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  1. costi

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    What captain skills and modules would you recommend on the Baltimore?
  2. costi

    Slow down capping

  3. costi

    Domination, domination and wait more domination

    Same thing here. And I really dislike this mode, very often the results are weird.
  4. costi

    UI and UX improvement propositions

    So can I play something else than domination please? ;)
  5. costi

    Capturing mechanics

    Progressive ticket loss would create a snowball effect - the more you kill, the less time the enemy have to fight back to try turn the game around.
  6. costi

    Where to shoot with which ammo?

    DD = destroyer BB = battleship CL = cruiser CV = carrier EDIT: ninja'd