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  1. Franky76

    Vos premieres impressions

    Je trouvais ça fun au début... mais plus je monte en niveau et plus je me retrouve dans des matchs avec 6 DD et 2 CV de chaque côté. Là ça devient World of Torpedoes et c'est franchement usant. J'ai pensé que c'était dû au matchmaking, mais quand je lis les commentaires d'autres joueurs ou des gens du staff, j'ai l'impression que ça ne dérange finalement qu'un tiers des gens. Passer toute la partie à éviter des torpilles, perso, ça ne m'amuse pas. Après si ça convient aux autres, c'est juste pas un jeu fait pour moi... mais je pense qu'il y a quand même un problème d'équilibrage.
  2. Franky76

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Stop telling people what they have to think or say. This forum is about a game in Beta, it exists to give feedback. Even if it does not match your opinion.
  3. Franky76

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    Since i reached tier 4/5, every game is 5 Destroyers and 2 CV each side. When that happens, it is not World of Warships anymore, but World of Torpedoes. And it's not fun to play. Why do you think so many people are playing Destroyers now ? If i have to spend the whole game dodging torpedoes, it just sucks, sorry to say. I have to add that most of the time planes kinda teleport or suddenly change direction in an absolutely weird way, which makes it even more hard to predict. Another point is that we're all here to give feedback, so people might not agree with you, that is still a valid opinion. You can try to convince me it is very fun to play, for me it is not. And obviously i'm not the only one.
  4. Franky76

    More ship slots

    6 slots would be enough if you weren't stuck with your ship as soon as you put an additionnal module on it, since it prevents you to sell it...
  5. Franky76

    Torpedos over powered?

    To be honest, it is not the damages of torpedoes which bothers me. The annoying thing is when you come in a battle with 11 Destroyers and 4 Carriers. No matter how good you are to avoid torpedoes, coz it's everywhere.
  6. Franky76

    My first thought

    To be honest, minimap or not, i do agree. Way too many torpedoes in the game. The game is really fun at low tiers, but as soon as you reach tier 4/5, it becomes world of torpedoes. From destroyers, planes and cruisers. Torpedoes are supposed to counter battleships and cruisers, but in the game right now nothing exist to counter torpedoes and that is a trouble for the balance of the gameplay. I would prefer to keep the torpedoes a plane carrier feature and to see the destroyers with AA guns. Yes of course it wouldn't match the reality, but since there won't be submarines in the game, the reality can't be matched anyway.
  7. Franky76

    Impressions and Improvements

    Honestly, after one full day playing it, i start to be a bit disappointed. The game is fun until you reach the Tier 4. Then the lack of real matchmaking goes insane, and torpedoes are everywhere. I think a limited amount of ammo is needed, otherwise matches are gonna be each time 50% of destroyers. I know, it's only a Beta, and that is also why i give my opinion, which seems to be a consensus with my friends testing the game.
  8. Franky76

    Bêta-test fermé : terre en vue

    #blameMADcompagny !
  9. Franky76

    Bêta-test fermé : terre en vue

    Pareil Vindicte... j'aurais préféré ne même pas voir le "en traitement"
  10. Franky76

    Bêta-test fermé : terre en vue

    "Votre candidature est en traitement" et paf inscriptions fermées... c'est moche.