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  1. Ph3lan

    Operation Dynamo

    Join the efforts to save thousands of allied soldiers from the shores of Dunkirk! To do this, you will have a veritable smorgasbord of events, from in-game missions to large in-game campaigns! While you will get the details in dedicated Portal news, here is a little preview: Dunkirk PvE Operation Enjoy the unique destroyers Cyclone and HMS Anthony Get flags, French 10-skill commander and a day of Premium Get a special achievement All you need to do is get stars in the Dunkirk PvE operation! Dunkirk Collection Collect all the unique items! Get a flag, an achievement and a special British captain Jack Dunkirk Dunkerque rhymes with Dunkirk Two mission chains One for Dunkerque One for any Tier VIII-X ship Main prize: Special permanent camouflage Fleur d'Acier for the Dunkerque Along the way: A ton of special signals! Daily missions Get containers for Dunkirk collection daily Double your chances with HMS Gallant! Weekend missions You can further increase the chances to get a Dunkirk container by playing on the weekends!
  2. Ph3lan

    Summer Sales and Smith Shenanigans

    The summer is here - let's join the chillaxing captain with two events! Summer Sales Summer Sales are coming for World of Warships! Enjoy a massive discount every single day of the event until 16 July and then a "grand finale" on 16 July lasting 48 hours! Smith Shenanigans Celebrate Summer and work your way towards earning the grand prize — the U.S.S. Smith!
  3. Ph3lan

    Ranked Battles Season 7

    Ranked Battles are back! Starting at Service Record Level 14, face off against foes in fast-paced battles with seven-player teams! Win battles for rewards and stars to earn new Ranks! EN
  4. I am currently off for Gamescom 2016 and I won't be able to reply to PMs until 24 August.

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      still at the gamescom? xD