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  1. Muhvi

    Shell type changes by itself

    I don't think that is happening, i play with furutaka and use AP all the time,. AP is "2" and torps "3". I'd have to miss by two keys.
  2. Muhvi

    Shell type changes by itself

    Hi, For some reason my shell type keeps changing by itself. I don't do anything except shoot and navigate the boat, and then magically my shell type changes. I don't get it. I'm not doing it myself, for example i play furutaka and i keep AP 99,9% time. But sooner or later i'll notice that i'm shooting HE without selecting it. what's up with that?
  3. Muhvi

    BB's need a huge buff against cruisers.

    The RNG is retarded atm. In last battle i shot 22 AP hits to Myogi, 34k damage. Range was 10km. And someone who said here that 1000xp average exp is average player with max tier 5 ships is spewing [edited].
  4. Muhvi

    this Kongo is a bloody good ship

    It is good ship but the RNG just [edited] everything up. I got 22 hits with AP to Myogi in last battle, and cruiser was pounding it too => no kill. 22 hits == 34k damage. That just sucks. If you don't get those 5-10k hits, the DPM is just crap. Bigger number of lighter guns seem to be much better damagewise than smaller number of powerful ones.
  5. Muhvi

    Tier difference in MM with carriers

    You can't teamplay 2 vs.1 carrier matches, only total shittiness of the 2 CV players could lead to a loss. Furthermore if match is 1 CV vs. 0 it gives huge advantage to team with carrier.
  6. Muhvi

    Myogi buff

    Whatever you do with this ship, there is no way out of the fact that the guns are the worst part of the ship. Otherwise it is not bad ship, it is reasonably fast and maneuverable, but those guns just suck [edited]. Depending on situation, you will get killed and there is just nothing you can do about it as the 6 guns are unable to give enough firepower. Range is mostly useless as there is enough RNG to make you miss and closer you are 100% reliant of citadel shots, if you dont get citadel, you die. Most boring ship too to date. I'm hoping Kongo will be more entertaining.
  7. Well, if i was jesus and it was up to me, i would make all the carriers more customizable and AA more effective but maybe with more plane "inventory"(not more squadrons simultaneously). For example something like that all carriers have torpedo, fighters and bombers, it is just up to you which ones you put in air. Then AA would be much more powerful on other ships so bringing airplanes close them would soon create casualties even on lower tiers. Basicly forcing torp bombers either take casualties or make the torp runs from farther away. Dive bombers would be less affected by AA but even they would be more vulnerable on lower tiers than they are now. Higher tier might not need AA buff at all, maybe some tuning according these ideas but generally their "power" seem to be enough. So basicly i'd make it so that skillful captain could conserve his planes more and be effective that way. I'd remove the difference between fighter planes on USN and IJN and make it so that captain skill was determining factor. I don't want to make it so that carriers are more powerful in general, i'd like to see it so that the carrier / plane doesn't make the game within +- 1 tier and country.
  8. Muhvi

    BBs need buffs.

    Kawachi just has to be played like cruiser, it has enough guns that fire reasonably fast so it works. Myogi has 6 guns and with current accuracy you dont get that many hits per match and it loses close combat to any other ship except CV
  9. Muhvi

    BBs need buffs.

    I think it would be OK buff if they removed the turret spread. I'm meaning the spread with shots from same turret, it is just ridiculous. Furthermore, i know what battleships you mean, Myogi and Furutaka()
  10. I was playing a map fault line and the left side in the middle there are small islands, enemy battleship was beached there alongside the island and the whole ship was basicly on the beach. I torped him with torp bombers and my spread was excellent (and from far enough) but all the torpedoes just hit something invisible before the battleship and he got 0 damage(wasn't hit at all). We both thought it might be the land hitbox that is so far in the ocean that it shielded him from my torpedoes. Please check if it is possible. Otherwise there is something buggy with torpedoes, i dropped them so far away that they were active.
  11. I think the fights that i have against other japanese carriers are much more fun as they are equal. Fight against US carriers is super frustrating if the enemy captain understands anything about tactics. You are unable to do anything to his planes while he can do anything he wants with yours. Some people say here "lure to AA". Yeah, it has to be like super AA if you want it to work, and the problem is that you can't expect enemy captain to be an idiot for you. Sure it might work against idiots but against anyone else, nope. The fighters will shred you or you will not get much done. If you have equal skill against US Captain, he can limit you severely while you are unable to do the same. I rather see Langley with more squadrons and equal fighters than any other combination. The current situation just plainly sucks, japanese fighters could be renamed unarmed scouts and it would be as apt description for them as they are now when they fight against US opponent. With current mechanics, i think the fighter balance is the stupidest place to "make sides different". While we are at it, lets change MM too, lets make it so that only one side has destroyers, that will make the game super fun too for the other side and then the sides are even more different. It is just super [edited]fun to run your planes around and hope the RNG gods would be on your side and the enemy captain is idiot and the ship AA works fast enough to get one fighter killed.
  12. Muhvi

    Carrier Fun... NOT

    Even 1 tier difference is usually enough, opposing planes will kills yours in seconds and you can't do anyhing about it. I think it would be enough if fighters were similar. Furthermore, if the game is 1 vs. 1 carriers, there shouldn't be tier difference ever. And even if it were 2 vs. 2, the tiers should be identical on both sides.
  13. Muhvi

    BBs are underpowered

    I think BBs should be buffed. either remove the horrible spread from main guns or make secondaries shoot to 5-6km.
  14. Muhvi

    Carrier Fun... NOT

    The balance of fighters is ridiculous. if you are against US opponent, fighters are only good for cannon fodder or scouting. It is STUPID. When carrier battles are hosho vs. hosho, it is the best, i really enjoy those matches. If it is against any american carrier, you just have to do suicide attack against the carrier and hope for the best. Only thing that actually helps is that many US carrier players play stupid. But if there is someone playing who knows what he is doing, it sucks [edited].
  15. Muhvi

    Carrier controls - autopilot

    Hi I don't know if anyone else has this very annoying problem, but every now and then for some reason i lose control of the aircraft or something, and it happens so that i do not notice it instantly. While this happens, i'm actually controlling the carrier autopilot and its taking me in very wrong direction, as i've thought i'm controlling planes and i'm controlling aircraft carrier. Please change it so that you do not control the carrier autopilot unless you press some specific button (and im not talking about right mouse button here). First i just thought "well it happens" but this actually happens in almost every battle. Most of the time i notice it, but when i do not, it is disastrous. I don't think the controls should be so that you can accidently change from aircraft control -> ship autopilot control.