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  1. doktoj

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Just have a bit more of patience, even if they made themselves the black sheep. It's their turn to talk back to the community. They know that another mess like this will cost them way more than this "havoc" they create.
  2. doktoj

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    After reading the PR response, I'd like to say to everyone who read this message to do 2 things : 1- wait what they will cook up to redeem themselves 2- stop paying stuff for this game until you see what they will "offer" as their alternative. Closing ours wallets is the best to make them understand that quite and simply. I'll wait and see. Enjoy your no convoy missions.
  3. doktoj

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    Didn't knew that Xmas was celebrate in january. :p
  4. doktoj


    1. Description Graphical Interface Bug 2. Reproduction steps At the end of a round (not exiting the round) : If you happen to open chat box and have the Score Tab open to till back to port ; try to press enter and tab at the same time to get the glitch 3. Result You get the score open and switch back to the port http://i.imgur.com/EW0cJXc.jpg'>http://i.imgur.com/EW0cJXc.jpg 4. Expected result Will be back to port with the score tab open and block the overlay 5. Technical details Only solution to remove it , is to quit the game by ALT + F4 and press Enter since mouse cursor will hover on the score board not the exit button.
  5. doktoj

    Whats up with the MM?

    They try to force the Russian cruisers in, MM refuse it :p #MMonStrike
  6. doktoj

    [RANT] Loading time

    Yes, the counter part is that the strategy change for example : i'm a cruiser on one flank, i have to play the role of a scout and since i'm always unlucky , whole side is coming at you and have no chance to escape ::nurnberg_parpership:: because your role is to assist the scout whose on the back loading. So the map become uneven at one point (and it happends a LOT!). I'm not even includes in equation bad moves from players because of the slow starters that's an another case, lel.
  7. doktoj

    [RANT] Loading time

    Hello everyone, i would like to share my point of view from a normal captain who play and love this game about a big issue : - Loading times - From the beginning in beta, Wows was always hungry for free memory and it shows from the time you click on the battle button till you get into the see. The game is constantly getting newer players, the spec of pc start to spread wider from the ultimate rig to the old i3 setup with an 5400 rpm HDD. I'd like to point out that in more and more games i'm playing, my teammate take from 30 to even worse 2 minutes to load into it and even after the end of the countdown. Ex: My last game in a cruiser, 8 of the 12 captains start 1 minute after the count. It feels horrible cause you sail with 33% of your team and if you are unlucky like me you meet 6 guys in front line focusing you cause your the only one on your side. Then your team joins but it is too late they have win one side of the map and me retreating and lost half hp trying to escape. This kind of game happend WAY TO MUCH OFTEN and worse and worse. WG as to do something about the compression even if they add longer time of loading screen. AND BIG TIP if you don't have a PC champ/normal config : DO LOWER YOUR TEXTURE SETTINGS (or everything to low) !!!!! Please ! You will help yourself and make other people happy. CaptainHadEnoughToLose2minsPerGameForTheTeamToLoad.
  8. doktoj

    karlsruhe is still a rubbish after update

    Dresden (The Tier 2 !) owns the Karlsruhe just because it have more DPM. Unbelievable ! xD it really needs a big buff ! it is a pain to use this ship...
  9. doktoj

    General Feedback (Round 1)

    This is maybe why the server are down at the moment ? lol Yeah x1.5 time is not appropriate to get to the level 9 to try ranked battle. Or maybe they want us to suffer lol - means no one will play it tomorrow if it's stays at that rate.
  10. Upping this topic back. After some play, i'm still getting way more money in the tier 5 Nicholas (who is not a premium). Numbers are talking by themselves : In 10 games in row using the same capitain (less bias) in both ship : i got a better net income per game in the Tier 5 Nicholas by almost 30%, just due to the repair factor if you lose your ship.
  11. doktoj

    [MOD] [] Ship view - zoom out more!

    Hi Calapine, i'm wondering if you can do the same thingie (the zoom out) but in a destroyer in aim torp mod cause when you switch from guns to torp you get the close vision on the warship. That would be cool o7 Dok
  12. doktoj

    A comment on post-closed beta Destroyers

    +1 I agree to the player as to adapt to this "new" playstyle, former T8 US and T7 IJN DD, you have to change your mindset about using your guns depending on what is happening in the battle. But let me point out that the Sims was the HE spammer by excellence with her long range acquisition and still and got an annoying tendency to not be a real money maker (look at my Sims topic revenue shootout).
  13. With the "low caliber nerf", the Sims is pretty useless if you don't hit with your torpedoes but i do not mind and change my playstyle. So i tried something that no one should ever do : losing by not using torpedoes and get 2 critical hits (engine/rudder) and repair and you will have this : So the sims needs a reworking on the damage repair cost. Because it IS the FIRST TIME i see a premium vehicule that will make you lose money by playing badly (Teamattack are not included obviously) Premium ship should never lost money. Time to work devs ! PS Fun fact : i do get more income in a Wickes or Clemson than the T7 Sims. hmmmmmmmm