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  1. i just goolged it and found several links to what u were wanting on the first page. there are discussioins on redit and outher threads on the fourms about it. i found these in about 11 secconds from reading that you searched for it.
  2. if you are curious about something, go google it and do some reaserch like normal people do. stop expecting every little thing to be spoonfed to you your entire life.
  3. Scilya

    Coward simulator 2015 ?

    i am a BB player, i dont yuolo but the only time i play passive is when i am alone trying to defend a side hopeing my team push round, then i look and see they dont.... lightly defended flanks that tyhe main team goes should in many cases just push through. but they dont, they camp and play it so safe the outher side gets overwhelmed before they move -_-
  4. Scilya

    Win strategy in Ranked Battles

    yeah +1 for crusers running off and leaving the bb to die, also camping crusers as well -_- as a bb i dont want to see crusers 5-10km behind me
  5. Scilya

    Tanking in world of warships

    so just had a ranked battle which i feel displays just how well tanking works the matchup was one of the matchmaker spasms and was a battleship game the enemy haveing 5bb's 1 ca and 1 dd while our team had 6bb's and 1 dd the map was fault line domination and we went to A while our dd went to cap b and c on the way there it was apparent the enemy was also headded to A in a nice close packed fleet. i went closer than the rest of my team to about 12/14 ish km while the rest of my team hung back several km on my outher side. i turned my bow towards the enemy and came to a stop and kept faceing the enemy as they went round the map. i was the closes bb to them they all opend fiire at me the rain of shells hitting me and round my ship was unreal, i started to reverse, wiggling slightly and repairing as i went. unsupriseingly i was the first and only person in my team to die this game i dident get particualy good exp bieng middle of the board in that regard however! the game lasted 11:31 i died at 10:01 (enemy spent so long fireing at mew that by the time i was dead we had almost won on points) thats right no one died for 10 mins (one of the reasons i am not a fan of long range battleship combat) however the enemy team had damage, while our side was almost imaculate, the enemy fireing salvo after salvo after salvo just at me trying to destroy me. fellow BB players will know how much of a pain it is to hit a enemy ship when its faceing you, most shots miss, those that hit do minimal damage for the most part. as i was close enough not to receve plungeing fire i was essentialy protected from cidadel penetrations. i did 45k damage while bieng a big target but thats not what this post is about is it. i tanked 5 battleships for 10 mins this is arround about 45 guns fireing at me every 30 secconds so thats arround 600 shells fired at me in the 10 mins (of course nmot every single slavo went to me but most did so its probbably about right) battleship hit rate is normaly arround 30% especialy since i was faceing and not showing broadside so thats about 159 shells that hit me in theary my atchual damage taken stats seem to line up if i was hit by 159 shells only 79 did damgage (only damage causeing shells are counted in results right?) which is a good deflection rate and i was useing the repair skill so i streched the warspites 53,800 hitpoints in to 81,062 which was my damage taken each shell did an average of about 1026 dmg (which again lines up with minimum damage somewhat) so yeah thats how effective armour can be
  6. Scilya

    terrible battleship captains

    if your in a BB and your not makeing full use of your repair skill, then your not close enough to the battle;)
  7. Scilya

    Where is the Royal Navy?

    RN best navy of all time your post is invalid
  8. Scilya

    Ranked Battles

    well so far im haveing fun, the teamwork is much more apparent and chat is active. i had 4 great games all wins, for the most part everyone played a part. annnnd then the 5th game some guy started crying in team chat about 20 secconds in that we were noobs and stupid and the guy just went on and on so teamwork was to be had in this game and it all fell apart i died telling the guy to shut up and was a wholey frustrateing expirience. (and somehow they managed to win this one so respect) however overall i like ranked battles and i hope all the people crying noob and so on in chat will fall to the bottom ranks with any luck. but definatly fun feeling like you have something to win or lose with the ladder system.
  9. its a ladder system u win u get a star you move up, you lose you lose a star and move down its that simple and fair
  10. Scilya

    How to balance secondaries?

    seccondarys need to be more acurate, or at the least increaseing in acurusy the closer the enemy is. i think that is there only problem
  11. Scilya

    Overpowered torpedo's from invissible destroyers

    destroyers are OP because im so fat i find it hard to press q or e ant change direction
  12. Scilya

    this red thing on my ship ..

    lol missing/corrupt texture, but its pritty ^^
  13. Scilya

    Thoughts about the Royal Navy

    just because its "only" a 14 inch gun does not mean it was bad. infact the 16 inchers on the nelson class were not that geat. meanwhile some of our 14/15 inch guns were some of the best performaing guns of the war (arguably of course and i am sure someone will )
  14. Scilya

    Where and how do i join a clan ?

    join us at homefleet ^^