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  1. Caleb

    UK tier 10 BB Super Lion

    Those 12x cannons looks awesome, and in general this ship is one of my fav's if it comes to looks.
  2. Caleb

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    You're not the fan of rpg games I can tell. Remember, that this 'unnecesary complication' makes difference between just grinding to another ship, and planning ahead whole experience, experiment with different skills and such.Personally, I didnt enjoy WoT idea of skills, with that pesky 95-100% grinding. WoWs way, leveling, is way better.The only disadvantage of whole skills and perks idea is, that its giving another edge over people who are not playing much (the first is overall expertise gained by playing), but, its another way to keep us near the game.
  3. Caleb

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    Okay, we had some ideas about general way, which officers (or departments) can go. Commander Maneuvering Agility Bonus (ship turn rate) Speed Bonus (accel/decel) Visibility (bonuses to stealth/spotting) Crew Managing Crew Bonus (slight passive bonus to crew efficiency) Emergency Crew Manageing (larger active bonus to crew efficiency, with cooldown) Gunnery Officer Cannon Battery Opperation Reload Rate Bonus Battery Turn Rate Bonus Accuracy Bonus (lesser spread, good for BBs in state a game is now) Pinpoint Accuracy (higher chance to crit) Ammunition Manageing Damage Bonus Ammo Conservation (-% chance of storages blown etc) Engineer (Destroyer only) Advanced Maneuvering (more bonuses to speed acc/decel etc) Smokescreens (cuz its not a smoke grenades, smoke goes from engine ;) Secondary Armament Officer AA Batteries Torpedos Damage Control Officer Module Repairs (repairing damaged module) Special Conditions Manageing (firefighting/flooding manage) Repair Officer (Battleships only) Hull Conservation (small over-time HP regen, on-wish active repair, as it is now) Emergency Repairs (Chance to restore destroyed module) Fighter Officer (Carriers only) Fighters Pilots Training (survival and evasion of fighter squads) Fighters Maintenance (Damage and speed of said units) Bomber Officer (Carriers only) Bombers Pilots Training Bombers Maintenance Aircraft Service Officer (Carriers only) Aircraft Servicing (duh) Servicing Safety (- negatives for being hit when servicing aricraft onboard)
  4. Caleb

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    I disagree. Totally. First of all, BBs are nearly useless at long range (shell spread at longer distances is insane, or RNG is extremely cruel to me and two of my friends, from the beginning to this day), are relatively easy to torp... For DDs and TBs, most BBs are like torp piniata, and priority target, not cuz of efficiency, but theoretical large exp pool for easy hits.
  5. Caleb

    Remove the cap system...

    Mode, when cap points become available (at predefined or random position) after sinking a number of ships, or, to make things more spicey, randomly choosed, marked ship (well, maybe except that pesky CVs). How about that? And then again, option to not participate in dreaded modes will be probably added, as in WoT.
  6. Caleb

    Carriers late game?

    It all depends. Sometimes Carrier can win the game, by doing massive damage or hitting a target which is capping (and reducing cap progress in result), and sometimes it can lead to fail by not contributing to the fight at all... Missed torps, bad target choosing (as my friend constantly using dive bombers vs those hard-decked, AA spiked battleships) or awful timing, are enemies, which specialised ships (carriers and destroyers) must be aware of. Carriers must take into consideration one more thing. Limited resources. At higher tiers they are higher, but a mistake leads to more serious consequences. At Tier 4 sending TorpBombers vs 3 grouped cruisers leads to losing 1 to 3 planes. At 7, You can lose two entire squadrons (12 plains) in that situation... In bad case scenario, before they drop torps. Nevermind, that at 7th tier You have much more spare planes, and can afford a lose. You did no/minor damage, lost time and let enemy sail longer to do damage to Your team. On 1vs1, yes, Carrier can dominate any other ship if played right. But in a teamfight, it all depends...
  7. Caleb

    Carriers late game?

    I dissagree. Playing vs carriers is much more fun late game. Cruisers and Battleships got better AA with each tier, and when ships are covering each other, planes can do... Well... Nearly nothing. I saw two Cleavelands near me (on Omaha) and two Torpedo Bombers with Fighter escort flying over us. 18 planes entered AA radius, 5 left. And it was hell of a fun watching a rain of pain from AA guns, and a rain of planes after several seconds. Mind, that AA ammo is virtually infinite, and a number of spare planes - not.
  8. Caleb

    Subs yes i know you said your not gonna add them

    Adding a submarines completely and irreversably ruined one of the best multiplayer naval oriented games in history of gaming. Navy Fields. After subs, in two months NF, from 2 full servers got reduced into 1 half populated. Please, take into consideration, that subs would require completely different style of playing, incompatible with naval skirmishing as we see now in WoWs, and countering them would require adding depth charges, sonars, specialised anti-sub weaponry, not to mention oriented ships, which would subtract from gameplay and generally add much more fear and chaos to the battlefield than needed. WoWs idea is as good as it can be with surface placed units. Subs are not cool... They're just chilly.
  9. Caleb

