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  1. Aguirre23

    Buying the Blyskawica on sale?

    True story. I used to eat so many random torps while sitting in my smoke. Respecced to Vigilance and never ever eaten one. [edited]great ship.
  2. Aguirre23

    New IJN torpedos

    [edited]. Ofc the new torps still allow the IJN Dds to invisi-torp, which is the major difference.
  3. Aguirre23

    New IJN torpedos

    They'll get a lower range and ridicolously fast speed. Coupled with very low detectability of Kagero this feels like a huge buff, Source: iChase PTR
  4. Aguirre23

    Novik Guns

    Didnt notice the guns being exceptionally bad at dmg considering the low tier. What I DID notice are the gruesome shell arcs. My cleveland is damn sniper compared to this. The shells travel almost 12sec for the puny 10km range, thats beyond ridicolous.
  5. Granted, the last two weeks I mostly played my BBs and my CA-skills might suffered a bit but still, my net income in the last few Murmansk games seemed disappointing and suspiciously low. Even in "okay" games above 1k xp I barely made >100k, just now even only 75k. I cant provide any solid data by now though, thats why Im asking you guys for your observations regarding your latest Murmansk boat trips.
  6. Cant finish those missions due 16th now, great.
  7. Aguirre23

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    Yes, and my bitching was perfectly rightfully and justifyable. Hope you enjoyed your free win.
  8. Aguirre23

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    This is how it looks like to be completely[edited] by matchmaking for TWO games in a effin' row. I kid you not, these two games were my only ones today so far, only being interrupted by a couple of hours frustration induced pause. What the [edited] is wrong with mm again? Is it supposed to be fun to face certain defeat even before the match begun? The "compensations" for downright terrible battleship balance via destroyers or cruisers are laughably pathetic, in the first game there wasnt even ANY compensation as the mutsuki is offset by the isokaze. This is ridicolous and needs to be sorted out asap. For the record: Getting such a "hard-earned" win by randomly being put in the other team isnt fun either, as victory like that just feels dirty.
  9. Aguirre23

    Ramming is broken and this proves it...

    Did something similar myself. Ocean, Im alone at cap defense in my New Mexico vs a Pensacola, some T7 DD and a Tirpitz. Of course I didnt last long, burning and down to 15% HP I headed for the ~70% HP (?) Tirpitz which seemingly didnt expect me to survive long enough or simply didnt know about ramming mechanics, sinking it in the process and thus making the very best out of my hopeless bottom tier 1on3 cap defense.
  10. Aguirre23

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    Do we have some concrete patch notes on this? Anyone knows some spreadsheet with new concealment values? Some real problem with playing soviet dds right now is the tiers being full of [edited]cruisers only.
  11. Aguirre23


    Well, it was indeed that kind ~15km mid range engagement. Still, I did some >100k dmg AP only battles in the kongo before, this was the first time my AP felt utterly useless.
  12. Aguirre23


    Last game I faced both a Fuso and New Mexico, which both seemed almost immune to my AP, even when hitting the side in favourable angles. After wasting several minutes, I switched to HE and did alot better vs those T6. In the end I did some pathetic 8k with AP in 18 shots, I dont remeber the exact values for HE though (~20k?). Was it just bad luck the two T6s being immune to my AP or is this common? How do you guys deal with those?
  13. Aguirre23

    Should i avoid the Myogi with free XP

    Myogi is fine. While it certainly does lack dpm and raw firepower, it very well teaches you long range shooting and in bbs essential aiming discipline. My hit ratio is even a little better in my Myogi than it was in the Wyoming while avg dmg was only ~5k lower - while usually shooting from several kms further away. In direct comparison to the kawachi the myogi can usually hit something thus succesful sniping - while still being the usual bb rng fest - feels actually rewarding.
  14. Aguirre23

    German Cruisers

    I was definitely thinking the same. that would be absurd. But while the H-Class proposals are pretty well documented even at Wikipedia, there is no information neither on a different Roon nor a Hindenburg different from that Battlecruiser. Got this from the NA forum, the creators best guess were completely made up ships for T9 and T10.
  15. Aguirre23

    German Cruisers

    According to german site buffed.de this will be the final cruiser line for se germans. Lets not discuss their guesses for DDs et cetera but the officially confirmed cruisers in light blue. http://www.buffed.de/World-of-Warships-Spiel-42981/Specials/World-of-Warships-Special-deutsche-flotte-forschungsbaum-german-techtree-1165991/ Especially the top tiers look terrible. The Tier8 Admiral Hipper is a '37 heavy cruiser, which should be totally fine, but the Tier9 Roon is supposed to be a 1902 armored cruiser? Wtf? Just look at the damn thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Roon Now at Tier10 we supposedly get a 1915 Battlecruiser with 305mm guns which was scuttled over 25 years prior to the Des Moines even being laid down? Looks fun.