
  10. If your argument is that we are creating OP premium ships to sell more premium ships than this is not exactly proving your point Some of them are not sold anymore since we know that they are performing to well for a premium ship at that Tier. (for example the Gremyachy and Nikolai) Some of them are reward ships and not for sale. (for example the Flint and the Black) These ships are also used b y a very small number of very skilled players, so their numbers are extremely skewed. Some of them are not really OP when you look at the stats. (Atago, Blyskawica for example). In general, premium ships (ships that don't have modules you have to research to be more precise) have slightly better stats since they are not played in their stock configuration. Also contrary to popular belief high tier premiums are played mostly by better than average players. Taking this into consideration the numbers on these ships don't exactly stand out from the rest. Am I saying that all these ships are perfectly balanced? Nope. World of Warships is a work in progress and it is changing all the time, and it is our intention is to change it for the better. If changes are needed we will make them.
  11. Hey all! I watched Flamu's video, played a quite a few matches with the Hood and watched iChase's video about the AA changes as well just to get the full picture. I would encourage everyone to watch the because I think it puts the AA change much more into perspective. First of all we should keep in mind that currently the Hood is a work in progress, so anything and everything could still change. We can't draw any far reaching conclusions about the current state of the ship. Even if we want to look at the current state the Hood's AA is pretty awesome, that is true. However: - it only protects the ship itself due to its short range - it is only truly devastating for a very short time. - it is only really that great vs dive bombers, torpedo bombers can just drop from outside the very short range. - the AA is also quite easy to knock out which makes it much less fearsome towards the end of the match. - Specing the ship for AA is also not the best course if you really want to play to win with the Hood. It might help in some rare and very specific situations, but any other time it will put you at a disadvantage. After playing the ship would I have changed the AA on it? Maybe not, but if I had my way and we changed all the little things I wished for, we would have a pretty overpowered ship on our hands The idea behind creating (premium) ships is not to make them OP or average, it is to make them unique and fun to play while also balanced. It is not always easy to find that perfect balance, but let's trust our developers, they have access to a lot more stats than we do and so far they have been doing a pretty good job I think. - Ph3lan
  12. Captains, Please share all feedback regarding the new Port Interface in Public Test 0.6.5 in this topic.
  13. Captains, Please share all feedback regarding the new Collector's Items in Public Test 0.6.5 in this topic.
  14. Captains, Please share all feedback regarding the new Skins in Public Test 0.6.5 in this topic.
  15. Hey guys! We have just updated the modpack with the latest version. I've edited the original post but you can also find it here