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    Departments, like You said, are excellent idea, more realistic in my oppinion, and makes more sense to me as whole. Only problem is, that 'personalised' crew is more attractive to players on many levels. Come to think of it, after a final release, how much people will roll their crewmembers just to have Austin Powers as Commander and Peter Parker as Gunnery Officer, etc. I hope so. Ill try to read trough all of the "Suggestions" part of forum (which I passed cuz I had "Player" rank, and it wasnt available to me by the time I posted) and try to work them.And, You're probably right. There is much more to unlock in Player Profile, not available by now, and its possibly the crew, gold ammo (piaster ammo sounds like... well...) etc. The main reason of sank CVs in a war, as far as I know... I'd stick with +% fire chance and possible detonation of aircraft torps though.
  10. Caleb

    Suggestion about Crew and skill tree

    Good thinking here azakow, thanks.Skill retraining prices depends on WG policy about earning money, so I would like to leave this to them.Here's a solution for too fast skill aquisition - steps. More perks with lesser passive bonuses, and some perks that will unlock active skills. For example: Progressive perks for Commanders: Lev 1. Crew Control - +2% efficiency for rest of the crew. (cost 1 point) Lev 2. Crew Control - +5% efficiency for rest of the crew. (cost 3 points) Situational Awareness - Makes You know if You're spotted (cost 3 points) etc. If WG can make like 3 progressive skilltree branches for every officer, that would make situation when every crewmember gain a points simultaneously, manageable. For example, said Commander, would be like: Maneuvering skilltree, Stealth skilltree, Crew Control skiltree.
  11. Okay, so me and Lucyfer got into serious discussion about WoWs commander and crew. Idea is good. Skill progress is way to better than solution used in WoT, but it can be changed to even greater result. The point is, to make almost every ship customised to its purpose/gameplay/prefference of user etc. We came up with an idea. 4 key Crew members for every type of ship. Here is our little suggestion, how we would like it to look, with each crewmember have its own skill progress tree and function. Destroyers Cruisers Battleships Carriers Commander Commander Commander CommanderGunner Gunner Gunner Fighter OfficerEngineer Damage Control Officer Damage Control Officer Bomber OfficerSecondary Armament Officer Secondary Armament Officer Repair Party Officer Aircraft Service Officer Commander (Maneuvers, Stealth, Crew Boosts)Gunner (Reload, Accuracy, Turn Rate, Crit Chance etc)Engineer (Speed, Agility, Accel/Decel etc)Sec. Arm Off. (AA, Torps, Secondary Battery, Smokes/Specials etc)Dam. Ctrl. Off. (Damage control % efficency, CD etc, firefighting/flood managing etc, -time to restore damaged modules)Rep.Party. Off. (Passive repairs, Active repair CD and % eff, chance to restore destroyed modules)Fighter Off. (Damage and surv of Fighter Squads, Speed etc, +1 Fighter in squad)Bomber Officer (Damage and surv of TB Squads, Speed, Evasion, +1...) Aircraft Service Officer (Aircraft Service Time, Service Safety) We will add new ideas by the time we will agree on them. For example: Engineer Tier 1 Smoke #1 (Active: 2 charges) Last Resort #1 (Active: +5% Speed, +5% Acc/Dec) Tier 2 Smoke #2 (+1 charge, -10% CD) Evasive Maneuvers (Passive: +3% Turn Rate, +3% Rudder Shift) Tier 3 Smoke #3 (+1 charge, -10% CD) Last Resort #2 (+5% Turn Rate, - 10% CD) Engine Management (+5% Acc/Dec) Tier 4 Smoke #4 (+10% duration) Engine Conservation (-5% to destroy Engine on hit) Tier 5 Less Visible Exhaust Fumes (+5% Stealth when in move) Last Resort #3 (+3% to all previous bonuses, -5% CD) Secondary Armament Officer Tier 1 Torp.Tubes Management (+10% T.Tube Aiming Speed) Defensive AA Fire #1 (Active: +20% AA Damage) Tier 2 Torp.Tubes Expertise (-10% T.Tube Reload) Focused AA Fire (+5% AA Damage on selected (ctrl+clicked) target) Tier 3 Long Lance (+10% Torpedo Range) Incendiary Warheads (+3% to cause fire on hit) Defensive AA Fire #2 (-30% CD) Tier 4 Magnetic Fuses (Torpedos explode when near-miss, dealing minor damage) Covering AA Fire (+5% AA Damage for every ally in AA radius with that skill) Tier 5 Overloaded Warheads (Torps: +10% Reload, -5% Speed, +10% Damage) Gyrotorps (+% chance to cause flooding) Defensive AA Fire #3 (+20% AA Range, +5% AA Damage) What do You think? We need ideas for WG.